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Lookbook: We Love Colors

5:00 AM

I'm still on my colored tights/leggings kick so it was perfect timing when We Love Colors sent over a few of their opaque tights and leggings for me to try out. I instantly fell in love with this deep plum color but had a hard time putting together an outfit.

What I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: Aerie
T-shirt: J. Crew
Skirt: Black Monday
Leggings: We Love Colors
Shoes: Miu Miu

The leggings are awesome. They are much thicker than other leggings I own and super comfy. Definitely check out their website for the other colors, they have 51 colors to choose from!

The outfit I admit is not one of my best, I would do a different color top, not sure why I chose that purple when it obviously does not go together! But that's the best part about having a fashion blog is seeing my mistakes and learning from them.

Shop the Lookbook:

:: the cardigan ::

Or instead maybe this gray blazer, or a printed cardigan.

:: the top ::
Joie Alicia Racer Tank
I think a printed top like this would be cuter with the outfit. I like that it's not matchy matchy and since it's tucked into the sweater it's not a huge focal point just an accent.

A plaid button down could be cute too or ooh, I love this starry top.

:: the skirt ::
Blank Bandage Mini Skirt

A poofy skirt instead? or do I forget about the entire outfit and just wear the leggings with a dress?
Anthropologie Leading Role Dress

:: the leggings ::

We Love Colors - Solid Leggings

:: the shoes ::
L.A.M.B. Tansy II

I think these strappy criss crossy heels would be great or these DVF's (in black).

So, my friends, looking for your suggestions. How would you style the leggings differently?

We Love Colors is offering my readers free shipping with any order, just enter the code styleish. I am loving their Nylon/Lycra Microfiber Tights too so check those out and at only $12.50, you can get a couple of pairs!

pssst... you probably didn't think I'd find you but I did, I see you "borrowing" my posts and posting them one day after me. My readers can tell you are copying my posts. You know who you are. Be your own person, don't copy people's posts, if you want to "borrow" an idea please give credit. Not cool lady, not cool.

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  1. I have same leggings! :-)

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the newergiveaway!♥

    Good luck!

  2. wow--someone is plagiarizing your posts? That's insane! I hope you're able to get her to stop ASAP.

  3. Thanks for sharing this legging brand! Free shipping is awesome and I practically live in leggings, so I will have to order a pair after perusing the 50+ colors...

  4. I only have dark leggings so I think its time to branch out!! Adorable!!!

  5. Love the color. I have a few things from we love colors and I love the quality- I'll have to take advantage of the free shipping

  6. I really love welovecolors. I've been meaning to order some because they finally had a free shipping coupon, but haven't gotten around to it. Their microfiber tights are the best tights I have ever laid my hands on.

  7. Love Free Shipping! I always have a difficult time branching out beyond black leggings too. I love the sweater and boots you wore with!

    p.s. I cannot believe someone is stealing your posts! Shame shame on her!

    Visit me @ http://www.DiamondsandTulle.blogspot.com

  8. love this look tiffany! i think you're too hard on yourself. you look adorable!

  9. wow those leggings really work! i wouldnt have thought of getting that color. so cute! leggings are the best thing ever, im so glad they made a come back... i love wearing mine with uggs on the weekend when i run errands. =)

  10. I love this look! Colored leggings are not something I have been able to break into yet but they look great on you!

    Sorry someone is trying to copy your amazing work here! She should feel horrible about that!

  11. yay for free shipping! going to check out the site... love the color you're wearing :)

  12. the outfit is cute!

    i haven't been brave enough to try color tights although i think it'll probably look great with my all back outfits i'm always wearing to the office to add some color. :)

  13. Still styling Tiffany!

    I can't believe someone plagiarizes your blog - SO not cool!

    Have a good weekend!

  14. I think I'm going to get some colored tights right now!! Thanks Tiff!

    (copying your posts? dude, I will cut a bitch.)

  15. Love the color of those tights with the black! I have a ton of colored tights/leggings that I always forget to wear.. this post totally inspired me to pull them out of the closet again :)

  16. Wow, I looooove these leggings! I may be ordering a few next paycheck, lol.

    I am so sorry about the copying...seriously? Geez, that sucks!!! xoxo

  17. I can' believe someone is stealing your posts.
    I hope that lady stops.

    The leggings look really cute.
    I'm heading to the website now to see other colors.

  18. i love we love colors! thx for the free shipping! yay!!

  19. I love the leggings on you and the color is fabulous. It's hard to find good THICK leggings!

    Sorry about your blog stocker. :( We know you're the real OG ;)

  20. I like that Anthropologie dress for myself.

  21. how lame is that for someone to copy a blog. i think the copy cat is kind of missing the point of blogging. that stinks.

    i have a question...do you have cyber stalkers who follow you, not for your content, but simply just because they know you? i do. they're male coworkers who obviously don't care about women's fashion. i'm not sure how to feel about their cyber stalking because although i see these people everyday, we never talk, and i just feel weird that i'm getting spied on. any advice?

  22. I love the Anthro dress... and thanks for the scoop on the leggings/tights. I'm a big fan of Hue, but have always been on the lookout for other 'footless' options :)

  23. I think you did an awesome job styling these. I think the color is so loud that it works well to pair them with the black.

    sorry to hear about someone copying you! such a bummer.


  24. Wow cannot believe someone is stealing your posts!! What nerve! That lady is going to get some hate mail for sure.

  25. oh no, i can't believe that someone is stealing from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you look adorable, i think and i am always on the lookout for new leggings and tights so i'll check them out!

  26. AND I bought that joie top this weekend: http://glammed.blogspot.com/2010/02/texture-tuesday-february-23-2009.html

    I'm glad I found your blog because we apparently have the same style!



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