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Lookbook: Knee Socks

5:00 AM

I adore all of you fashion bloggers out there as I get so many new ideas and inspiration from outfits. Emily inspires me to wear fun, unexpected shoes with my frilly girly dresses, WendyB inspires me to wear more prints and red lipstick, Issa inspires me to look through my closet and find old stuff to make it "new" again and this outfit was inspired by Chloe in which I never would've tried knee socks until I saw it on her. I love me some tights but the knee socks are such a cute alternative! Thanks Chloe, I'm sold!

What I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: J Crew
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Aritzia
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Knee Socks: Nordstrom

The belt on this is the same satin ribbon from the "Bow tied" lookbook, I just tied the bow in the back. I wish you could see the cardigan better because it has rosettes near the collar. Super cute! And my Jimmy Choo mary janes were perfect for this outfit don't you think?

I noticed the fabulous Vera Wang also had knee socks in her Pre-Fall runway show. Adore!

click here to see the rest of the show

I got a few emails about not being able to see my "shop the lookbook" if you read my blog through a reader. I think the widget I was using just can't be read through a reader. So I had to change the format and hope this works for everyone!

::The Cardigan::
J Crew

this basic J Crew cardi is also fab or if you like rosettes, then definitely this cardi.

::The Top::
Graham & Spencer

or this top if you like bigger polka dots or this pretty top if you'd rather have a floral print.

::The Skirt::

Or this skirt at a fabulous price (you will wear it all the time!), but you can't do wrong with this one either!

::The Knee Socks::
Make sure that they fit well so that they stay up but also not too tight so they create a sausage effect!

These wool ones might keep you a bit warmer, and if you want to spice things up, I am loving these pink tipped socks!

::The Mary Janes::

These Jimmy Choo's aren't quite as high but just as cute! But if you are a fan of the red sole, these mary janes need to be yours! I also have to include these, aren't the python heels gorgeous?!

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  1. Ur outfit is toooo cute, darling Tiffany!


  2. Soo cute! The knee sock look Chloe rocks is one of my favorites! You rock it as well! I unfortunatly cannot pull it off.

  3. This is a great outfit! I love how you rock knee socks without being too twee.

  4. so adorable! i wish i could wear something similar this time of year...but it is SO COLD in nyc today. i'm so bundled up today that i look like an eskimo.

  5. Great outfit and the knee high socks look so cute. xoxo

  6. I LOVE this outfit! I want to wear it right now!

  7. I really like the knee high sock look. One of my fave looks this season, unfortunately we don't have the weather to keep that look up in the winter, but I hear you guys are having unexpectedly warmer weather so I would definitely try doing it more often while the weather is cooperating.

  8. Cute cute! Love that Graham and Spencer top!

  9. Yup, you look adorable. Those are some killer heels.

    Fabulous Finds Gal

  10. cute! i wore knee socks one night and loved them also. I DIE for those shoes... I DIE.

  11. Heart this look, perosnally I never wear knee socks alone, always over tights. I walk everywhere, am also naturally cold so I need that extra layer of warmth where the knee socks dont hit. LOL!

  12. NICE. i love knee hi socks on other people but not on me. you pull off the look beautifully!

  13. I'm a proselytizer for red lips!

  14. Great look! I just bought a pair of black knee socks from Club Monaco...it's too cold in Toronto so sport them on their own, but I'm planning to put them over some netted tights. A nice alternative to knee-high boots!
    I also like thigh-high socks for a cute yet sexy look :)

  15. I am LOVING this outfit. I also really like every item you showed... the knee socks are especially adorable with this outfit. I'm really diggin' this blog!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  16. Beautiful outfit... You are totally rockin' those knee highs. sweet. :)

    Love & Aloha, S

  17. you look totally adorable tiffany!!!

  18. I am ridiculously in love with that HOT pink top! And you look just fabulous in your knee socks!

  19. Tiff you have sold me on knee socks!! You look so fabulous. Wendy and Emily inspire me too...I have to check out the other two!

    Of course, YOU are my number one though. DUH! :)

  20. Very cute. I've been scared to try knee socks, but now I'm seeing them everywhere and they are really cute. I may have to try some!




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