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I heart Yumi Kim

9:00 AM

Once I find a designer that I love, I kind of obsessively stalk their websites to see the newest collection or when they put stuff on sale. Yumi Kim has been one of those designers for me. I just adore the prints and the color that she uses. I am currently obsessed with these pieces... they may have to find their way into my closet soon!

Julee Top

Dani Dress in Leopard

I am a taking a little blogging vacation as I will be enjoying my time in Hawaii so what better way to leave you than with a fab giveaway? Do you want another chance to win a gift certificate to the Yumi Kim shop? You know you do :) Click here for my reviews blog to enter!
YK giveaway

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  1. I have just fallin in love with the Claudia Jacket. I have never seen something so beautiful!

  2. have fun on your vacay my dear!!! i think i might follow your footsteps and take a bloggy break! i wont get to go to hawaii (lucky you!) but i've got a crap load of deadlines to fulfil!! cant wait to see your fabulous photos when you come back

  3. The Yumi Kim shopping web site is down I think...at least I can't see it...

  4. wow, that blue ruffled wrap cardigan is so pretty.

  5. that jacket is gorgeous...have the best time!

  6. I love her stuff too!! I have a few dresses from her, but I think I need to stock up on some more!

  7. Enjoy Hawaii, dear! I'm currently at the Tokyo airport checking in obsessively on my blog-- it's an addiction that will be hard to break for these next two weeks for me ;) The Yumi Kim colors are so lovely! I'm a big fan of bright blues.

  8. hello?! yes! LOVE THIS!!! I adore Yumi Kim...the colors, the patterns, the lusciousness of the silk in my hands.

  9. Digging that leopard number! Have a blast in Hawaii. : )

  10. Have fun on your Vacay dear! I heart YUMI KIM as well and can't wait till my Spring stock rolls in.

  11. Love the first image! Have a great time in Hawaii!!! :)

  12. really love yumi kim's pieces! i had one once but had to return it because there was a stain on it but the other tops weren't my size! hope you have a fabulous time in hawaii!

    x ws x



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