Jun 30, 2009

Lookbook: Purple Tones

I don't tend to do a lot of tones together. I like to wear contrasting colors more often, however when I paired this purple dress with this pink-purpley cardigan, I really liked it and then to add another tone, I paired it with the reddish shoes to bring out the pink in the cardigan.

What I'm Wearing:
Cardi: Michael Stars
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Christian Dior
Belt: Nordstrom

As always, in love with the belt. Sometimes it's fun to add belts to things that don't really need belts. I've never seen a belt as something to hold up my pants. I see it as an accessory that adds to the outfit. With the empire waist of this dress the belt adds a nice touch to accent the higher waist. I did my hair in a side french twist and just pinned the end of the braid at the nape of my neck to hold it in place and keep the hair out of my face. My advice to do this hairstyle is to curl your hair first so that you hair has a bit of texture to hold the braid in place.

I just learned this term "FOTD" which means Face of The Day. So here is my FOTD! Come back tomorrow for the tutorial.

Jun 29, 2009

Guest Post: PB Teen - not just for teens

Thanks everyone for all your feedback about Kelley's last interior design post. She's back for another great post!
Please make sure to read her first one as well if you haven't yet.

Once we enter the world of adulthood, magazines and catalogs geared towards teens and tweens don’t fit our lifestyles anymore. Well, maybe for some of you they do. I’m not judging, But let’s discuss the fact that you’re 30 years old and still subscribing to Teen Beat later. Right now I want to talk about Pottery Barn Teen, better known as PB Teen (because hey, in a generation of people who abbreviate everything, why not abbreviate Pottery Barn, too?).

The only reason I’m still up on it is because I used to design tons of teen-themed rooms for model homes, and it quickly became one of my favorite go-to sources for inspiration. The great thing about PB Teen is that it realizes that teens are living in small spaces. They don’t have houses, or even apartments – they have bedrooms under their parents’ roof, or dorm rooms shared with roommates. They don’t have their own kitchens or dining rooms, they have a bedroom which needs to be all encompassing. And while their marketing genius is geared towards the 18 and unders, I started to wonder – can a 30 year old use this stuff to?

PB Teen paper hatboxes, perfect for storing checkbooks, hair ties, undergarments, etc.!

Keep in mind, if I were still a single gal I would be using a lot more of this in our place, but Paul’s not really big on large scale pink polka dots or anything pastel, floral, or just downright girly, and PB Teen doesn’t offer a lot in the way of neutral or unisex items (I’m assuming that’s because they’re correctly assuming that the 18 and unders aren’t cohabitating with significant others yet!), so some of these may be hard to convince your hubby to embrace. But little pieces here and there won’t kill him. Here are some of my faves:

PB Teen Circolo nesting tables
Love the green ones!

PB Teen Nouveau floral rug
Black and white is always classic. This rug would be super cute with the Circolo tables, too!

PB Teen’s Awning stripe drapes create and airy, simple feel. Love the soft colors and thick stripes!

PB Teen Chelsea style tile – great to use in your kitchen for grocery lists, recipes, invitations….

PB Teen Painted dot bath towels. I can’t get over their cuteness!

Alright, I couldn’t decide if I loved this or hated it at first. Personally, I might have selected a different shade (like a drum shade), but I love the base. So cute on a dining room buffet table! PB Teen teacup lamp

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Jun 26, 2009

Lookbook: Paperbag

When I was in Vegas, it was just the start of the sale season so everything was on sale, I mean everything. We all spent too much money but I think we all came back with some great stuff. One of my buys was this paperbag skirt which I knew I had to get once I saw the color. Isn't it pretty? And I've talked about my love for pockets which makes this skirt even better!

What I'm Wearing:
Tank: Banana Republic
Skirt: BCBG (buy it here)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Necklace: from Nordstrom
I kept the top really simple because of the high waist and the pleats of the skirt. I didn't want the outfit to be too busy so the cami was just right, especially because it was a particularly balmy night. It was a bit dressy but not too dressy. And no, I didn't wear this to the office, only to dinner with a new friend!

Here's a close up of the necklace. It was just the right accessory to add to the outfit. I have been loving multiple chain necklaces and this one with the pearls always helps to pretty up an outfit.
This picture was processed with the "Lux (soft)" action from Totally Rad Actions at 80% opacity as explained in this post.

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Jun 25, 2009

Girlfriends Guide to Gaming

I am not really into video games. I pretty much suck at them. I grew up with a little brother who dominated every single game he touched even when he was 5 years old. I always tried to play with him and ended up losing and then would beat him up because he never let me win. It's true! Ask my brother and he'll tell you how he had to hide from me because I would hit him every time I lost. Sore loser? maybe... :)

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Jun 23, 2009

Lookbook: A little bit Rocker

I'm trying out all sorts of new things this summer, wearing yellow, trying out rompers and bringing back the shorts. This is one of my "experimental" outfits to see how I like it. It's a bit different than my typical style but a fun look for the weekends.

What I'm Wearing:
Tank: Wilifred (from Aritzia)
Bandeau: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: L.A.M.B.
I love Aritzia and am sad that they do not have an online shop as I've gotten so many questions about where to get some of my favorite pieces that I've worn in my lookbooks from there. It's predominatly in Canada and we have a few in the US. I think the one near me (in Bellevue, which is not THAT close, you still gotta get on the freeway but it's close enough) was one of the first in the US. Everytime I go in that store I walk out with pieces that are totally different than the rest of my closet but I love to add different elements to my wardrobe. I picked up this gray tank that last time I was there and fell in love with the silk and how it lays so beautifully. It was a bit more expensive that what I like to pay for tank tops but the fit, the cut and the material is what makes it worth it.

When I tried it on in the store I knew instantly that I wanted a bright color to pop out from underneath and searched high and low until I found this bandeau that was the perfect neon yellow.
Jeans didn't look quite right so I paired it with my shiny leggings and hot shoes. After all that I felt like a little bit like a rocker so topped it off with the chain necklace. I'm not used to wearing stuff that is so tight and shows so much skin (it's usually one or the other for me, not both) but it just worked that day so I went with it. It's good to step outside of the box sometimes with your style. It can help you think differently about the way you normally dress and give you ideas to incorporate it into your every day style.

Jun 22, 2009

Lookbook: Bermuda Shorts

I used to hate shorts. Like I banned them from my closet and didn't wear them for years. I hated my short legs in them and just decided that they were horrid. Fast forward to this year and I am now in love with shorts! I am making up for lost time as I have been buying shorts like no other. I am all about them this summer.

What I'm Wearing:
Cardi: from Nordstrom
Tee: J. Crew
Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Bally
Necklace: Macy's
I just felt so comfy all day long in this outfit. I really need to just start dressing down every so often. I get so caught up in being the fussy, high maintenance, overly dressed me that I need to realize that I don't need to be like that every single day of my life. It's hard to break habits though since I've been that way since I was about 10 years old. I will be very surprised if I have a daughter and she doesn't become the same way!

I added this fun chunky necklace to the outfit just to add a bit of color and dimension to the outfit. I could've left the outfit alone but like I said above, I always feel like I need to dress things up a bit so the necklace made me feel more like me.

I wore this outfit to work and I've heard so many things about how wrong it is to wear shorts to work but I think mine are appropriate... or am I wrong? What do you think? Do you wear shorts to work?

I have to thank the super awesome Kelly from My so called fabulous life for sending me a little package of goodies! I haven't had time to make any of my little crochet creations but since she sent me two books full of cute little goodies to make, I'm gonna have to make some time! And she even included these cute dachshund clips, I mean totally perfect for me right?
Amigurumi Books
They are all in Japanese so I'm gonna need a bit of translation help, and their crochet patterns look nothing like American crochet patterns, but I'm determined to figure it out as I have to make some of these.

Look at all the cuteness! The apples that you can remove the tops, the little macaroons and those cucumber characters! Sooo cute, I can't even handle it.
Amigurumi Books
Thank you so much darling! I don't even know what I did to deserve such a wonderful bloggy friend. You are the bestest! Mwah!

Jun 19, 2009

Little Miss Dior

The debut of the shoes that sparked my little Nordstrom price matching rant! :) After everything that happened, I still love my little Miss Dior pumps. They are the perfect peeptoe pump and the blue is a bit unexpected but totally gorgeous. I can't wait to start wearing them with anything and everything! Do you have a certain time period where you don't wear your new stuff? I do. With all my designer shoes and handbags, I like to keep them pristine for about a month before I wear them. I don't know why, I just like to see them all pretty and perfect in their box knowing that they are brand new. OK, I'll start blabbing and show you the pretty pictures...

The peep toes...
Miss Dior pumps

And the rest of it!
Miss Dior pumps

If you think they are pretty just sitting there (which they are) they are even more fabulous on! They are just one of those shoes that you put on and you instantly feel better about yourself. I know we all have those shoes. Amazing what a fabulous pair of shoes can do to your mood isn't it? I think it is one of the best parts of being a girl!

p.s. new post on style.ish, come check out our latest project!

Jun 18, 2009

...Love Maegan inspired DIY

I love all things that have to do with hair accessories so when the always fabulous ...love Maegan posted this awesome DIY headband made out of an old shirt, I had to make it my next project. I just did a closet clean out and had 4 bags full to go to Goodwill so I dug in there and at first wanted a pattern like Maegan's but then this pink shirt was jumping out at me so I decided to go with it. I had a few old elastic headbands floating around and ta daaaa... here is my version!


I still had another headband and a ton of fabric left so I had to make one for Savvy too. Look at how darling she is!
Like mother, like doghter (daughter) :)

Jun 17, 2009

Lookbook: Summer Tweed

It's so easy to get dressed in the summer isn't it? A cute little dress and you are set!

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: BCBG
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
I love this little tweed dress, however there is not much shape to it and it kinda just hangs on me. Belt to the rescue! I can't get enough of my skinny metallic belts and this one was the perfect touch and gave shape to the dress. I adore my gray Louboutins but they are a tad too big for me and when I walk they kinda fall off my feet. Don't you hate that when you have shoes that you love but they just don't fit right? I'm on the verge of selling them as I've only worn them a handful of times but they are just so pretty that I can't bear to part with them yet. I already have foot petals in them which helps a little. If anyone has a solution to make my feet grow, let me know! ;)
Hair and makeup was bare and unfussy that day. I just didn't feel like getting all made up, which is a rare day for me. I love to do my hair and makeup but that day I just wanted to put on a dress and be done. Also because the sun is too high in the morning, we have started to take pictures after work so this is what I look like after a long day of work. Not as perky as I am in the mornings. :)

I did clip my hair back with a pretty purple bow that I got from Hot Topic. Yes! Hot Topic! A few weeks ago we were out at dinner and I was telling my husband that I needed to get my sister a tiara for her bachelorette party. I had no idea where to go when he was like, "How about Hot Topic?" and he pointed to it right across the street from where we were eating. I was skeptical, why would they have a tiara? But we walked in and checked out the hair accessories and there it was a rack full of tiaras! I picked out a pretty pink one for her and then noticed all the cute hair bows they had so picked out these two.
Cute right? So I pinned my hair back with the purple one that day which added just the right touch to my otherwise boring outfit. I love unexpected finds at unexpected places.

Jun 16, 2009

Guest Post: Let there be light

Hello readers! I have been getting lots of requests to add a "home style" section to my blog and I thought that it would be fun to have my friend Kelley, who is an award winning interior designer to give us some tips instead! I hope you all enjoy this post and if you do, let me know. Maybe I can convince her to write another one! :)

There are a few home d├ęcor items that tend to be easily overlooked when you’re in the selection process. By ‘overlooked’ I don’t mean that you’ve forgotten them altogether, but that the selections tend to be boring and ‘safe’ (if I see another beige area rug with a beige sofa on it I might lose it). These items, if chosen properly, can add that touch that your room was missing, and will always spark conversations amongst your guests.

One of those items is decorative lighting – table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, sconces, chandeliers, etc. etc. (and if you’re curious, the other items are area rugs and art). You don’t necessarily have to be made of money to buy unique pieces for your home (although some that I’m suggesting will cost you a pretty penny, they will stand the test of time!). You just need to think outside the box.

Photo credit: Lamps Plus

Go retro with this George Kovacs arc floor lamp. Great in living rooms, it will add a sleek but fun look to your space.

Photo Credit: Lamps Plus

You can’t go wrong with classic stripes. This swag chandelier is great because it doesn’t require a J-Box in your ceiling. You can just plug it in to an outlet like you would any other lamp. Think about swag lamps instead of table lamps in your living room or even in a bedroom over your nightstands.

Keep it real with this Black Forest table lamp from Hudson Furniture. How I love this lamp! Work it in to a sleek, modern room to give it a bit of unexpected texture.

Photo Credit: Hudson Furniture Inc.

Make a statement with this Atlantis chandelier, also from Hudson Furniture. Words cannot express how I feel about this fixture. I can’t even call it a ‘fixture’. It’s a work of art.

Photo Credit: Hudson Furniture Inc.

Show off your feminine side with this crystal wall sconce from Brocade Home. I love the cocoa color!

Photo Credit: Brocade Home

Looking for something a little simpler? West Elm’s Globe Lamp is great. Just by changing the proportion of the shade to the base, they’ve given a new look to an old standard.

Photo Credit: West Elm

How great would a few of these Globe Pendants hanging in a row over a dining table be?

Photo Credit: West Elm

I hope this has inspired you to replace those ten dollar paper shade lamps you bought when you were in college and step it up a bit! It doesn’t take much to liven up your space, just a little thought and voila! Let there be light!

Interested in my articles? Find me on Examiner.com, Seattle’s Interior Design Examiner!

Update: Kelley wanted to share another alternative to the Arc Floor Lamp show above with this one from Dania, as well as the original Arco Floor Lamp from Design Within Reach.

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Jun 15, 2009

Lookbook: Ladybugs

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was busy, busy hanging out with friends and family but always an enjoyable weekend when the sun is out. My inbox kept me pretty busy as well! The emails have been pouring in since last week from new readers who found me through Corporette who featured my blog. Thank you for all your kind words and apologies for my slow response I promise to get back to you soon!
corporette feature
Thank you Corporette!

Also, last week our wedding was featured on Destination Weddings and Honeymoons as Wedding of the Week!
DW&Honeymoons feature

Now onto the Monday Lookbook...

Who doesn't love wrap dresses? Especially ones by Diane von Furstenberg. I bought this dress for an outdoor wedding I went to last summer, I loved the ladybug print and the pockets. It's such a fun dress to bring back out when the sun comes out.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Diane von Furstenberg
Tank: Banana Republic
Shoes: Oh Deer!
We took the picture before work so the sun was blazing. Please excuse the harshness of the light. :)

I bought these shoes a few years back and I just love the black patent with the white platforms. It's just one of those shoes that I always think "should I get rid of these?" and then I don't and am happy when I pull them out again. I don't wear sandals to work, peep toes is the most I go to showing my toes. Because so much of my wardrobe is based on what I wear to work, I now have very few pairs of sandals. I can't wear pumps all summer long so am now in search for some cute open toed sandals.

Diane von Furstenberg is one of my favorite designers. I just think everything she designs is so beautiful and classic. Even though my dress is a ladybug print because of the shape and cut I will still love it even a few years from now.

I am loving her 2010 Resort collection, the prints and the silhouettes are just so pretty. And even though those big bows would look ridiculous in real life, I love them with these looks!

P.S. If you are not yet a member of Ideeli, an invite only sample sale site, they have set my readers up with an invite so if you would like to join, click here. You know how much I love these sample sale sites, I get some of my best deals from them!

Jun 12, 2009

Lookbook: Country Girl

I took these pictures while at my in-laws house which is in a large(ish) city but is quite different than Seattle so I call it "the country" as they have a bigger yard than anyone I know in Seattle. It's about a 4-5 hour drive there so we don't get to visit as often as we would like but we always have a great time there.

Since we were in "the country" I toned down my look to a simple tee and shorts. Much easier to run around and chase the dogs in!

What I'm Wearing:
Tee: J. Crew
Shorts: Lily and Jae
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden
Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs
They have this awesome deck that we just sit out with the dogs and enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings. The weather is always a bit nicer over there as well so we got to spend a bit of time in the sun. J and his mom went out for a bit and I was "working from home" so I sat outside with the dogs and took some self portraits. All these were taken with the Canon 5d Mark II, and the 50mm f/1.2L lens on self timer.
I pulled my hair in a french braid and side ponytail again. It's such a great way to keep your hair out of your face, especially since my bangs are at that weird long-ish stage now and they are always in my face.

These were one of the shoes that I bought for the Jamaica wedding shoot. I love the braid detail. I'm usually not one for Steve Madden (they have always hurt my feet) and these ones aren't the most comfortable either but the design was too cute to pass up.
The dogs had to get into some of the lookbook action too. Macho is in the back and Jelly Bean (my in-laws dog) is in the front.

But for the most part, Macho just slept in the sun. Oh, to live a dog's life. :)

I am sooo glad it's Friday, how about you? Have a fabulous weekend dolls!

Jun 11, 2009

Q&A: Bridal Shower Outfit

Haven't done a reader question post in awhile so thought this would be a good one to share!

Hello Tiffany, LOVE your amazing blog. such a fun read! :) I am e-mailing to see if you might be able to help pull a look together. I will be attending a BRIDAL SHOWER in the beginning of July and was wondering you could a look together for me. It's not a lingerie shower and will have grandma's/moms there so I kinda have to be safe w the outfit.. hope you know what I mean. Color - turquoise b/c the shower is over 4th of july wkd Prefer a look that is affordable...maybe from a dept store - Nordstrom/Macys/Dillard's? It can be a dress or a dress pants & top look. w/ accessories. or I am open to suggestions :)

Thanks! :)

Hi Graciella!

Turquoise is such a fun color for the summer, what a great choice. I wanted to find some cute, fun dresses but were classy as well so picked out two that I thought would be good for you.

Choice #1: The ruffles at the top of this dress make it perfect for a party dress. It makes it totally young and fun without being over the top or too boring. With the bright color and the ruffles, I felt that a neutral shoe would be appropriate to keep the attention on the dress as well as elongate the legs. I added subtle accessories like the diamond bangles and the white watch to give it a little bit of bling but not to overwhelm the outfit. I added the pop of the pink bag so that it would contrast with the dress and the accessories in a good way.

For your hair, I would do slight wave and pin some of your hair back with the cute matching flower bobby pins. For makeup, bronzer will be your best friend for this outfit! Sweep it all over your cheeks and a little on your forehead to give your skin a good glow and don't be afraid to sweep it on your collarbone as well. The blue will help bring out the tan and will look great together. A very simple pinky-gold eyeshadow with lots of mascara should complete the look.

Choice #2: I chose this dress for the classic shape but I really love the fullness of the skirt. So fun for a summer party! For this outfit since it is a much more simple dress I wanted to spice it up with the accessories so I chose gold peeptoe pumps, gold bangles and a big, bright cocktail ring. The dress needed a bit of spicing up itself so I added the wide belt which would help accenturate the fullness of the skirt and really show off your waist. The white bag is a perfect choice for the summer and adds to the outfit without being too distracting.

I chose bright pink nails to go with the outfit as I love the mixture of turquoise and pink. Nails are always a great way to accessorize with a subtle pop of color! I added matching pink lip gloss with a soft pink blush and golden eyeshadow. Overall, a very simple but pretty look that really relies on the accessories to bring out the outfit.

turquoise bridal shower
click for the sources and where to buy

Graciella, I hope this has helped you and will give you some ideas for your friend's bridal shower! Have fun! :)

Update: My picks were a success! In case you were wondering, Graciella told me that she was wearing choice #1 to church and #2 to the shower. So glad that I could help!

Jun 10, 2009

Lookbook: Plaid Recessionista

I absolutely love skirts and dresses with pockets. When I wear a skirt that doesn't have pockets, I always forgot and try to stick my hand in where they pocket should be. Funny thing is, I hate carrying things in my pockets, I just like the option of having a place for my hand to go.
This skirt gets compliments from everyone. Like co-workers, people on the street, sales people at boutiques (and this was all in one day!) and I don't think people would have guessed that I got it from Wet Seal. I got this skirt awhile back when I had first ventured into Wet Seal (I have not gone back!) and have not worn it until that day. The best part was, that I found this on their sale rack for buy one get one free so I got two! The other skirt is black and red plaid. This is another one of the J.Crew boyfriend tees. I told you I'm obsessed! I actually found this light pink one on the sale rack and there's nothing better than finding your favorite stuff on sale!

Can you believe my outfit, minus the shoes was under $30! That's what I call recessionista. :) The hair bow was a last minute added touch. It's one of my new favorites from Forever 21. It's just a big enough bow to make a statement but not too big that it overwhelms my head.

It was over 90 degrees in Seattle that day and it was a fun outfit for the heat! When I got home I changed into flats and we took our dogs over to Capitol Hill and got Old School Frozen Custard. It was the first time that I've had it and yummy, I loved it!

These pictures were taken at 8:30PM, I just love summers when it stays light out for so long!

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