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Q&A: Bridal Shower Outfit

9:00 AM

Haven't done a reader question post in awhile so thought this would be a good one to share!

Hello Tiffany, LOVE your amazing blog. such a fun read! :) I am e-mailing to see if you might be able to help pull a look together. I will be attending a BRIDAL SHOWER in the beginning of July and was wondering you could a look together for me. It's not a lingerie shower and will have grandma's/moms there so I kinda have to be safe w the outfit.. hope you know what I mean. Color - turquoise b/c the shower is over 4th of july wkd Prefer a look that is affordable...maybe from a dept store - Nordstrom/Macys/Dillard's? It can be a dress or a dress pants & top look. w/ accessories. or I am open to suggestions :)

Thanks! :)

Hi Graciella!

Turquoise is such a fun color for the summer, what a great choice. I wanted to find some cute, fun dresses but were classy as well so picked out two that I thought would be good for you.

Choice #1: The ruffles at the top of this dress make it perfect for a party dress. It makes it totally young and fun without being over the top or too boring. With the bright color and the ruffles, I felt that a neutral shoe would be appropriate to keep the attention on the dress as well as elongate the legs. I added subtle accessories like the diamond bangles and the white watch to give it a little bit of bling but not to overwhelm the outfit. I added the pop of the pink bag so that it would contrast with the dress and the accessories in a good way.

For your hair, I would do slight wave and pin some of your hair back with the cute matching flower bobby pins. For makeup, bronzer will be your best friend for this outfit! Sweep it all over your cheeks and a little on your forehead to give your skin a good glow and don't be afraid to sweep it on your collarbone as well. The blue will help bring out the tan and will look great together. A very simple pinky-gold eyeshadow with lots of mascara should complete the look.

Choice #2: I chose this dress for the classic shape but I really love the fullness of the skirt. So fun for a summer party! For this outfit since it is a much more simple dress I wanted to spice it up with the accessories so I chose gold peeptoe pumps, gold bangles and a big, bright cocktail ring. The dress needed a bit of spicing up itself so I added the wide belt which would help accenturate the fullness of the skirt and really show off your waist. The white bag is a perfect choice for the summer and adds to the outfit without being too distracting.

I chose bright pink nails to go with the outfit as I love the mixture of turquoise and pink. Nails are always a great way to accessorize with a subtle pop of color! I added matching pink lip gloss with a soft pink blush and golden eyeshadow. Overall, a very simple but pretty look that really relies on the accessories to bring out the outfit.

turquoise bridal shower
click for the sources and where to buy

Graciella, I hope this has helped you and will give you some ideas for your friend's bridal shower! Have fun! :)

Update: My picks were a success! In case you were wondering, Graciella told me that she was wearing choice #1 to church and #2 to the shower. So glad that I could help!

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  1. both options are fabulous! I am digging the dress in Option #2 and the clutch from #1. love me my full skirts! overall Turquoise is definitely a great color for summer! I think i need Tiffany to get something together for me!

  2. I love both dresses! Such a great color. Definitely love the second shoe option. :) Great work, Tiffany.

  3. you did such a great job....love the 2nd dress!! miss tiffany, master style-ist! :)

  4. The first dress is my favorite...so cute! The ring in the second layout is fun too. You have such great taste!!

  5. OMG Tiff, you should be a celeb stylist! They are both perfect...I keep going up and down trying to figure out which one I like but hmmm...both are so fab.

    I think I'm going to email you. What should I wear to work today, every day. haha jk.

    OHHH NOOO we never leave you out. Aline, Nina, You and Kel (and me) are going to investigate the hello kitty mansion. And the closet inside!

    Hope you're having a great day you cute little banana!

  6. love the color. both dresses are pretty. the first dress is more romantic look. absolutely, the second shoes are fab.

  7. Ooooh, I think I like the second one the best! So pretty! I love it!

  8. great great choice with the nude pumps!I can imagine the whole look!

  9. such great picks!!! i think my favorite is look #2 :)

  10. LOVE both those dresses!!! Great picks!

  11. Initially I would be drawn to option number 2 but I love the ruffles on dress #1 because it adds a bit of fun girlish-ness and visual interest like you said. I love the idea of coral pink polish and lip gloss just to give a bit of "pop!" Fantastic!

  12. Love both! You can't go wrong with either one!!!

  13. What a great post--I love that Graciella is going with such a fun color. And I am the only one who hadn't heard of Polyvore before? AMAZING! I think be busy creating little wish list collages for the rest of the month! :)

  14. This is so helpful - I always have problems with accessorizing outfits so this is great!

  15. I think it's gonna be hard for Graciella to choose between those 2 beautiful dresses ^o^ If i were her I'd take both haha
    pls tell us later what Graciella chose at the end.. ^__^


  16. Love your choices and styling, darling! Especially that second look ~ loving the nude pump!


  17. Those Jessica Simpson shoes are too cute. And the pop of pink with the mani or pedi.

  18. Love the outfits you put together! The colors are so fresh + new!! The hot pink for the nails has defintely inspired me!!!



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