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Lookbook: Short Shorts

9:00 AM

It's finally getting hot enough to bring out the short shorts! And hot pink nonetheless, I heart these shorts!
What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: J. Crew (now on sale!)
Shorts: J. Crew
Shoes: Coach
Necklace: Forever 21
I liked the balance of the sweater with the short shorts. You gotta find a good balance or else the short shorts might turn into a hoochie mama outfit. Might be cute if your in your teens and early 20's but not so much the message I want to send out at my age. The sweater is a lightweight cotton so it wasn't too hot for the day, plus when you are constantly inside and then outside, the AC indoors can really chill you so I like to be dressed to be comfortable in both climates. I wore this outfit to go shopping with my husband and run some errands so we were in and out a lot that day.
I have owned these wedges for I think 3 years now which makes them one of my oldest pairs of shoes! I rarely keep things for too long but when I do that means I really like them. These are also one of my few pairs of wedges but they are really cute and quite comfy. Wedges are always a good shoe to wear with shorts as it helps elongate the leg but doesn't look quite as sexy as heels can be. I'm not one for Coach handbags (just not my style but I do like them on others) but I do have to say that their shoes are fantastic! Really great quality and great price point as well.
I've seen these fun flowery necklaces on many a fashion blogger and I had to get one of my own! I love the bright colors of this one and how it matched my shorts without being too matchy matchy. The last time that J and I ordered from J. Crew we noticed that you can add a monogram to some of their sweaters and cardigans so I ordered this sweater and he ordered a cardigan with "ISH" on it! Isn't it cute? I love the little touch. Totally worth the $10 for a personalized sweater :)

Thanks so much for your support of our photography business, seriously it means the world to me. The response to the destination wedding package deal has been amazing, and I want to thank Pretty Obsessed and Lucky Me for featuring us on their blogs.

I am a huge advocate of the day after shoot (it comes with our destination wedding package!) because the day after the wedding you are so relaxed, happy and in love which makes for the most beautiful pictures in the world. You will see what I mean when you check out our latest post... Click on over!

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  1. This is such a cute outfit! I'm afraid that nearly everyone in Austin must border on hoochie/hippie--it's just too hot to wear sweaters around here! I end up wearing sundresses most of the time, which helps, though.

  2. You are so cute Tiff! I love how you added the necklace! I've never tried Coach shoes before but always wanted to!

    Happy Monday love!

  3. Love the fun bright colors! I really like your hair pulled back like that, too! I love when you experiment with your hair and wear it different ways...it always looks so good!

  4. i would never think to wear hot pink shorts, but they're unbelievably flattering and so fun for summer!

  5. This is such an adorable outfit! I am reconsidering neon colored shorts now. Loved how you accessorized the outfit. :)

  6. Cute, cute, cute! I normally only wear shorts for running, but you are causing me to reconsider! The hot pink and black look fantastic with your coloring, too!

  7. Love the J. Crew pieces and the fun f21 necklace! And wow, what a wedding pic!!


  8. such a great outfit you put together! Paaahhhlease?! what are you talking about "at my age" LOL

    'hoochie mama" look def isnt ok lol. I agree.

    ISH added on is totally adorable! great idea :) I'm with you too, I have a few Coach wedges and I love them. I dont really use their handbags only because its not so much my style, although I love it on others.

    Have a great start to your week. You look great.

  9. I completely agree with the shorts- I like shorter shorts because I'm short (and have short legs) and so long shorts tend to make me look like a camp counselor...but I always balance 'em out with a long sleeved top.

    The necklace + those shorts = perfection. Great outfit! You are so ridiculously stylish. ♥

  10. I love the outfit, esp. the contrast of the sweater and the bright colored shorts! The necklace adds another bright touch too. Love it!


  11. Okee I'm back-Peek giveaway in on my sidebar! (but let someone else win!)

    Love you girl!

  12. How fab to personalize the sweater!!! and love that necklace!

  13. just love the hot pink shorts. are those wedges still available at coach?

  14. The shorts are so cute, and so are the wedges. I can't wear wedges because my legs look even bigger! You on the other hand, have great legs!

  15. you are so adorable...I love the Ish, such a cute touch! You two are so talented...I just know that you are going to be able to live your dream full time!

  16. What a lovely necklace darling!


  17. Wasn't the weather this last weekend just great? I heart summer. I agree with you also on Coach handbags, although their heritage line ones aren't so bad, my friend has the cutest coral clutch from them!

  18. I love the wedges! It's hard to find wedges that don't look too clunky and those are really very cute

  19. love the look, i think i might do the pink shorts with black top and black shorts and pink top. love the color combo.

    happy monday night!


  20. I heart your shorts and your shoes and you seriously make me want to have another wedding!

  21. I am in serious lust with your necklace! You look darling! :)

  22. Elizabeth - ugh, I'm sure it is so hot there! sundresses are always the way to go.

    Liz - thanks Love, Happy monday to you too!

    JGeb - thank you! I never like it when I pull my hair back because I think I have a big face but I try to mix things up once in awhile.

    Cupcakes and Cashmere - I actually never expected hot pink shorts at J Crew so I figured if they are good enough for J Crew, then I will try them out!

    hellohoneyno - thanks! I'm sold on neon shorts now too, if only I could find some more!

    cMe - you are right, i think being tan really helps, not sure if I could pull off the hot pink when i am winter pale! :)

    Miss Honeydew - thank you!

    Couture Carrie - thanks, I'm always surprised by the jewelry from F21!

  23. Iva - you flatter me girl :) but truly nobody should dress like a hoocie at my age. I'm all for it when you are young though. haha!

    Chloe - I feel the same, lucky for us girls with short legs we can wear the shorter shorts with heels and not feel stripper-esque!

    Lily G. - thanks! I love black and pink combo, it's one of my favorites.

    Allie - hehe, thank you :)

    Liz - love YOU! you are awesome. thanks!

    LRB - thanks!

    Fell4fashion - haha, we felt a bit dorky doing it but then when we got it we loved the personalization!

    SavvyMode - I don't think so, they are pretty old, but I think they have some cute new wedges out for this season.

  24. Maegan - thank you!

    L.A. Daze - wedges always make me feel a little bit chunky, I think these ones being a little bit slimmer really help!

    Hanako - thank you girl, it means a lot to me!

    janettaylor - thank you, it's a fun necklace!

    MizzJ - actually I wore this outfit about two weeks ago, before I left for Mexico, but yes, the weather has been great :)

    ellieandish - so true, that's why i usually don't like wedges.

    Ashley - thanks, it's my favorite color combo too! happy monday to you too!

    Kristin - thank you!

    GingerSnap - totally one of those lucky finds at forever21 you know?

  25. I LOVE this outfit! The shorts are hot hot (and pink!) and I love how the multi-colored flower necklace adds some fun and whimsy.

  26. adorabella...and I'm totally with you on the balancing act. once you're over 30...like me...unless you're at the beach, short shorts and tiny tops are not cute. this is perfection.

  27. you look positively adorable!! I love that you paired it with that necklace..so pretty :-)

  28. Such a cute outfit!!! Your smile is so infectious :) I love the ISH sweater, how fab!

  29. The sweater definitely balances out the shorts. I absolutely love your outfit!

  30. very cute! the pink shorts are cute.

  31. cute!....i own the same necklace..adorable!
    love the shoes too...i have some coach flats and platform sandals that i love..comfy too

  32. Comfort meets chic...love it!

    I too have that same necklace. I always get compliments on it. F21 is pretty fab when it comes to accessories.

  33. Love the combo, especially the hot pink shorts!



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