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Party Time!

5:00 AM

We've got some fun but low key plans for this New Year's eve and I will be getting dressed up and saying GOODBYE to the suckiness that is otherwise known as 2009. (2009 has been a terrible year for me and I am so ready for it to be over.)

I've gotten a few questions from readers that have a hard time figuring out what to wear for their New Year's eve parties or what accessories to pair with dresses so I've put together a few looks with my favorite dresses. I've included the accessories I'd pair it with and the makeup to pull the look together!

Look #1:

Alice + Olivia

This dress is already really pretty on its own but I think the lace tights will add a fun element. The black pumps won't take away from the tights but adding a few pretty accessories will be perfect for a little bit of bling and shine. I kept the makeup pretty simple but with lots of touches of bronze and golds. I'm a huge fan of bright nail polish colors and I think the pink is perfect for this little dress!


Don't you love the ruffles on this dress? I think adding the headband is perfect for a party and you don't need too many other accessories but a couple of big rings. For the makeup, I would really play up the eyes with this outfit. A simple smokey eye with lots of eye liner and of course pretty false lashes! Light pink lips and bright red nails completes the look.


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  1. I love i love i love!! I hope your 2010 kicks 2009's butt, straight to the curb!! We're probably laying low on NYE...so not gonna dress up, but love this entire look!

  2. I love the two party looks! I bought a dress that was meant for a big party, but I'm visiting a friend/neighbor instead, so I will need to tone it down a bit maybe "/ we shall see!

    Enjoy your new years and may 2010 be all you expect it to be!

  3. Hey darling-- I think 2010 will be a great year for all of us! These looks are so fantastic. I am not sure I'll be doing anything fancy for NYE, but I think I might have to do an outfit post just because! One of my New Year's resolutions is to do more outfit pictures :) Hope you have a great week! xx

  4. I love both looks! I'm still trying to figure out what I'll wear for NYE.

  5. 2009 did suck! bring on 2010!!!

  6. I am going to wear a vintage dress for sure- but those rings and bangles are giving me NYE wear envy.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  7. I think that we are going to just relax this year on NYE but these looks are so fab. you will no doubt wear them and OWN THEM! I'm sorry that 2009 was so difficult but here's to a wonderful, healthy and exciting 2010:)

  8. Love the outfits! I agree 2009 has been a terrible year! Can't wait to bid it farewell and go ridance! I hope 2010 is amazing for u!

  9. I love that first look. Alice + Olivia make the cutest dresses. Sorry 2009 has been a bummer for you, but either way you always look fab. Here's knowing that 2010 will bring much happiness to you and your hubby!

  10. Too fab -- I love these outfits and the must-have list sounds like things to keep handy year-round!

  11. Those silver pumps are uber fun and that YSL gloss looks most delish. Hope you had a stellar holiday!

  12. Yes, 2009 was pretty sucky.... I wholly agree. :P I'm looking forward to 2010 and plenty of fun things planned & unplanned.

    Maybe if you're up for it, I could meet you in Seattle sometime, I'm looking forward to getting there a few times I hope. (Moving to Spokane, kinda close.) I mean, I'd love to see what you could put together for photos with shoes & cars. Could be fun. ;)

  13. i love these looks! i don't have any big plans, but i will end up dressed in sequins either way!

    i just know that 2010 will be awesome for you:)

  14. I'm going to be wearing a Zang Toi gown.

    I HATED 2009!

  15. I'm with you chickie, a large part of 2009 sucked. here's hoping for a better 2010!


  16. Im so with you, I hated 2009, like HATED, its been awful, im so ready for 2010, its a nicer number to say...THE END!

  17. Ohhh, awesome looks.

    And I'm also totally with you about 2009 sucking. HARD. UGH.

    2010 has *got* to be better. *whimpers*

  18. i can't agree with you enough on 2009. le sigh. i'm BEYOND ready for 2010 - here's to a great one for both of us!

  19. I hope 2010 will be a much better year for you and that all the hardships of this year will pass :)

    Great outfit advice! That Alice + Olivia dress and how you styled it, are just perfection.



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