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Winter Accessories

5:00 AM

I know the weather is crazy right now for a lot of us so for all you out there where it's literally not freezing outside, consider me jealous. It's insane how cold it has been lately so I've pulled out all my hats, gloves, scarves, etc... to keep warm whenever I am forced to be outside.

I love hats, I have a huge collection of them and they're the easiest way to look cute even when you don't feel like it, because honestly, when it's this cold out, who has the energy to look cute?

How darling is this hat? I love the style and the flower embellishment.

I love beret type hats where you can wear them slouchy at the back of your head or kind of tipped to the side. Am all over the sequins too.

Adore Cloche style hats. I don't see many girls wearing them but I think more people should! I have a few that I try to wear but it's hard when I have so many hats like those above that I can just jam into my handbag when I'm running out the door. But with the right coat, these hats totally make the outfit. These two below are fab and at $17 each, a small price to pay to look fantastic in the winter.

One thing I can't live without are gloves. My hands are always cold so am always buying (and losing) gloves. Black leather gloves are a must-have but black leather gloves with studs or rhinestones are even better!

Sometimes though, leather gloves are a bit too much when I'm just out walking the dogs so I am all about the fingerless gloves. I do love the ones with mitten covers because you don't think that your fingers will get that cold but they really do.

But, how cute are these ones with the bows and the stripes? I have a long history of putting my fingerless gloves in my pockets and then later on when I go to put them on, one of them has fallen out of my pocket so I only have one glove. I never learn my lesson. But that's why I buy cheapo one's like these where I don't feel too bad for losing one!
Etsy Edition! My favorite handmade picks from the talented people on Etsy.

I have fallen in love with this beret and the felted flower. I die! It's soooo pretty.

Etsy seller: Crafts2Cherish

This adorable knitted hat looks like the Magaschoni hat above but gotta admire that someone handmade this.


Pink crocheted gloves with gold buttons and a bow! Too too cute.

I'm off to attempt to stay warm today, hope you all keep warm too!

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  1. I want to wear hats to keep my head warm, but at the same time, hat always make my hair so flat and static. Tiffany, do you have any advice how to deal with it?

  2. I absolutely adore winter accessories and I am a hat fanatic too! All of these are so lovely!



  3. omg this weather is ridiculous! 70 last week...30s today. i can't take it! but at least your post is showing me some great ways to deal with the unpleasant weather.

    i love the Magaschoni Merino wool floral beret, the Free People rhinestone gloves,the Crafts2Cherish floral beret, and the MaxMelody hat.

    so many great options!!!

  4. I love that black cloche with the bow. I've really been wanting to try that style of hat lately.

  5. You beat me to those post today! Fabulous picks :)

  6. i love all of your picks! i want the grey MaxMelody had bad. super bad.

  7. Aaaa! I don’t know what I would do without winter accessories, especially warm ones, considering it’s 5° outside at the moment. Staying warm and looking good can be a bit of a challenge, but as you’ve shown, there are some great options out there. I’m so in lovely with the leather gloves with studs and the beret with the felted flower. Not that I need another winter hat or another pair of gloves but I may just have to add some of these fabulous accessories to my wardrobe. Thanks for the fabulous post!

  8. Fabulous selections, darling!
    Especially loving that first hat and the studded gloves!


  9. Aveda Pure Abundance Potion is an instant cure for hat hair! It is my winter saviour!

  10. Very cute selections- love the first one! I recently started commuting to work- so a warm, chic hat is a necessity for me now! So it means I must buy some hehe

  11. I'm in love with all of these hats! It's so difficult for me to find a good one for me bc I have SO MUCH hair. When I wear little hats like this I have to tie it all back bc otherwise it just sort of sits on my head and looks all puffed out when it's supposed to look cute and warm like these.

    I am all over the fingerless gloves this year. Don't you ever find it difficult to take photos outside when it's freaking freezing? I end up with either frostbite or not taking the photo bc I don't want to take off my gloves. I think the best alternative is the fingerless kind bc your hands are still warm but your fingers are free to maneuver the camera.

    Speaking of photos, your comment on my blog yesterday (one of them in particular) made me a little weepy. You are SO sweet. One of the things I love so much about you and your blog is how genuine you are and how kind you are. thank you! xx

  12. What a cute selection...love the 1st hat and the pale pink gloves

  13. omg so cute- I'm excited for the winter months to come now:) I love the leather gloves with studs and the bow gloves- SO CUTE!

  14. So I have no need for winter things here, but I still buy them! I love the fingerless gloves

  15. OMG! What a great selection, Tiffany...I neeeeeeed 'em all! Hihi!

    Please don't forget to enter the Hoolala lucky bag giveaway!


  16. I'm jealous that you get to wear winter accessories. We don't have "winter" here in Hawaii. :( I'm probably crazy, wishing for cold brrrrrr weather! ha ha.. but those hats and gloves are so cute! I have a "large" head, so I don't sport hats too well. boo hoo!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Love & Aloha,

  17. oh it is so cold that i can hardly stand it! burr!!! but you have shown a lot of adorable ways for us to look SO CUTE while so cold! functional, fashionabLe and FABULOUS!!!! :)

  18. Those last pink gloves...going to buy NOW! OMG!!!

    Love you stay warm honeybunny!

  19. oh i just adore that sequin beanie beret

  20. I like the idea of the fingerless gloves.

    When I walk my dog, my jacket sleeves usually cover my hands, but I think I want to get gloves still.

    Very cute picks.

  21. this is such a great list! we are even hitting the low 30s here in socal, so i need all the warmth that i can get!

  22. Love all of them....seriously, so sweet...if you're gonna freeze yer tush off, you better do it looking cute!

  23. I want those Free People gloves so badly! I love the gemstones on them. And the shape of it isn't as suffocating as most. it's perfect.

  24. That first cloche hat with the bow is fantastic, and I'm really loving the hats with flowers as well. A nice reminder of spring in the dead of winter.

    By the way...I hope this all right, but I just started a lingerie giveaway on my blog. Would be delighted if you enter! :-)


  25. I absolutely love winter accessories, I live in gloves and scarfs! I haven't really figured out the hat styles that work yet but I'm still trying to figure out my style. I don't have any of the fingerless gloves yet and that's definitely something I'd love for christmas! Gonna have to drop a few hints to the hubs!



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