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Lookbook: Under $100

9:00 AM

I have yet to download any pictures from Mexico yet but I took plenty of lookbook pictures before we left so am posting those this week. Once I have my Mexico pictures I will update you all on the trip! :)

Everything in this lookbook is under $100, even the shoes! I know, rare for me right? This little purple jacket is what made the outfit.

When I was frequently traveling to Europe for work, I always stopped in H&M and Zara wherever I was because I didn't have any of those stores near me. I loved the price points and the fun clothes that you could get. When H&M finally opened up in Seattle, it took me about 6 months to actually go there, not because it was far away (there is one in downtown), it just wasn't high on my priority list. I heard about the crazy lines and crowds and to be honest, cheap clothes + crowds+ lines are not my thing. (crowds+lines are not my thing period. This is why I try to take vacations on the off seasons) Maybe also because I could easily access the store now, it just didn't appeal to me the same as when I was shopping at the Barcelona store. Anyway, I have only bought one thing from the Seattle store, which is this little jacket.

Those of you that have been in that store, isn't it totally difficult to navigate and horribly unorganized? I would poke my eyes out if I had to shop there for more than an hour. I just scanned the place, found this jacket and ran out of there. I hate unorganized stores, that's also why I'm a pretty terrible "bargain hunter" I have no patience to sift through racks of clothes to find the one gem. If it's not laying out on a table or prettily hanging on a hanger, I will not even look. I'm a total sucker for placement. I'm one of those people that go to the grocery store and buy everything at the end of the aisle!

Here's the breakdown:

How much do I love Cheap Monday? They always have such great pieces at such great price points. If you are wondering, I always get my Cheap Monday pieces from Ian in downtown Seattle. They have a great selection for both men and women. I'm actually wearing the skirt backwards as it has an exposed zipper, which is a detail that I love but just didn't go with the outfit.

This is how you are supposed to wear it but it works backwards too!

get it here

I wore this outfit on a Saturday to walk the dogs and run some errands, nothing I had to get dressed up for so I didn't bother with the hair or makeup either. Sometimes I love getting dressed up for nothing but this was just not one of those days.

Punam has posted the pictures of my sister's wedding. Check it out! Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous. I even love the crazy one of me dancing. That's how I do it, I don't hold back :)

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  1. What an incredible wedding. That pic of your sis where she is laughing/crying is priceless. She looks so happy! You both look gorgeous. And I love the H&M jacket.

  2. Love this outfit! Very fun! The purple jacket totally makes it! Love it! XOXO

  3. Love that you wore the skirt backwards to make it work!

    I'm totally your shopping twin. First of all, I'm so amazed at all the great things that bloggers find at H&M b/c I'm just no fan of that store at all. Nothing is ever displayed nicely and I despise digging through racks. Hence the reason I do the majority of my shopping online lol!

  4. loving that purple jacket!!!

  5. that skirt is fantastic and i'll definitely be checking out the rest of the line.

  6. Love how the jacket totally adds a pop of color to an otherwise black/white outfit!

    Very cute! I like how you're wearing flats too! =)

  7. Cute look! I don't have the patience to bargain shop either. I would just rather pay full price and be able to get in and out without pushing through messes of racks and crowds of crazy bargain shopper ladies! :)

  8. what a fun, casual outfit on you!

  9. That skirt is great! And I REALLY need to get some J Crew T's for real this time-helloooo-you, Kell and Aline rave!

    I can't wait to see the pics...going right now, I KNOW they are going to be amazing!

    And thank you as usual...nothing wrong with loving love, right? Love you too! :)

  10. I left a comment over there as well, but I had to come back and say OMG what a gorgeous wedding! The colors, your sister is a beauty, the location...wow!

    the one of him fixing her shoe is my fav. Besides you dancing, so cute!


  11. I agree that the skirt looks better backwards. And that purple jacket really makes the outfit!

  12. you are right, the purple jacket is perfect. i can't go through racks and racks, i get a headach.

  13. I totally love that jacket. It definitely makes that outfit!!


  14. You look great! I love the whole outfit. I hear ya on the crowds thing- I'll even go grocery shopping late at night and happily take my days off from work during the week so I can avoid them! If I have to go to Forever 21, I'll go there early on a weekday morning so I'm not dealing with all the other people pawing through the racks. Husband says I'm a bit anti-social; I say I just don't like to be overly-stimulated. I'll take my life as mundane and stimulation-free as possible, thank you very much.

    I also work in a place that's extremely noisy and chaotic, so I think that's where a lot of it stems from. Hmph.

  15. welcome back, tiff! 1st of all...love the purple jacket...and i so can't believe this is ur no hair & makeup look. you look gorgeous still! hello, jealous! and i am so w/u on crowds+lines. i avoid them no matter what...even no matter how good the sale or the goods. and h&m gives me a headache - i can't go in there cuz everything's just all over the place. it's worse than forever 21 for me.

    and ur sis looked beautiful. so did you...i really like the way you did your hair. btw, i can't find ur sis's max azria/bcbg dress anywhere in white. only blk & red. :(

  16. I can't stand disorganized stores either

    H&M, Zara, Gap.. basically any store with lots of cheap fashion, I avoid like the plague

    Such a headache.

  17. cute outfit!! I love H&M actually, and Zara. That's where I go when I visit Montreal since there's no H&M or Zara in Ottawa!

  18. it's ok sweetie, i am a sucker for placement too...

    i can't handle overly loud stores that smell strong and just leave the clothes laying around. makes me feel like i need to fold everything. my ocd can't handle it.

  19. such a great outfit! even better thats it less then $100, lol, if you didn't mention anything who would have know!! wow!! I love H&M!

    great skirt. you great! so cute!


  20. You look really nice in the outfit. Me+unorganised stores = me folding clothes within the store, lol. But I know what you mean, I can't handle really messy, unorganised stores. I love H&M though and thankfully all the ones in London always look good.

  21. LOVE that jacket!! Can't wait to see your mexico looks!!

  22. I can't wait to check out the photos of your sisters wedding. I am sure her dress is gorgeous! I am with you on shopping in crowded stores. I know so many people who get such cute clothes at Nordstrom Rack, but I can't stomach going into disorganized stores. I love your outfit though :)

    Did you design your photography website? I've never done my own, but I'm thinking I might. AHHH! =)

  23. I love your outfit! very cute and your sister's wedding? Fabulous!!!!

  24. YOU're always so gorgeous :)
    thank you, means a lot to me!


  25. I usually don't go for purple, but your jacket is fabulous! The shade is so vibrant and it looks amazing with the rest of your look.

  26. Nice jacket!

  27. i am horrible at bargain hunting;. I like having things laid out for me! love the outfit. I'm slightly tempted to get the skirt!

  28. those wedding pics are a blast! i'm going to my cousin's wedding in playa at the end of the month..your pics are making the wait even harder!

  29. so so cute! I LOVE that little jacket!!!

  30. going to check out the wedding photos now! this outfit is so cute and inexpensive!!! I love that skirt...so fun!

  31. i can relate to your lack of interest to head to your local H&M sotre... poor quality and pproduct placement, poor and its easy accessibility has diminished my desire to head to the nearby stores too. My husband laughs at me when I used to return from NY or Europe trips packed with my loots at H&M. HA!

  32. ahhh.. too quick to hit that return key! I love the photos taken from your sister's wedding! You all looked lovely!

  33. i adore that jacket! thanks to you i'm uber digging purple...

    so i'm gonna have to agree with you girl...i am a sucker for product placement ..and i have no patiences to dig. before i went shopping for my trip..saks was having a huge sale...u know the ones where they put the racks of complete mess in the middle...i saw it and i ran the other direction. Oh and i went to H&M too..when they had their like 2 week sale! that was a disaster...i just wanted these cute hair clips lol

    i think its time for you and J to head out to southern California to scour South Coast Plaza (my 2nd closet lol) theres plenty o shops for you here my dear! yay ! and theres me..liz, aline, and nina tooxoxoox



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