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Style-ish Steals: Baddass Boots

9:00 AM

You know I love you right? I love you so much that I went and found some badass boots for you all under $100! Continuing from my last post about badass shoes, I figured most of us couldn't afford spending $1,000 on boots so here are some affordable options that are just as badass! (click on images to take you to the link)

These buckle boots are a great alternative to the Loeffler Randall boots on my last post and at $60 totally worth it!

Over-the-knee boots are just badass and these two would look great with any outfit. Loving the subtle details of the buttons and studs on both the boots and gray is a great color to mix in with all the black that you inevitably wear for the winter.

Not as pretty as the Giuseppe Zanotti studded booties but $60 is better than $995 right?

or you could get these fun basic booties (only $55!) that would go with everything...

and to make it even more badass, add these chains.

Changeling by PeaceImages
totally HOT right? (thanks to Hanako for the awesome find!)

So... have I convinced you yet? Which ones are you gonna get? :)

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  1. love love love love love them all!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the first two over the knee boots.

    DIE! :)

    Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.

  3. Flat, gray, over-the-knee..... *Love* Stop being such a bad influence! D:

    Though, honestly, I was thinking of a cute pair of flat, gray booties... I just can't bring myself to spend the money on them!

  4. I have the Chinese Laundry over the knee boots - LOVE!

  5. Ooh nice Tiffany. The first buckle boots reminded me of a Goldenbleu pair I almost bought last week. Sigh, to shop or not to shop...

  6. oh man...i just bought two pairs of boots...so i don't think that i should buy anymore but i do love these picks!

  7. Love the LR $60 look for less :)

  8. What a gorgeous feature! Love that you've included affordable finds for us. Shoe jewelry is the it thing right now. I want me some chains.

  9. Those booties are almost exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks for the mention....I think those are so cool!

  10. The gray booties are too cute! Loving shoe jewelry too!

  11. You would totally convince me. . . IF these boots fit ladies with large calves. Unfortunately most boots won't fit my calves let alone calves + jeans. :(

  12. Woohoo--per usual, I adore all your shoe picks. I just ordered some Dolce Vita over the knee boots and can't wait for them to come in the mail--if they don't work out though, I'm definitely take another look at your gorgeous selections!

  13. Hey lovey! I love the grey ones...I totally agree that it can be a nice departure from black!

  14. Wait, I love the top two boots....but who makes them and where can I get them??!!

  15. Oh, wait, Piperlime, got it....OMG, I'm so there!

  16. oh geesh these are all amazing! I love them and need them now!

  17. What's more badass than chains? They belong in a Project Badass vid!



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