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Lookbook: Running Errands

5:00 AM

It was a full errand - go to Costco-Target-Grocery store - day so just threw on a simple outfit and my new favorite flats. It was also one of those rare - little bit of makeup, bobby pin my hair - I'm lazy days :)

Ever since I got this top, I've been wanting to wear it with everything. It looks great on it's own, under a blazer, tucked into a skirt (a lookbook is coming soon!). It's so versatile and so so comfortable. The print and the color is just perfect for me too.

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Yumi Kim
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: Maud Frizon
Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM
Necklaces: Wendy Brandes and Tiffany & Co.
Yumi Kim
I get lots and lots of questions about my LV Neverfull or recommendations on which LV to buy and I always recommend the Neverfull. It's just the perfect every day bag and I carry everything and anything in it but my shoulders never hurt. There's no zipper but a little hook closure and even though it's techincally still open on top, I've never had anything fall out or had problems with it. I like it so much that I think I'm going to get the same one but in the Damier print soon. Out of the 3 sizes, the MM is the best size for me. I've seen ladies with the GM and it looks great on them but they are usually a lot taller than me. If you want to get one I'd suggest going to the store and trying all 3 sizes on just so you know for sure which one you want. I originally wanted the GM because I love big bags but once I put it on my shoulder the bag totally overwhelmed me. Don't worry about getting the smaller one if you think you'll carry a lot of stuff. You should see how much I carry and still have tons of room in my bag!
Yumi Kim
I'm wearing these flats and the first time I posted this picture I got about 100 people asking me where I got them! The brand is Maud Frizon and I got them at the Venetian hotel/casino in Macau. I saw them in the window and knew that those had to come home with me! Don't you love the glitter and the big bow? You can't see but the back is all glitter too. Best part is, they are so so comfy, I can run around all day long and never have to worry about my feet hurting and I still get to wear pretty shoes.
Maud Frizon

Don't you love my Teeny Geenie necklace from the fabulous and talented WendyB? I've been wearing it lots and since it's small I can layer it with my other necklaces which I always do because for some reason, I'm never happy with just one necklace on.
Wendy Brandes

Shop the Lookbook:
Yumi Kim Becca Top
They've sold out of my print so this is the same style but print is from the newest collection.

Yumi Kim Becca top - on sale for $74!
Or this one which is the same print as my dress.

Joe's Jeans

And for my petite girls, check out these petite jeans with a shorter inseam, no hemming needed! I think this top would look cute with dark gray skinnies too.

GLITTER PINK Ballet flats

Or you could get these on sale for $59. How cute are these tortoise shell bow flats? I want!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull
I took this picture on the day I bought it, you can see how much the straps change colors over time.
Louis Vuitton Neverfull
I can't link directly to it but you can find it on louisvuitton.com

This Michael Kors tote is also a great size and a much better price than the LV. And I'm still obsessed with the Valentino Bow Tote.

Wendy Brandes Teeny Genie

Elsa Peretti Gemstone Open Heart Charm

This cutie necklace is already layered or this one for the heart lovers in us all.

But I love this friendship heart necklace! How sweet is that to give to a friend?
Gorjana Friendship Heart Necklaces

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  1. wow i LOVE the shoes!!! it's so funny seeing you in flats though... :)

  2. Love Ur top. Reminds me of miu miu prints...

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Schnappy Jewelry giveaway!♥

    Good luck!

  3. Love it, Tiffany! Especially your necklace. I've been craving a good, dainty simple necklace to wear, and I'm going to go check out the stuff from Wendy B riiiight now.

    Also, like Diane said. Funny seeing you in flats, hee hee. But you rock 'em!

  4. Love the top print and those flats! Your "lazy day" look pretty much sums up most of my days (esp. in the spring/summer).

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  5. Oh my goodness. Those flats are simply breathtaking. I'm due to buy a new pair as I've worn out (quite literally) my two go-to Lanvin ballet flats... The weather looks so lovely where you are. I'm jealous ;)

  6. great outfit! i've never been a fan of LV bags, but the one you have is classic & works for everything! love those necklaces! whenever i layer necklaces, they tangle. :(

  7. love this look! I adore Yumi Kim and I'm so happy that I bought a few tops form her bc so far my baby bump still fits in them! I think I need to get some more though since apparently I'm allergic to maternity wear...lol. I'm in denial about needing to buy it so I'm just getting regular clothes in larger sizes! :) I love this bag too btw...I was at LV the other day bc I'm thinking about getting a big one to use as a diaper bag. I'll have it forever and I can use it long after baby girl is out of diapers:)

  8. lol - I agree with a previous commenter that it's strange seeing you in flats! Albeit super duper cute flats : )

  9. you look so cute!!!! i'm obsessed with those flats!!! i've been wearing my genie necklace non-stop too...twinnies!

  10. i love your top - i love a good tunic. and you, me and ali all have the genie necklace! i've been wearing mine almost every day, too!

  11. 1. I looooooove my teeny genie and 2. I need one of those MK totes. Sigh. I have a butter yellow one of his and I lurve it!

  12. Hi Tiff, I got the 8x20 print, thank you! I love how you're incorporating your bags into lookbooks now. The flats are so cute!

  13. Really think I need to get the tiny genie- so cute!

    Also, LOVE the flats!!

  14. THAT TOP IS FAB! and those flats are adorable!!!!

  15. I want those flats! Your 'running errands' look is great. Very stylish.

  16. You look so cute in those balerina flats and purple! Regards!

  17. There's so many things that I LOVE...the necklaces are brilliant (both of them - that Wendy sure knows what she's doing) AND I'm absolutely speechless over those amazing flats. Why can't Macau be closer? :(

  18. gorgeous shoes and jeans, thanks for the petite tip! Need the help!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Happy Chinese New Year giveaway

  19. Oooooh Tiffany this is such a great outfit. The color of the top is amazing on you! And I agree the Neverfull is a great everyday bag. I got it for my mom a couple Christmas' ago and she adores it... and now she "needs" it in the Damier.. ha ha.. Mom's are the best!!

    YOU are one of the MOST Chicest bloggers/women out there!! Thanks for all your inspiration. :)

    xx Love & Aloha.

  20. Glad you're liking the Genie. I haven't heard the name Maud Frizon in forever. Flashback!

  21. You look gorgeous even running errands! :) I love your flats and the blouse looks so comfy...and omg I love the gorjana heart friendship necklace...it's so cute and a perfect gift!

  22. Oh yes to those shoes! I've been eying the Becca top for a while - it's such a breezy, fun look. I'm definitely looking for more prints!



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