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Ruffle Pumps

7:00 AM

This whole fashion blogging thing creates a community of enablers. So many of you have posted pretty things that I have said "Oh I want it!" and promptly click and buy. Even from stores I never would have gone too! I need to stay away from you guys to keep my bank account from depleting! LOL!

On one of my recent posts foxieracing left this comment:
"Am I the only one who doesn't like how much you feel like shopping after reading posts here...? ;) "
Which made me laugh, so I guess I can't blame others when I do it myself too! :)

Recently Miss "I make everything look so dang cute" Chloe, posted these pretty ruffled pumps and I could not resist. Click and Buy. They are on their way to me so I'll make sure to post when I get them. But first of all can everyone say with me "These are from Ann Taylor?"

Because that's what I said when I saw them. I was torn between the silver and the purple but I just got these purple Stuart Weitzman pumps so went with the silver.
Stuart Weitzman
Aren't they preeeetty?

But anyway, since I've been falling in love with ruffled pumps, I went looking for some other options and had to share. here I go with the enabling. ;)

Ruffles in the front and the back. More ruffles to love!
Badgley Mischka

Mary Janes with a ruffle twist! So cute.
Rebecca Taylor

I can already imagine myself in a little dress, black tights and these adorable booties.

"Style-ish Steals" edition (under $100)

I'm pretty sure these are exact rip-offs of the Badgley Mischka's above but at 50% of the price. I'm liking this blue color too.

cute, cute and cute.
Gianni Bini

So I hope I didn't tempt you too badly but if I did, at least you'll have some cute shoes to show for it!

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  1. Super cute! Love the SW! FYI - Ann Taylor has had some new changes in upper management and design. Went in there myself recently and saw quite a few cute things and Heidi Klum is their model now! Go figure!

    Also FYI - for those with NM Last Call's nearby, they have the Badgley Mischka's and similar ruffle shoes I think from Steven.

  2. i LOVE the blue and purple ones you bought :)!! it definitely is a community of enablers. my best friend and i are the same with. we like to shop vicariously through each other.


  3. omg i love these ruffle shoes!
    the ones that you ordered from ann taylor are SO CUTE! LOVE THEM!!!
    and your new purple ones are adorable.

  4. you have tempted me!!! but i think i'll try to wait til after christmas to decide what i'll be getting! love the ann taylor shoes!

  5. I definitely get a case of the "I wants" after reading some fabulous posts. it's so hard to keep it in check! I figure it balances out though with also being inspiring to use the things you have. All of those shoes are so fabulous though! I especially like both of the shooties/booties. Now I'm getting the "click and buy" urge on something like those gray ones.

  6. wow, ruffles on the booties work quite well! I will have to be on the look-out for them :D

  7. my fav is the Rebecca Taylor pumps! I love, love, love.. and you are right.. we are enablers... now I'm on to nordies.com to see if i can 'em shoes. ha!

  8. Yes the blogging world is full of shopping enablers! Ooh totally putting those shoes in my What I'd wear post today!

  9. And yes, now I need some ruffled pumps! The AT and RSVP ones please :) Also, love your Stuarts!

  10. Love the Badgley Mischka ones! Of course! I found some darling ones from Steve Madden on my post from Monday. Super cute and AFFORDABLE too! Love your steals finds b/c I unfortunately am under a budget and cannot afford Badgley Mischka. Boo hoo.

  11. Those purple shoes are a PERFECT hue!

  12. I dont have any ruffley shoes! I think I need them! OHH your blog is a dangerous place! :)

    Re the post below...thank you for writing that. I might link to it tonight/tomm if that's ok?

    Love you girl

  13. Glad I could make ya laugh. :) Lucky for me, I'm usually too broke to be enabled so much... But I did find gilt through you, so the things I have bought from there are somewhat enabled. :P

    Now, if only I could teach myself to drive in heels... I've told myself that if I ever want a very expensive pair, I will have to be able to drive in them. We'll see if that ever comes around to happening.

  14. The Moschino are by far my favourites, soooo stunning!

    Love from Paris

  15. your new shoes are so pretty....they are all so pretty and dainty!

  16. Oh, this makes me laugh. I am an enabler in a happy little blog world of fellow enablers. And I love it- because no one in my "real life" has any clue what I'm talking about when I launch into a tirade over divine ruffly pumps and Zac Posen for Target and OH MY GOD, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DRESS?

    But you, my friend, get it. You GET IT. And! Those Badgley Mischka Tai pumps have been on my radar for way way way too long. I literally giggled-out-loud with glee when I saw you had posted them. ♥


  17. oh god.. you are tempting me too much .. i love all the shoes..they are so beautiful, elegant and sexy!! esp the 1st one.. oh god.. i can't take my eyes from it!

  18. I love the Rebecca Taylor shoes.
    I didn't know she made shoes.
    I like her clothes too.

  19. Oh gads... Kingdom of WANT on this post. I Tweeted how much I loved your fabulous new shoes. I'm seeing more that I'm falling in love with, along with some favorites I'd seen before, but avoiding because they were tempting my credit card to come out and play! The gray bootie with the ruffle -- oh, how it continues to haunt me!!

  20. So funny cos am about to get the rsvp ones!!! LOL.... hey I would love expensive but fabulous could be at a great price also! :)

  21. first of all...adorable shoes. love them so much...ALL of them!

    secondly, thank you so much for your previous post regarding the new guidelines for bloggers. I'm going to link to your post this week..you are amazing. you are such an important part of my personal blogging community...I feel lucky to have found a kindred spirit, another business woman who is open and honest and who so appreciates her readers. :)

  22. omg...I was eyeing those SW pumps at Nordstrom this summer at the pre-sale!!!! Never got them, but still LOVE them...



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