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Lookbook: Umbrella, ella, ella

5:00 AM

It was raining out (obviously as you can see) so we tried to take these pictures as quickly as we could and I grabbed our big umbrella to cover me up so excuse the funny accessory. :) I try not to take lookbook pictures when it's raining out but I really liked my outfit for the day.

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: Forever 21
Top: Club Monaco
Pants: J. Crew Minnie Pant
Shoes: Miu Miu
Necklace: J. Crew
(that is NOT our car in the background. LOL! That was a run out and hurry snap the picture kinda look)

This blazer is totally one of those pieces that people always ask me where I got it from and they are surprised when I say Forever 21. It's not lined, which I don't like but I can't expect much when I paid probably less then $30 for it. The piping is what makes it look so nice. It's those kind of details that you have to pay attention to when buying from Forever 21 or other stores like it. Sometimes the details are what makes it look cheap but sometimes like on this blazer, it's what makes it.
Still loving my Minnie Pant! I got them in gray too but I wear the black ones more often. The pant length is so perfect for showing off pretty shoes!

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:: the blazer ::
Jones New York Signature Blazer

For a different look, this grommet blazer is FAB! Or how cute is this Nautical Blazer? Forever 21 has this cute piped blazer for $24.

:: the pink top ::
Tea & Honey 'Avignon' Silk Top love this color!

This ruffled camisole would be great too and on sale for $16! Not exactly the same but the pink pleats in the front are similar and this would be so cute under a blazer.

:: the ankle length pants ::
J. Crew Stretch Twill Minnie Pant

These have a zipper at the ankle! I've been wanting a pair of corduroy ankle pants too and like these ones a lot.

:: the platform pump ::
Miu Miu Washed Platform Pump

or these cutie bow pumps but I am seriously in love with these basket pumps. Next purchase maybe? These are similar to mine but with studs!

:: the sparkly necklace ::
J. Crew Crystal-and-pearl libretto necklace

This lovely is on my list of wants. For some cutie cheapies, how about this one or this one?

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  1. I love the Blazer. I have a blazer from F21 in a sweatshirt material, which is nice because it's comfortable but won't fall apart. I am very interested in purchasing the minnie pant. Are they all that they are cracked up to be?

  2. Great outfit, Tiffany, and I definitely agree- Forever 21 can have a lot of misses, but occasionally a few hits. The blazer is definitely one of them, I can see why everyone asks you where you got it!

    I was giving the pink Miu Miu bow pumps the stare down on the Barneys website last night. Want. So bad. :(

  3. really love those pants! darn it - why don't we have j.crew in canada!!!!

  4. Gorgeous blazer, Tiffany!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Gypsy Warrior Brand's giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  5. This is such a cute outfit!!! I love love love piped blazers! I know what you mean about F21, it's all in the details :)

    I want the Minnie pants (and your shoes, but I want all of your shoes, tehehe)


  6. Love the look! And I see it's true you don't wear wellies in the rain ;) You look fabulous!
    LOVE the shoes and the Minnie on you. I've been meaning to check it out.

    xx Vivian

  7. such an adorable look on you!

    that is quite an umbrella you have. you should see mine...so straggly and half broken! since you're from seattle and deal with rain a lot you should let us know some really great umbrellas that won't break after one use...

  8. I love the details on that blazer, and the Minnie pants are gorgeous!

  9. The rain here isn't so bad, it's the wind that's crazy today!

  10. Always looking so adorably cute even with our constant rain!

    Im actually glad it started raining again, Ive been waiting to wear my new rain boots!

  11. I could kill for your blazer! :) Looking stunning as always! Regards!

  12. Christina- Get the Minnie pant! I love them!

    Diamondsandtulle - hehe, I don't spend too much time outside in the rain (mainly just getting in and out of the car) so I don't have to worry about my feet getting wet.

    Diane - oh man, the wind here can get crazy so we have to have a nice reliable umbrella that does not flip out when the wind blows. I go for the big almost golf size umbrellas to ensure that I don't get wet! I think we just got this one at Target.

  13. Tiffany you make F21 look like a million bucks. :) Adore this outfit.. and seriously you've got the best shoes :)

    Love & Aloha,


  14. LOVE those pants (especially with the shoes)! I have similar pants from Banana Republic...I gotta remember to dig them out of the back of my closet!

  15. YUM. Your Miu Miu pumps are just yummy. And I looooove that neon pink tank!

  16. i can't believe the blazer is f21. it looks a lot more expensive than that. and i really like your pants...i'll check it out cuz i've been on the hunt for nice black pants.

  17. i LOVE this outfit! you look so fab! the jacket, the top, the pants, and most DEF the SHOES!!!! i give it a ten! :)

  18. fabulous! I love this look on you. pants this length usually make my legs look too short but with those pumps...I can look like I have legs up to my neck. love! you look amazing, as uje. x

  19. So So Cute! I love the whole number. The umbrella is a cute addition and nice little added change!

  20. That jacket is fabuloso to the tenth power! I had been looking for something like that -- the white detail is schoolgirl-smart! The umbrella makes it Seattle-style-perfect!

  21. I'm totally obsessed with the minnie's too! When they came out, I bought them in every color :-) They look so pretty on you!

  22. I need those pants!! Perfect! You look so cute with your umbrella!

  23. I almost bought that same blazer! I love it. Especially with the red.


  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was so excited when I realized you were THE Tiffany from one of my fave blogs: )

    This outfit is so chic! I really appreciate a good skinny pant. They look more polished than regular skinny jeans, and are very flattering on petites, as exemplified here : )

  25. you are looking great! and ur shoes are really sexy :)

  26. love this...i've got to go get the minnies!!

  27. I think the whole look is very well put together...very classy! Glad I found your blog.

  28. LOVE this look- especially the blazer and shoes...I love it when you mix things up- so cute!



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