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9:00 AM

Hello loves! I'm back from Mexico! I had such a wonderful time and my sister's wedding was just beautiful. I thought it'd be great to start off my return from vacation with a fabulous review and giveaway!

When Kelly over at my so called fabulous life asked me if I wanted to participate in a Peek review I was intrigued. I hadn't heard of it before so I googled it to find out it was a little device that you could get emails and texts on all without the hefty fees of a data plan. Oh and no long term contracts which I think is so great. I hate getting locked in for 2 years with my phone plan. I currently have an iPhone that I love very much, I am always emailing and texting on it so I am pretty biased towards it. But I thought it would be neat to see how I would like a device that took all the bells and whistles away and really just gave me the two things that I do most on my iPhone anyway.

What I liked about it:
  • Really easy to type. The little keys on the Peek were perfect and I could type out messages in no time. (way faster than on my iPhone!)
  • The blue blinking light that alerted me to new e-mails. As well as how it slightly vibrated whenever a new email came through.
  • It was so easy to set up that I thought I had done something wrong. But nope, all my emails started showing up within minutes of me setting up the account.
  • Importing contacts was easy.
  • It was lightweight and added no heft to my handbag.
  • It kept it's charge for quite awhile, I only had to charge it once every other day.
  • It syncs right to your email, no having to push a button to download new mails, it will download when you get new mails.
  • Emailing was easy and they went through with no problems at all.
  • It can hold up to 5 email accounts
  • The price for the device is only $59.95 and the price for the regular Peek (email only, no texting) is $19.95! So affordable!
What I didn't like about it:
  • It doesn't connect with your email accounts so if you read it on your peek, it doesn't know that so it keeps it unread when you check it on your computer.
  • Texting was iffy at best. I think my husband still has not recieved the text I sent to him 2 weeks ago and I think one of my texts to a friend took like 5 hours to get to her.
  • You can't separate your accounts. All emails just show up in the same place. I have a few personal accounts but couldn't separate my hotmail from my gmail.
All in all, I liked the Peek. It was super easy to use and really easy to check my emails on and type out messages which is really important. I would totally recommend this to somebody who didn't want to pay for a long term data plan. At $14.99/month, the plan is much cheaper than a full data plan which is perfect for people that don't need the extra things that smart phones do. It's actually great for someone like my mom who would be thoroughly confused by a more high tech phone like an iPhone, I'm actually planning on continuing the service and giving it to her to see how she likes it. I have enjoyed my free trial with the Peek and I want to thank Kelly and Julie from Six Apart for letting me participate!


Now for the fun part! I am giving away one brand new Peek Pronto with one month of free service! Since this is such an awesome giveaway, I really would like to give this to one of my loyal readers so here are the ways to win:
  • You must be a follower: Through blogger, a RSS reader, facebook, twitter etc...
  • Leave a comment on this post on how you follow me. If you follow me in several ways (twitter + blogger, blogger + facebook, etc...) let me know and I'll count each one as an extra entry.
  • If you tweet this on twitter you will get an additional entry (leave a comment here with the tweet)
  • If you fan style.ish on facebook you will get another entry! (again, let me know here if you do so I can track the entries easily)
  • If you post this on your blog will get another entry. You can copy/paste that picture above if you want to. (leave a comment here linking to your post or blog if you have it on your sidebar.)
  • So sorry, but this contest is open to US residents 18 and over only
  • I will close the comments on July 17th at 5:00PM
  • Winner will be chosen by random draw and posted on this post within the next few days.
  • Winner must email me back within two days or else a new winner will be chosen.
Good Luck! If you haven't yet, go check out my so called fabulous life, Femme Rationale and Through the Looking Glass for their reviews as well. They've already had their giveaways so hopefully if you didn't win one of theirs, maybe you'll win mine!

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  1. welcome back! can't wait to see photos...what a great giveaway!

  2. am aboslutely a fan of style.ish on facebook! plus i'm deaf-- i hate the whole data plan thing. I feel so limited with my phone choices!!!! i don't text all that much. and i don't need the minutes. I think this would be absolutely perfect!

  3. welcome back!! can't wait to see photos. what a great giveaway...

  4. ps--I had issues leaving a comment earlier but I see that it made it after all:)

  5. I would love this thing! I follow you! :)

  6. You talked me into it. I would LOVE to win this to try it out. I am a gadget girl with a love for my blackberry, iphone, ipod, wii... whatever... PLEASE can I WIN?
    I follow you through google.

  7. I follow you through google. What a great giveway!

  8. Excellent review, darling! I'm not an official follower but I am a devoted fan so I hope you will enter me in the giveaway!


  9. New to your blog! It's so cute :).

  10. I'm so glad that you are back! I am not entering, but wanted to say hi and that your review is spot on! ...look forward to seeing your photos!

  11. I'm SO GLAD you're back!! I missed you!! Congrats to your sister!! I can't wait to catch up...the Justin Bobby situation is so weird, need Tiff! haha!
    Did I mention that I'm super glad you're back?

  12. Yey, you're back! Faithful follower here!

  13. Hi neighbor! I follow you on blogger & Twitter, and am re-posting this on Twitter now! I would love to play around with one of these :) Thanks!

    Follow @styleish and win a Peek! http://bit.ly/16xugA

  14. i would love this device (the smart phones are all too smart for me)

    i follow you and i am also a fan on facebook!

  15. Welcome BACK!!! So glad to see you back!! Congratulations to your sister! You did a fabulous review!!


  16. Great Giveaway!!...Enter me please...I'm a follower thru Blogger and now Twitter too..2 entries :)

  17. Welcome back!!! The peek looks so handy and convenient!


  18. What a great giveaway! I love your blog, so I subscribe.

  19. Awesome! I subscribe to your blog on Google Reader. I also follow you on Twitter (jrdietz86) and I'm a fan on facebook!

  20. Ooo neato! I follow you on blogger.

  21. I follow you on blogger, twitter, and on facebook and im a fan on facebook as well and i twittered about the contest.

    Follow @styleish and win a Peek! http://bit.ly/16xugA (m_kennedy9)

  22. Yay I'm totally in need of a new phone! I follow you via twitter and google reader :)

  23. Great giveaway... and seems like an economical choice for a smart phone..I follow you 3 ways... google reader.. blogger via wordpress and am a friend on FB! Thanks for the entries! xoA

  24. Hope you had a fabulous trip! I just tweeted you!


    Also I follow the blog in google reader, twitter, facebook fan...basically I am your legal stalker!! lol...

  25. Welcome back! i hope you had a fabulous trip!

  26. cool contest, I follow your blog through google.

  27. I follw you on blogger, in my RSS, on FB, and on Twitter.

    I tweeted you here: http://twitter.com/kaymar1e/status/2544519809

    So, I've entered in all the ways I can.

    I have a strict "No post for prize" policy.

    Also, I don't want to risk MY fb friends from HS finding my blog thru fanning you.

    Great contest, thank you! :)

  28. i follow you on twitter (http://twitter.com/ztosmom/status/2553026054), facebook & blogger.

    Here's my blog where your page is linked and the contest on the sidebar (http://ztosmom.blogspot.com/)

  29. girl... i stalk you back. i follow you blog and of course twitter!


  30. I follow you on twitter, reader and a google friend.

    3 please!

  31. I follow you directly through this blog and have you bookmarked in my top links. I am now going to follow you on Facebook! :)

  32. Hey girl, I'm with you on Blogger + Twitter + Facebook. I also just tweeted the contest!

  33. Hi, your blog is awesome i'm glad i stumbled upon it through hearing about this contest. I now follow you through here and I am a fan on facebook! Best wishes! Thank you

  34. I've just followed your blog I think a week ago but ever since that I've been visiting it everyday!!and I also follow u on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway....Thanks..:)

  35. Terrific giveaway!I am a follower on Twitter- warp65, Rss reader and Facebook- Tina Renee Barker.


  36. tweeted: http://twitter.com/warp65/statuses/2677476365

  37. I am a fan of style.ish on facebook - Tina Renee

  38. hi there! im a follower at tweeter! love your blog!

  39. What an amazing new gadget!
    I'm now a follower of your blog + twitter. :) I don't know why I haven't found your blog before. It's great!

    xo, Kate

  40. This is the giveaway of my dreams. I follow you on Twitter! :)



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