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Lookbook: Flowers and Zippers

9:00 AM

First of all, the winner of my Cover Your Hair giveaway is Stephanie who left this comment!


I also love the gray beret - website had some other great colors as well!

I follow you here :)

Stephanie, please email me, tiffany (at) iamstyle-ish.com, with your address and the one item that you picked from coveryourhair.com

We went to visit my in-laws this weekend and due to an issue with the weather, we are unexpectedly stuck over here for an extra day. My computer access is limited so I won't be able to choose the winner of the Yumi Kim giveaway until later this week. Thanks for your patience!

Speaking of... I just can't get enough of Yumi Kim and this little blouse that I can pair with jeans, trousers and skirts. I love the soft print and the ruffles.

What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: Yumi Kim
Skirt: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Miu Miu
I paired it with this slim zip skirt as a contrast to the soft, girliness of the blouse. I get asked a lot about outfits to wear to the office that are work appropriate but still show my style. An outfit like this is the easiest way to go with a pretty blouse, a black skirt and pretty pumps. It's basically my uniform when I don't want to think too hard about what to wear that day.
And of course the pink Miu Miu's came out to play again! I never would've thought how much I would wear bright pink pumps but everytime I see them in my closet I want to wear them.

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  1. i still love those shoes!! and such a cute outfit!!

    so i have a secret...i restalked your blog and i thought how great it was to see your the change of the seasons (the background) in your lookbook...

  2. such a great look! and those shoes...so pretty!

  3. Ohhh, the blouse + those shoes = perfection. You wear the sweetest clothes, Tiffany!

  4. When I look at your every outfit it's like I watch the person who knows very well her style, always so fresh, natural and with that classic but girly touch! I love your outfit also this time! :) Regards

  5. Have a safe trip back!

    Love your outfit. Head to toe :)

  6. Congrats to the winner!

    Cute look- love the skirt.

  7. Lovely top! It has a vintage feel.

  8. I love this outfit so much...that blouse is perfect! Good luck getting home!

  9. Darling, as ususally! You always look so put together and I love your use of color :)

  10. You look super cute! This is a great outfit for work - I might have to come up with my own version to wear this week! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. You look super adorable!! Love the skirt!

  12. Love your outfit, especially those shoes! Hope the weather gets better for you all up North!

  13. LOVE this outfit. I have a similar yumi kim. Ilove how soft and light the silk feels. and you're right, it can be paired with pretty much anything...I also love how feminine it is.

  14. you look amazing and that balmain-ish jacket is too cute. btw, i have another giveaway. : )

  15. That jacket is most delicious!

  16. I adore this outfit! Now I'm officially on the hunt for flowly 3/4 sleeve blouses!

  17. Love the color of these miu miu's and your blouse... very pretty!

  18. i love the contrast in your outfit! so pretty!

  19. love the contrast of the cute feminine top with that zippered skirt. looks great. And I came across this while surfing and thought that you might be interested.



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