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- 8:30 AM

over at Femme Rationale!

I know I promised a makeup post but this week turned out to be way too hectic and we are getting ready to leave for Cabo so I will do the po...

photography - 9:00 AM

The new style-ish.com!

As I've mentioned previously , J and I are starting a photography and design business and we are ready to launch our new blog-website! W...

QA - 9:00 AM

Q&A: Vacation Clothes

I've had several requests asking me to post what I'm taking to Cabo with me and then my friend Jen (who is also going to Cabo in a ...

levi's - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Miranda Kerr inspired

I bought these grey skinnies a few months ago but haven't worn them because I felt a bit like my legs looked like sausages in them. Da...

new york - 9:00 AM

NYC Recap

My trip to NYC was fun but exhausting. We were go-go-go the whole time and I barely got any sleep. It's no wonder when I got home I ca...

lookbook - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Butter by Nadia

Following up from this post, I debuted my Butter by Nadia dress on Valentines Day. I had been sick in bed for the past 3 days and the only...

forever 21 - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Minnie Mouse

I wanted to wear a dress this day but I was not into wearing tights so put on leggings instead. It's a different look for me and not my...

louis vuitton - 9:00 AM

back from NY

Hi all! I'm back from New York but feeling a bit under the weather and I came home to a completely dead MacBook. All I get is a gray s...



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