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Riviera Maya (Part I)

12:00 AM

First thing is WELCOME to the new layout! If you are reading through a reader, click on through to see the changes! I am so much happier with the new layout, the other one was just too cluttered. Once I started to add things like labels and buttons on here, I just never had a chance to actually organize it. It now looks how I like things to look. Simple, clean and pretty. It's taken me and my husband weeks to design the new logo and figure out how I wanted this to look. It might look simple but to put a simple design together is actually quite hard!

Big big thanks and lots of kisses to my husband for his hard work, he created all the new text graphics and my beautiful new header. I'm quite bossy when it comes to things like this and he has put up with a lot. That's why I love you sweetie! You are the best!

Also, I know there was some confusion as to why my blog was private. I changed it to private to make all these layout changes and I tried to do it late at night when nobody would be visiting my blog but there still are a lot of you! :) I got many emails about why my blog turned to private. Sorry about that but now you understand!

Here we go again, apologies for having to make you read through this again if you already saw it, but I added a few new pictures to make up for it!

So, I finally uploaded my pictures from Mexico and thought I'd share a few of our trip...

We stayed at Ceiba Del Mar which is in Puerto Moreles and is in the Riviera Maya part of Mexico. It was about a 30 minute drive from the Cancun airport and from what it sounded like from the taxi drivers, the town itself is very small and not too interesting if you wandered outside the resort.

This was the view of the resort's beach from the pier that my sister got married at. It was so beautiful every day. Just look at the clouds, they look like cartoon clouds, I love them!


I started most of our days on the hammock outside our room, sipping a cup of coffee that they delivered to our room every morning.

We did a lot of sitting by the pool or walking down to the beach to play in the sand...
(ha! we couldn't resist!)

but mostly we just sat listening to the waves and enjoying the time in the sun.
(I put the camera on self timer and ran into this position!)

I've been to Cabo, Jamaica, Vegas and Riviera Maya in the past 4 months so I am exceptionally tan this summer. I tried to stay out of the sun this time and only sitting out one day or so and mainly in the shade. My trusty hat helped keep my face out of the sun as I hate it when my face tans. I'd rather use bronzer on my face than get a tan because I get so many freckles on my face when I spend too much time in the sun and they aren't "cute" freckles they are like "why is my face dirty" kind of freckles. However my body tans to a nice golden brown so I don't mind if my legs or arms get tan.

The resort was beautiful, we got a nice room with a deck overlooking the pool. My sister and her (new!) husband got a penthouse overlooking the beach and it was GORGEOUS. It was so so hot though, I could really do without all the hotness. I mean, I like the hot weather but being constantly sticky was really not my kind of thing. When we first got there my family was basically the only guests so we had the place to ourselves. My sister had around 50 guests who trickled in later in the week and we basically took up the resort so it was neat to be by the pool and know everyone there.

The skies were pretty when it started to get dark.

And a few shots that J got of us on the way to the reception.

Part II is our little day trip into Playa Del Carmen! Will post those soon!

All pictures by me and my husband

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  1. Ooh the hammock & the beach just make me so jealous! the colors are spectacular. that's what i love about the caribbean.

  2. i am in LOVE with your self portrait. absolutely beautiful!!!! like it should be an AD for the resort!

    Oh you're sister was glowing and gorgeous!! you the brides maids were too cute. i love that flower you had in your hair!

  3. sorry i totally fobb'd it...with the bride maids...portion...i guess being in VN too long does that. LOL

    but i was trying to say you and the other bridesmaids were too cute!

  4. Wow! This really makes me want to drop everything and head straight to the beach. Beautiful images, as always. The sand drawing is awesome!

  5. The beach looks beautiful... I totally want to go there someday.

  6. i'm dying for a beach vacay...DYING. and your pics aren't helping. haha jk

  7. Viewing the pics gave me a mental vacay....now i need a REAL ONE! Gorgeous pics!

  8. The colors in the one of you on the beach have me yearning for a beachy vacation. Oh, and that white sand...I want to go to there. :)

  9. Oh my goodness Tiff, what beautiful pictures!! How did you change the font of the header/titles?! I'd love to know! Thank you so much!<3

  10. OMG I want to be on the beach sooooo bad right now! Your self portrait is a total ad! I love love it!

  11. Courtney - post about all my layout changes to come!

  12. I LOVE THE NEW LOOOOOKKKKK. Tiffany you guys did AMAZING! wot wot! looks sooo fab!!

  13. love the new look, Tiffany! super chic, just like you. :)

  14. Love the new look for the site! These pictures look like they could be postcards!

  15. TIFFANY! i love love lloooooooove the new layout!!! HUBS did a fantastic job!! i also love how there's a degrade to the ..links on the left hand side!! simply magnific !

  16. Tiffany! This is absolutely fantastic. That husband of yours is a true gem! He did a fabulous job w/ the site redesign. Great job, Jared!

    ...and oh, thanks to your recent post, I'm craving for a tropical get away. ;)

    Hoping you are having a fun-filled weekend! xoxo

  17. Insanely gorgeous photos! What a paradise-like locale!


  18. Great photos. They all look wonderful. Hope this finds you doing well. Cheers!

  19. Aw yay I LOVE the new layout and the links on the left look GREAT! He did a great job! Is there a special code or something for making your titles that cute font though? If so, what is it? I really want to jazz up my profile as well!
    Keep up the AMAZING work<33

  20. Love the new layout, doll. The logo font is so you - fabulous!

  21. Thank you so much for the link, Tiffany! You're so sweet

  22. BEAUTIFUL. I love when you do self-portraits, I need tips, girl! You always are so creative with the poses, composition, etc :-) Gorgeous new layout, by the way!

  23. love the new layout! and pictures are fabulous as always.

  24. I love the new layout Tiff! Great job J! These photos are all so gorgeous:)



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