Nov 30, 2009

Currently Loving: Holiday Skirts

I love holiday dresses but this year I'm all over holiday skirts! I figure holiday dresses you can really only wear once a year right? But these little skirts are so adorable and perfect for the holiday season but you'll be able to pull them out year round.

Pink tulle and ruffly tiers? How girly can this get? I never had a tutu when I was a little girl but always wanted one. I think this is a grown up version that I can get away with wearing.


This one is just perfect. I'll take it with the cute booties too.


A little more toned down than the others but I would pair this perfectly poufed skirt with a sequin top, a bow clutch and these Louboutins.

(J Crew)

Gray ruffly tiers! A tad less girly but still pretty.


High waisted poofy skirts are one of my favorite things. Add a boyfriend blazer and lots of blingy necklaces to this outfit and you got yourself an easy and adorable party outfit.

(would advise you not to stand like this in pictures tho. looks quite awkward) =)

And don't forget my favorite tights in the whole wide world. These DKNY no waistband tights - yes, no waistband - are the best! I hate constricting hosiery and these are sooo comfy. My husband always knows it's winter when I start buying these in bulk. I buy them every year!

(Bare Necessities)

Nov 26, 2009

I Heart You

I've been sitting here for about 20 minutes now, writing and re-writing this post but to be honest, I'm a bit too emotional and I can't properly write. So this is going to be short and sweet.

I've been through a lot in the past year. I know I write this blog that's all fluff and fun stuff but it's because I like fluff and fun stuff. It keeps me happy. I'm a naturally positive and optimistic person but when stuff gets me down, it gets me down.

I haven't had much energy lately to comment or tweet because I've got a lot of stuff going on in my life right now but I did want to say THANK YOU to all of you. Your comments, emails, tweets, even just knowing you are reading means so much to me. I love blogging and being a part of this community. I've met the most amazing friends ever and have even been lucky enough to meet some of you in real life and take pretty pictures of your wedding day or your beautiful families. You all have changed my life in the best way possible and even when I am having a bad day, coming here to read my comments or reading through your blogs, always brings a smile to my face.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy everything to you and yours. I believe life should be full of laughter and fun so I hope that throughout this holiday season you get to have plenty of that in your lives.

I heart you all.

(image by flickr user ishkamina)

Nov 25, 2009

Almost Black Friday!

Update: Check out my Thanksgiving deals picks here! Codes are included on the post.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! It's been a hard couple of weeks for me but I know that I have so many things to be thankful for and am very appreciative of that fact. I'll be eating all day and preparing myself for "Black Friday". I'm not planning on going to the mall, but I'm already stalking quite a few things online and am hoping that they will go on sale. :)

The best list of discount codes is from Grechen's Codes so make sure to check that out before you buy anything. Snapshot Fashion is also keeping track of the Black Friday sales so check that out too! Oh if you are going to the malls, do stop by Nordstrom for their first cut of designer shoe sales starting on Black Friday! Lots of great shoes on sale. I already pre-sale shopped with my sales associate so have quite a few shoes waiting for me (and lucky for other women, I won't be elbowing them out of my way for shoes. hehe). My damage included Louboutin, Miu Miu, Gucci, Prada and Chanel. Expect some shoe posts soon! (Click here to see my tips on getting Designer shoes on sale and how to get on the pre-sale list) And just a hint that not all of the designer shoes will be marked down, the rest will be marked down on December 1. If you have a particular pair that you like and they aren't on sale, check with the sales associate if they will be marked down on the 1st! (I promise I do not work for Nordstrom, I just buy a lot of shoes from them!)

Happy shopping! And of course, for my suggestions, go check out My Style-ish Picks as I've been updating like a mad man! I've even put up a few gift posts for some perfect and easy gifts that I think any girl would love! I'm particularly in love with these Scottie dog iPod speakers (so cute right?!) and these Hello Kitty cosmetic bags (even cuter!) My friends are gonna get some cutie wootie stuff! But uh, since they all read this blog I may have to find new cutie wootie stuff.

Can't leave a post without a picture so here's one I took last month that I love. Just reminds me of how pretty the fall is.
Manito Park-Spokane Family Session

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

p.s. If you haven't yet, make sure to enter my giveaway!

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Nov 24, 2009

Work Out!

I've gained a bit of weight since getting married. The "newlywed 10" I like to call it. Since the wedding was over we just weren't as determined to stay in shape and it just so happened that our gym closed down (without notice) and we were too lazy to go and find another gym so working out went down the drain. Hubs and I are a bit of foodies and love good food so the working out stopped but not the eating of good food. Hence, the weight gain. Our favorite food/restaurants are, the chicken milanese at Machiavelli, the escolar at How to Cook a Wolf, the beef short ribs at Spring Hill, the tapas at Txori, the hamachi at Village Sushi, the chocolate caramel cake at Simply Desserts, and so much more. (if you are in Seattle, those are my top restaurant picks, try them if you haven't yet!) So we obviously love non-low fat food which does not help my waistline. Finding out that my jeans are a bit too tight has finally brought me back to reality. We recently joined a new gym and my love of working out has returned. I do, truly love working out. I love the hard work and how I feel afterwards, it is all a plus to me. Hubs and I have even stepped it up and we walk to and from the gym, even in the rain!

I also love workout clothes. I am not one of those girls that just slaps on any old t shirt and shorts and works out (are you shocked? not. haha) I feel that the only way to help me look good is to feel good so when I go to the gym, I want to look good too. This does not mean doing my hair and makeup, for I could care less about that. I just mean getting the proper work out gear that fits my body and helps me feel good about myself even when I'm feeling that pudge. The thing is there is a lot of workout clothes out there but I find it hard for me to find any that are my style. I recently found some that I actually like so, wanted to share.

Cardio is my favorite, I do a lot of the treadmill, elliptical, the Summit Trainer (which kicks my ass! I love it.) and cardio kickboxing so these outfits are for these exercises.

Let's start with the leggings. I don't like to wear long pants when working out because I get too hot but I also don't wear a lot of shorts. I do prefer fitted clothes rather than anything slightly baggy because baggy just makes me look stubbier than I already am. (this to me is baggy) Fitted clothes help make me look taller and slimmer even in sneakers. So when I found these from the Nike Yoga section, I was so happy. I like that it ends right below the knee and the stretchy Dri-Fit fabric. These are absolutely perfect when running on the treadmill. Oh and for $40 the price is perfect, I mean stock these up!

(all images are clickable and will take you to the link)

My second leggings love are these from Lucy. A bit pricey at $68 but you won't find anything that fits to your butt and legs better. These ones end right at the end of my knee so when running it gets annoying but for the elliptical and cardio kickboxing they are perfect. A little detail I love is the little pocket that can hold your locker key. The material on these is a nice jersey, a bit thicker than the Nike ones but not too thick so you don't get too hot.

The tops are when you can get a bit stylish and I like to wear black or gray on my bottoms and a colorful tank on the top. This top from Nike fits my requirements of being cute, fitted and long. (Long to cover my butt, I hate it when tops are too short!) It is also made of the Dri-Fit material and I love the deep v-neck so you can see a pop of the sports bra. Plus, I'm a sucker for cute things and I love the cute cartoon girl in the corner. It comes in several colors so I have several of these tops.

I haven't yet tried this one yet but plan to go to the Nike store to check them out. I love the long length and the double layer look. And even though all these tops have a built in shelf bra, I always wear a sports bra underneath so I like to play with layering the colors of the top with the color of my sports bra. Obviously you can tell that I like the Yoga clothes but I think they are the only stylish workout clothes. Whenever I go to the running section I feel like I should be running in a marathon in those clothes rather than just going to they gym.

It might sound silly but cute clothes help motivate me to go to the gym and continue going. Right now we go about 4-5 times a week and I think that's perfect. It's only been a few weeks since we've been going but I feel 10 times better already. Plus my jeans are feeling a little less tight :)

Hope this has been helpful and remember that being cute at the gym is not a crime. Put away the old t-shirts and sweats and get clothes that will make you feel good about yourself!

psssst... sale alert! If you are a member of Ideeli make sure to check out their red sale starting tomorrow. They are having a ton of bags, accessories and clothes discounted at up to 90% off! I'm telling you early so that you can be prepared! I've gotten some great stuff at great prices so I will definitely be checking it out too. If you are not yet a member click here to sign up.

Nov 23, 2009

Lookbook: Trail Blazers

I have to tell you that I haven't taken a lookbook in about 3 weeks. Since I came back from Taiwan the weather has been crappier than crap. And seeing as how I take all my pictures outside that means no pictures. And trust me when I tell you that taking pictures inside our place is even worse. The lighting is not so great in the winters which means pictures inside just don't work. SO that means that lookbook posts will probably slow down until the weather wants to stop being a jerk.

I took this lookbook about a month ago but I didn't have a chance to post so please don't look at the dry sidewalk and pretty green-yellow leaves and think that's how it looks now because it doesn't. It looks gray, wet and nasty. OK rant over, can you tell how much I dislike this weather? :)

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: Benetton
Tee: J. Crew (long sleeve tissue tee)
Pants: J.Crew (Minnie pant)
Shoes: Miu Miu
Scarf: Forever 21

These are my favorite pants ever. The fit is perfect and I love the ankle length so I don't even have to get them hemmed. Plus the short length is great for showing off my shoes, especially my cutie pink Barbie-ish shoes. I think my favorite part though, is the side zipper so that your tops always lie flat in front. I'm all about accessories, especially scarves for the fall and winter so I was digging through my stash of scarves and pulled out this pink printed one that just so happened to match my shoes.
The outfit is perfect for a day at work but it's not too stuffy either so looks great to wear out to dinner as well. I try not to have "office only" clothes as it limits my wardrobe, so like to have pieces that I can wear both in and out of the office. Blazers are the best pieces in your wardrobe to have for this purpose and I get a lot of questions about where I buy my blazers, but I'm not loyal to any one brand, I buy them anywhere. As long as it fits, I buy it. For petite girls, we have to have a better fit than tall girls as you don't want the blazer to end at a weird length because it will cut you off and make your legs appear even shorter. And of course, it has to fit the shoulders, I find that even if it's a bit tight in the shoulders, it looks way better than being a bit loose in the shoulders. Anyway, for those of you needing a new blazer, here are some of my picks!

This one is probably most like the one I am wearing, the nipped in waist and the one button. I just roll my sleeves up so it fits my shorty arms! This one is only $99.50! Great price for a classic blazer.
This one's more of a "fashion blazer" but love the ruched sleeves.

Although I love the double breasted look of the Topshop blazer, this also has ruched sleeves and at $43, totally affordable.
(New York & Co.)

I am a huge fan of the boyfriend blazer. Sometimes you just need something a bit looser and this is the perfect solution. Adore that when you roll up the cuffs you can see the lining. I'm always a sucker for that.
Don't have $100 to spend on a blazer? This might not last you as long as those ones above but at $25 I think it's worth it.

So many options and so many ways to wear them! If you don't have a go-to blazer yet, I suggest it's the next thing on your list to buy!

Nov 21, 2009

My Style-ish Picks

Ever since I discovered the wonderful world of online shopping, I have always kept a "favorites" folder of stuff that I find and *might* want to buy later. If I don't, I'll remember seeing an item but will completely forget what store it was at. I started keeping a blog with a list of my finds and it's been set on private but I've done a little revamp so it's not so messy and up to date. If you're ever curious of what I'm coveting, click on over to My Style-ish Picks and check it out! I try to keep everything in categories so if you are looking for something specific like gloves or flat boots, I have whole posts dedicated to them. I will continue to update this so feel check in every once in awhile!

Nov 20, 2009

I wanted to introduce you all to a fabulous online shop Everything in their shop is so stylish and affordable, the owners, Megan and Amy do such a great job picking out cute stuff.

Some more info from Megan: is an online store retailing chic women's clothing all under $100. Inspired by looking fabulous on a budget, my best friend Amy and I (Mamie=Megan + Amy) started in March of 2008. We set out to provide young women with fresh, style-driven fashions, paired with affordability to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Amy and I have created a tremendous brand mix from small manufacturers and designers and want each piece to embody true style, femininity, fun, and class. We hand pick every style item ourselves, provide the utmost customer service, and also try to develop relationships with our online customers. We want to make Shopmamie feel like a personal shopping experience. It's not often that you call an online store or any retail establishment and have the owner answer and respond to your questions and concerns -- at Shopmamie, we strive to do just that! We also dual as a traveling boutique where women can host "Shopmamie Parties" in the comfort of their home. Women can invite all of their friends and family to view, try on, and shop the line in person! We can set up in just about any space and have previously attended events such as cocktail parties, birthday parties, sorority trunk shows at various universities, mimosa brunches, ect. Since our start, we have achieved much success with our affordable and stylish boutique and hope to spread the word about even further!

Megan and Amy giveaway has been moved to my reviews blog, please enter the giveaway by leaving a comment over there. The previous entries left here will be included as well.

Nov 19, 2009

It's Winter!

It's been so cold and rainy recently and even though I have a closet full of winter coats, I can't help but look for more as it's pretty much the most important piece of clothing I need right now. Here are some that I have my eye on, oh and they are all under $150!

I have a ton of black coats but have been looking for a bright color to mix things up. Adore the color of these two. Perfect to cheer up a blah outfit kind of day.

(as always, click on the picture to take you to the link)

I don't do puffy jackets well but I do like the look of this one. Just the right amount of puffiness. And it's on sale for $68!

Love the little bit of glamour this coat brings with the faux fur collar.

And here is my lust item from Burberry. Love the check pattern with the floral. So pretty! The price though - $1,495 - not so much.

If the weather is going to be horrible might as well put on a cute coat right?

Nov 17, 2009

Lookbook: Honolulu Maxi Dress

You've seen a glimpse of this dress from my honolulu post but I love it so wanted to share it as a lookbook. I used to have such an aversion to maxi dresses as I just assumed that shorties like me couldn't pull them off. But after seeing them countless times on a petite girl like Nicole Richie, I decided to try one on and now I'm addicted! They are the best to just slip on a breezy summer day (or when you are on vacation in Hawaii).

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Yumi Kim
Sandals: Steven by Steve Madden (similar to these)
Necklace: Tiffany & Co. (the latest gift from my hubs)
Yumi Kim
Yumi Kim has yet to disappoint me and I now own quite a few pieces from her line. This maxi dress even fit length wise for me which pretty much never happens. The only thing is, I kinda have a gigantic rib cage. No really, I do and I've known this since I was about 12 when my mom had me try on my sister's dress and we couldn't even zip it up over my rib cage when she and I were the same size. This always becomes a problem with dresses that don't have much give in the chest area. Also being a size 0 and a 34C doesn't help for fitted bra cup dresses, as I usually find them to be much too small for my size. But to fix all of these problems, I just had my tailor put a zipper in on the side and voila! it fits perfect. I tend to be one that is very conscious of my chest so very rarely wear low cut dresses but this dress kept the girls in pretty well and didn't make me feel like they were the focal point as some dresses can do to them.
Yumi Kim

It looks like she is sold out of this dress but you can still get this one in the same print (on sale even!)
click on the pictures to take you to the link

or this top

It was the perfect print for my surroundings and unfortunately was the only place that I've worn it this year but we have quite a few destination weddings booked for 2010 so I suspect I'll be bringing this dress along with me!

update: Just saw that Yumi Kim is having 25% off this week! Perfect time to stock up!

Nov 16, 2009

Style-ish Steals: Baddass Boots

You know I love you right? I love you so much that I went and found some badass boots for you all under $100! Continuing from my last post about badass shoes, I figured most of us couldn't afford spending $1,000 on boots so here are some affordable options that are just as badass! (click on images to take you to the link)

These buckle boots are a great alternative to the Loeffler Randall boots on my last post and at $60 totally worth it!

Over-the-knee boots are just badass and these two would look great with any outfit. Loving the subtle details of the buttons and studs on both the boots and gray is a great color to mix in with all the black that you inevitably wear for the winter.

Not as pretty as the Giuseppe Zanotti studded booties but $60 is better than $995 right?

or you could get these fun basic booties (only $55!) that would go with everything...

and to make it even more badass, add these chains.

Changeling by PeaceImages
totally HOT right? (thanks to Hanako for the awesome find!)

So... have I convinced you yet? Which ones are you gonna get? :)

Nov 13, 2009

Hello Kitty - Taipei Airport

Just had to share these pictures with my fellow Hello Kitty lovers out there. On our way back home at the Taipei airport, there was an entire gate dedicated to Hello Kitty and it was absolutely adorable!
Hello Kitty GateHello Kitty GateHello Kitty GateHello Kitty GateHello Kitty GateHello Kitty GateHello Kitty Gate

So kawaii right? If you are ever in the Taipei (Taoyuan) airport, you'll have to stop by, I believe it's Gate C3. There's a children's play area and even a store for of Hello Kitty stuff to shop in. I didn't buy anything, but I really wanted to take one of those waiting chairs home with me!

Nov 12, 2009

Currently loving: Badass Shoes

Just a post on some pretty badass shoes that are a must-have in my book! (And a bit of a tribute to my most badass friend and blogger, the one and only Liz!)

I am loving boots with embellishments. Buckles, studs and sparkles. Yes, yes and yes!

Items in this set:
Balmain boots, $2,990
Giuseppe Zanotti boots, $995
Loeffler Randall boots, $895

I think that the buckle boots need to be mine. Love how they paired it with the leggings and the vest. Perfect outfit for Seattle weather (just add a coat!)

And then the badass shoes to lust for, diamond bows for the holiday parties, black strappy stilettos for your kick-ass days and red cut-out booties for a hint of color for this dreary winter weather!

Items in this set:
Valentino shoes, $995
Jimmy Choo sandals, $775
Miu Miu sandals, $555

Aren't the cut-outs gorgeous?! I would never think to wear these with a LBD but am loving this look and may have to replace my sparkly party shoes with some badass booties like these!

Liz - I don't think I beat your record of how many times I can say badass in one post but it might be the most times I've said it ever! haha ;)

OH and how could I forget? The winner of the Yumi Kim $150 gift certificate is Chibi who left this comment
Blogger chibi said...

I would get the Love Dress in Navy Lucy.

I follow you through google and twitter.

Chibi - please email me (tiffany AT and I'll get the gift certificate over to you!

One more thing, I got an email from my friend Rowina that I wanted to share, please help support them to get their commercial on the Super Bowl!

From Rowina:
In case you haven't already caught mention of this on Facebook/Twitter/etc., I'm so proud to share with you the commercial my boyfriend Mark and his friends made for Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest! (And yes, a poster I designed is also featured in the spot)

They are trying to get their view count up, so please spread the word and keep watching if you like it too! Currently they have over 2400 views after less than 24 hours of being uploaded. Voting begins in January for the spots that get to air on the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl!!!!

You can keep track of updates and other news about Chauncey on his Facebook and Twitter as well.

Thank you for watching!

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