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Finally, the shoes!

5:00 AM

I made you all wait long enough to see what shoes I got so here they finally are! However, I only took pictures of two, so there will be a part 2. :)


Yay! I finally got the YSL Tributes! To be honest, I'm still debating them, as I'm not sure about the color, it's a gray/brown, and the heels are a bit hooker-ish (in a good way of course) but I'm keeping them from now. And the 2nd pair are the beautiful Miu Miu platforms that are total keepers and will become my go-to shoe for everything. They are so comfy and so pretty on. Love that ruching detail on the back! It's too bad it's too darn cold to be wearing these, I've been living in boots lately but they will show up in lookbooks once it starts to warm up.

p.s. because of my shoe buying frenzy my shoe closet is bursting and it's not pretty. Funny enough I've gotten quite a few emails lately from my size 5 readers wanting to know if I will be selling any of my shoes (are you all reading my mind?) and YES I have SO many to sell. I just need to take pictures of them. I was going to create a sale blog, but with my schedule, that won't be happening soon so email will have to be the best way. And yay for shoe re-homing! My friends aren't my size so I've always donated my shoes to Goodwill which made me a bit sad because I never knew if they went to a good home. Silly, I know but I love my shoes, I spend a lot of money on them and I take dang good care of them so I want the person who owns them next to appreciate them too. :)

Update: My inbox is so full right now so please, no more emails about buying the shoes. I will update the blog tomorrow about the shoe sale! Please do not email me anymore about selling my shoes. THANKS!

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  1. Wow, those are awesome. Those add some serious height!
    Speaking of loving your shoes, check out this article that says women are more likely to remember the 1st pair of shoes they bought than who they shared their 1st kiss with:

  2. I'd like to live near YOUR goodwill if you donate them :)

    Too bad I'm a Size 7/8...

    They're gorgeous...

  3. Gorgeous shoes! I am a size 6 and would love to see any shoes you are thinking of selling. My email address is kad416@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. Love your shoe collection! I am so envious of you!!!

    I am also a size 6- Please email me any shoes you are looking to give a home to =)

    My email address is: glaze.martillano@live.ca


  5. You must be in love right now with your new shoes!

  6. the ruffles. Oh gosh, that's just beautiful!!!!

  7. WOW! I love them very much. Lucky U, darling TIffany!


  8. yes yes pls!! shoot me and email for your shoe sale luvlingling@gmail.com

    i love LOVE your shoes. thanks!

  9. Love both shoes! They are gorgeous! I wish i was a size 5 now :)

  10. Lucky you, Tiffany!!! I emailed you my shoe size (6).

    My goodwill never ever carries anything relatively new...everything is 15 years old! I so wished I was in your area, I have however been to your area and I instantly fell in love with everything!! (I have a lot of family there)

    And, yes, I don't have ysl's, but I do love my shoes and I try to find people with my shoe size so I can give it to them directly, I like to know where they go "/

  11. If only I were a size 5 :( Can't wait to see the other goodies you scored

  12. Gorgeous selections!! i say keep the tributes!

  13. Honey, these are fabulous. I see what you're saying about the YSL pair, and if you're really on the fence about it, just decide whether or not they'll be comfortable or not. If they aren't then send them back. But they are beautiful.

  14. I am a size 5.5 and would love to receive the pictures for your shoe sale. My email is abarber123@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  15. Love the shoes Tiffany! As a 'lil girl myself (in height ofcourse!! lol..., I appreciate a well made heel that does not topple me over! I'm a size 6 and would love to see what you're selling. You can reach me at agarwal.meenakshi@gmail.com

    PS: Is it possible to show us a few pics of your shoe/wardrobe closet? You have a wonderful taste and I would love to see how you organize your stuff! Thanks!! :)

    - Meena

  16. I will be honest - I am not a fan of the YSL pair. But I do love the Miu Mius!

  17. First time posting a comment, but have been lurking for some time :). The Miu Mius are gorgeous! Love the detail on them. I wear a 6/6.5 but would love to see pics of what you may be selling. My email is iebuen@gmail.com.

  18. so gorgeous, I actually sighed out loud looking at them. amazing!!

  19. Im a size 5 and will love to look at your shoe selections. My email addy is francesca317@hotmail.com Cant wait :)

  20. OMG, this post made my heart skip a beat. i would love to see your potential sales. i'm a size 5.5/6. email is kdmak707@gmail.com

  21. Love these, but those Miu Miu's are aaaahhhhmmmaaazing, I would wear them to death and then walk on my hands so everyone could see them. I kid I kid.
    You're a size 5 get out!
    Email me tooo!

  22. oh my... i'm drooling. and why do you have such small feet? i'm size 7... too bad.


  23. soooooooo pretty! dying over them both! i thought that the tribs were my ultimate, but the miu mius are blowing them out of the water!

  24. Wow, those YSL's are perfect. Absolutely perfect!

  25. I love them Tiffany and those YSL's are sooo gorgeous I brought a pair of YSL platform sandals a few months ago and I'm still learning how to walk in them...they are the highest pair of shoes I own. I love the Miu Miu's too! Seeing your beautiful shoes makes me feel to go shoe shopping.

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    you find out it very useful for your blog...
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