I am Style-ish {Seattle Fashion and Beauty Blog}: January 2009
style-ish designs - 9:00 AM

Style-ish Designs: From us to you

You don't really think that Thank You cards are that hard to write until you actually sit down a...

award - 9:00 AM

Tags and Awards

I'm so sorry that I am so behind on my tags and awards but wanted to thank the bloggers that gav...

photography - 9:00 AM

Wedding Day: Behind the Scenes

Like I mentioned before, J had brought his camera with him and either he or his dad were taking pict...

fashion - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Pink Polka Dots

I love these suede boots but since the weather has been so terrible here I haven't been to wear ...

beauty - 9:00 AM

Take a Peek: Makeup Kit

I always think it's fun to peek into my friends makeup kits so I thought I'd share some of m...

fashion - 9:00 AM

Color my shoes

I had just posted about adding bright colors to my wardrobe and I'm now needing the same for my shoes. If you've taken a peek at m...

videography - 9:00 AM

Wedding Day: in motion

As I mentioned previously my brother had accompanied us on our "day after" photo shoot with his video camera and also shot the cer...

Hair - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Winter Blues

I hardly ever wear blue, it just has never been my color nor have I ever really been attracted to it...

wedding - 9:00 AM

Wedding Day: T+J

We made sure to take some time before and after the ceremony to take pictures around Tensing Pen. T...

tag - 8:30 AM


I think I've done this tag before, but the lovely Kate of Pretty Damn Fabulous tagged me so here we go with 6 more random facts about y...



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