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Lookbook: Tuxedo Shirt

9:00 AM

First thing's first, my blogiversary giveaway winner is Undomesticated Newlywed!
unfortunately the prize is not from Louis Vuitton but that's what I would give to you guys if I could. =)

Please email me at tiffany (at) iamstyle-ish.com with your mailing address. Thanks so much for everyone that entered, I've got some great giveaways coming up so stay tuned to win some other really great stuff!

I love the look of button down shirts and pearl necklaces. I think it's such a classic look that can be dressed up in so many ways.
What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: J. Crew
Skirt: Aritzia
Shoes: Dior
Necklace: J. Crew
This little gray skirt can be appropriate for work, if worn with tights but with bare legs it's fun to wear out shopping on the weekends and dinners out which is where I wore it to that day.
It's hard to find button down shirts that fit me. The gap between that third and fourth button always gets me. I know all you girls know what I'm talking about where you think it fits except for just around the bust where there happens to be this big gaping hole. I've tried using double stick tape and safety pins to keep it closed but I end up just wearing a camisole underneath so I don't accidentally expose myself to anyone! This button down is one of the first that has actually fit me in that area so I knew I had to get it. Sleeves are always too long on me so I roll them up, but I tend to like that look better anyway.

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  1. that shirt fits perfectly on you!! i've had a white dress shirt i've been dying to wear also but its been so hoT!!! i loved how you paird it with a skirt...you look fab! and your pearls!! what a perfect outfit! Tiffany can never do wrong ! yay

  2. you look terrific! love the shirt on you! Congratulations to the winner!

  3. oh you look so pretty ;) I love this classic look on you ...but edgier with the shorter skirt length

  4. i've made it a point to not buy anymore white shirts - button up or t-shirts this fall season... i seem to be brimming with them for some reason. I think every girl can relate in regards to that "gap"

  5. The solution to the "gap" - fashion tape! It's saved me many times. It's double-sided and sticky enough to hold things closed, but easy to remove at the end of the day.

  6. Love this look! Do you know if J Crew still has that blouse? It's fabulous!

  7. Kat - I tried the fashion tape, I have the "hollywood fashion tape" for some reason it doesn't help me! I've tried using it on multiple shirts, dresses but it always ends up popping off and then being not so sticky.

    Katie - I got it at the outlet so check there!

  8. This is such a great work outfit. Big fan of the Tux shirt!

  9. once again you look fabulous! i have that same problem with the gaping at the chest..i have a small chest anyway so it doesn't make sense. gotta keep looking i guess!

  10. great outfit...love the blouse. i really like the nailpaint you are wearing especially with those shoes. have a great week ahead.

  11. you look fabulous....you always wear the PERFECT proportions...such a skill!

  12. Hey lady! Love the outfit!!! I'm so glad that jewelry holder worked out for you. It always makes me happy, when people post things they need =) I'm going to the post office tomorrow, hopefully you'll get your print in a few days! xoxo

  13. GREAT outfit! Love the skirt. I need a great fitting white shirt!

  14. I honestly don't know what I love more - your outfit or your nail color. Love the way that blouse looks with that necklace. Such a professional ensemble! :)

  15. I have a necklace very similar to that and never know what to pair it with. That look is fabulous!

  16. How how cute. Your looks is simply stylish. Congrat to the winner.

  17. awww....love that pearl necklace...soooo classy!

  18. I absolutely love your nail polish!!! Can you tell us what brand and color it is?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. You look so chic and cute! Love your pearls and your Dior shoes. How I would love to raid your shoe closet hahah

  21. Congrats to the lucky winner - but also to you for the anniversary! Sorry I'm late :)

    Also, love this look. You're so right about the gap, and I've basically stopped wearing button downs for that reason. However, this looks great!

  22. Love this look on you! Hope you had a great anniversary and congrats to the winner!!

  23. Just emailed you with my address. So excited!

  24. For those that were wondering my polish color is China Glaze Blue Sparrow.

  25. Congratulations to the winner!
    Love your whole, and I mean whole, outfit Tiffany!

  26. ohh i love your outfit and you look so cute!



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