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Riviera Maya (part 2)

9:00 AM

I just realized that I never wrote the Part 2 of our trip to the Riviera Maya! (See Part 1 here)

My parents and J and I decided to venture off the resort in search of some sightseeing and shopping. We ended up going to Playa Del Carmen which was about a 45 minute drive from the resort. The weirdest thing about the drive was all the speed bumps on the freeway. Yes, the freeway! We'd be zooming along and then all of the sudden, slooooow and then bump! and then back to zooming. Really weird.

Anyway, Playa Del Carmen was fun and had a lot of stuff to see. My family and I are shoppers at heart so we loved all the fun things that the stores were selling. I love how brightly colored everything was.

Even the tequila bottles got some fun hats to wear!
It was another gorgeous blue sky day, I could take pictures of clouds and blue skies all day long.

When we got back to the resort my sister had planned a catamaran trip for everyone that was there at the wedding. I didn't fare so well as I get extreme motion sickness so I was lying down for the majority of the time. Because of this I took about 4 pictures.

Lots of the guests jumped in for some snorkeling. I was just so glad that the boat stopped moving for a little bit.
See, I told you I could take pictures of clouds all day long. Love this cloud formation. I've been fascinated with clouds since I was a child. I just love how they look so pretty and fluffy!
The sunset on the drive home. It was too lovely not to miss even though we were stuck in the most uncomfortable van ever! Oh and yes my motion sickness applies to car rides as well. :(

If you want to see much better pictures of the catamaran trip go to our photographer, Punam Bean's blog.

So despite the motion sickness, I had a blast. We loved the resort we stayed at and am so glad that we got to see a bit of Riviera Maya. On another note, we are going back next year as we have just been booked to shoot a wedding there next July! Kymberly and Marc we are so excited and can't wait for your wedding! :)

All these were shot with a Canon 5d Mark II, 50mm f/1.2L lens. Straight out of the camera no post processing.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I hope you've been having a nice week so far. Cheers!

  2. i too suffer from extreme motion sickness. i ALWAYS travel with dramamine. Beautiful pics.

  3. The pics are so beautiful! The colors are amazing and bright!

  4. Amazing pictures for being raw, it looks so lovely there! (Hoping to get out for a nice vacation sometime here... Need a change of scenery!) I wouldn't be able to resist those cute little baskets, either...

  5. when i fly, i'm always into the idea of just jumping out of a plane and lying on one of those clouds.

    Ironic cuz today on my walk, i was admiring the clouds, it felt such a picturesque day!

  6. I get horrible motion sickness as well! I'm so glad that you posted these photos and that you show what lenses you use! The colors are amazing!

  7. omg im so jealous of your camera! my friend actually just ordered that 1.2f lens and i have to say its pretty damn sick. I have a 50mm too but since mine is nikon it was only with a 1.4f (which isn't too bad either) but now adays I have been shooting mostly with a 20mm I just love the wide angle view better.
    Anyways, your blog is always so fun to read and I must say, your shoe collection is very impressive! I've been saving up for some more heels but I just bought a bunch the other day~ whoops. hehe

  8. Oh that's so beautiful! I miss my trips to Mexico!

  9. So freaking beautiful! I totally miss my trip to Cancun, it was one of the best vacations I had.

    And clouds are amazing. I love laying in my hammock watching them pass by...going to do that now as a matter of a fact =)

  10. gorgeous photos.. as always!!

  11. Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

    It's all perfect !

    Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

  12. What pretty pictures! This reminds me of when I was there a few years ago. LOVE Playa del Carmen.. its so Euro! Love that you did posts on your trips to the Mayan Riviera.. so everyone can see how amazing it is!

  13. We were in the Riviera Maya in March 08 and I remember those silly speed bumps. I don't get it! What's the point? Gorgeous pics though. I want to go back!

  14. All of your pictures are stunning!!! Absolutely gorgeous...love your site :D

  15. these are gorgeous photos!!!! And I'm with you on motion sickness, ugh!

    I miss you lady! XO

  16. Great photos! I'll take some tequila with or without a hat today ;)

  17. Hi Tiffany, I just started a fashion blog can you plz visit and feel free to comment and suggest to others, I will appreciate it alot! Thanks. http://stylish-babe.blogspot.com/

  18. Great photography!! Love your blog!x

  19. I love Playa del Carmen. We stayed at a resort sandwiched between Playa and Tulum when we were in Mexico in 2006. These photos are wonderful and really showcase the place.
    I get motion sick too. On our honeymoon we took a sunset cruise on a catamaran and it was more like a sunset nightmare. wow. never again!

    ps--so happy to be back commenting...I love all of your posts that I missed!

  20. Lovely pictures dear!! The first to pictures are really good!

  21. OH Tiffany, those pics of the sky are so beautiful!

  22. really, speedbumps on the freeway?!?! how insane! I love the first shot ...but all your photos are always glorious!



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