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Lookbook: Louboutin Feticha

5:00 AM

You saw a peek of my new shoes in my New Year's post and here they are on! I last wore this dress in September when the weather was warmer and I didn't have to worry about freezing my buns off. I wore my sweater over the dress to create a look of a skirt and a top as I love the little poof of the skirt. The tights are gray but it's funny how they turned kind of blue with the outfit.

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: J Crew
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
The only problem with the poof was that it starts a little higher than my actual waistline so with the sweater over it, it kind of gave me the look of a little poof in the belly. If I was a celeb I'd have that "is she pregnant?" or "look at the baby bump!" caption all over the tabloids. LOL!

My sales associate was able to find these shoes for me (seriously the last in the entire company) but they were a half size too big so it looks kinda silly in these pictures. I put in my trusty foot petals and they fit perfect now.

Shop the Lookbook:

:: The V-neck Sweater ::
J Crew
or this one for a slightly baggier fit or this wrap sweater would look fab too.

:: The Floral Dress ::
Urban Outfitters
but I also like the bigger floral print of this one or this cutie "skater dress".

:: The Tights ::
DKNY (these are the exact tights)
I also like these in darker gray but lighter gray would work too.

:: The Pumps ::
Christian Louboutin (they don't have them in gray anymore)
these Brian Atwoods are similar and just as gorgeous and these are fantastic for under $100.

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  1. Hello Tiffany,

    Ur pumps are incredible beautiful, but U know! ;-)


  2. I love this outfit! It's so nice and muted and feminine. And you have amazing shoe luck!

  3. Cute look- love the JCrew sweater you chose.

  4. This look is so soft and pretty. I love it!


  5. this outfit is perfection!
    baby bump? ha! puh-leeze girl.

  6. All I have to say is: Wonderful! Everything about this outfit is wonderful!



  7. those grey loubs are gorgeous! love the whole outfit though- and you don't look even remotely preggers, I wouldn't worry about that :)


  8. I LOVE THESE! They grey ones are fantastic!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Love the tonal look and how it's different from a basic black. The shoes + tights makes your legs so long!


  11. The print on that dress is so lovely- I love the way it's winterized with the fab shoes and sweater. Happy Wednesday.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  12. That outfit is SO cute! And what a great way to make a dress work in the winter too!

  13. Gorgeous outfit - i love the blue you have going on in it! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  14. pretty and girlie look! Perfect! xx

  15. you always look so perfectly put together.... sigh :-)

  16. You look darling, darling! And the shoes! *grabs*

  17. Oh, now this is the sort of outfit I think I will have to steal and try for myself... :3 Cute *and* simple!

  18. LOL at the pooch. It's good not to be a celebrity!

  19. I have really small feet too. Normally I can fit into a sz 5. Sometimes even a sz 5 is a little too big. So when you say foot petals, are you talking about the little petals that you place at the front of the inside of your shoes or the strips you place at the back or both?! I have tried using one or the other and I find that my feet still slip out of my shoes! Help!!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Hi tiffany,
    I love your classic girly style, and those shoes are amazing:) Regards

  22. I always love seeing outfits that incorporate warm-weather items with cold-weather ones! Resourceful and beautiful!

  23. You couldn't look any cuter!!!

  24. those shoes are so great in grey...love this!



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