A quick but important note

As many of you (bloggers) know, the FTC Endorsement Guidelines came into effect on December 1st. Just wanted to let you know that I will and always have disclosed any items I get for free. I do NOT do “paid posts” and never will. (“Paid Posts” as in a company pays me to write a post about their company) I get a ton of emails each day asking me to blog about this product, that product or offering me free stuff. I say no 99% of the time and this also includes product giveaways which I consider free ad placement for companies, regardless that they want to give away products. I’m very picky about giveaways on my blog so you might not see as many here as you do on other blogs but I only allow what I deem as “style-ish” products to giveaway.

I do participate in Blogher Reviews in which they send me products and pay me to review, but I participate in only the ones that I’m interested in. Those reviews are always disclosed and are posted on my Style-ish Reviews blog. I will also occasionally use affiliate links in which I may earn a percentage for sales or per click. I don’t post links to make money, I post those links because I honestly like those items. Obviously, clicking or buying is up to you, I am not going to say “CLICK HERE SO I CAN EARN MONEY” but if you click, I might earn money. (And truthfully it’s like .02/click or something so trust me here when I say I’m not getting rich by it. haha! But I do appreciate it when you click because that means you like my picks.) I mainly use those affiliate links because it makes my job so much easier when they give me a direct picture link to the product rather than having me upload the picture and link it separately. I do all my blogging on my laptop and my finger gets tired from all that clicking and linking!

I just want you to know that everything on this blog is authentically me and in no way does free products or money sway me in posting anything. If I did that, I’d feel like I was lying and I would never lie to my friends! I love you all!

If you don’t understand the FTC Guidelines or just want to learn more, click here for a terrific, easy to understand article on it.

If you didn’t already realize it I am always a business woman. I got to where I am in my career by being smart in my decisions and always being on top of things and I make sure to apply that to my “internet life” as well. But beyond all that, I will always be honest with you as I am lucky to have you as my readers.

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