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Style-ish Steals: Valentine's Hints

5:00 AM

I know Valentine's day is this weekend but it was mentioned to me that my last post of hints was a *tad* overpriced for most people's budgets, so here are my picks for under $100!

Have you noticed that Coach is making totally cute jewelry? I am loving their new collection.

Max and Chloe is one of my favorite places to buy jewelry that I don't see anywhere else. My picks below are all from there. Save $50 off your orders of $200 or more with code VDAY10 or for 20% off your entire order use code JESSICA20.

This cutie is only $30!

And there can't be Valentine's day without some pretty lingerie right?

I had lots of you guys ask me what J and I are doing for Valentine's Day and what I asked him to get me. Well, J and I don't celebrate Valentine's day just because it's "Valentine's Day". I'm definitely not against it. I think a holiday that celebrates love is a good holiday in my book. J and I go out to nice dinners on a whim almost every week so never really feel like we HAVE to do that specifically on Valentine's day. So we kinda celebrate Valentine's day by doing things around the date, just not on the 14th. He brought me some pretty flowers last week and I didn't ask him to specifically get me anything but he usually surprises me with something.

I love the mix of roses he got for me. The pink ones are kind of tiger striped, they're really cute.
35/365: Roses

I also love gerbera daisies. The colors are always so pretty and J has always gotten them for me.
When you know...
If you read my formspring, this is the print that I mentioned. It says "When you know, You just know". BTW, I have taken my formspring down, to be honest the questions got a bit overwhelming and I'm going in between wanting to answer the questions or wanting to maintain that bit of privacy that I feel like I'm losing. I may bring it back but in the meantime feel free to email me if you have any questions. I will still answer them privately through email :)

My husband wanted me to add that a dachshund would also make a great Valentine's gift! LOL! If it were up to him he probably would bring me home a dachshund puppy! (2 is enough for me)
Savvy loves cherry blossoms! :)

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  1. Awww, can we trade Husbands? DH says absolutely no more pups, while I'd have a whole gaggle of chihuahuas following me around if I had my way.

    Or, um, you know- a whole gaggle of chihuahuas nervously shaking and acting like a bunch of dorks like chihuahuas have the tendency to do. ;)

    Those tiger-striped roses are so pretty! I love them! I love roses, but definitely not the standard red- there are some really unique mixes out there that are much more my style, mmhm.

  2. Such beautiful pieces!!
    I adore the coach heart ring!!
    (Just about to show the boy HINT HINT!!!)
    have a fabulous day xxx

  3. Love the flowers and J's answer about daschunds! My hubs is always "one dog is more than enough". Great under $100 picks. My problem is not for myself but rather what to get HIM. ;)


  4. Those coach rings are stunning...mhmmmm...

    ♥Please don't forget to join the newer giveaway by Gemma.♥

  5. The Coach Heart Ring and the Inner Secrets Floral Lace Dot Babydoll Chemise & Thong Set are both so cute!! Thanks for sharing great finds!

  6. i've never looked at coach's stuff since i find their bags so ugly, but you're right- some cute stuff! i'd prefer to go handmade on etsy anyday though!
    i think my man is getting me some VS perfume. i hope, anyway! i will probably get him some chocolate. we're more on the $20 level ;)

  7. the coach bow ring is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Please, if your husband could convince my husband to bring me home a dachshund puppy I would be ecstatic.... :P I've been working on the dog thing for years now, and so far no avail. (We found one corgi he liked, but it would have eaten our cat, so.... No go, haha.)

  9. Aaww! There is something so bright and happy about gerbera daisies!

  10. I didn't even know coach made jewelry sans watches and such, love the bow ring!

    Also I'm very glad you posted some lingerie, I am always looking for cute little slips and it seems like you can never find them when you are searching for them, ya know?

  11. I'm with Tara Diane: I had no clue Coach branched out beyond watches. Cute stuff! I also love the Max & Chloe multi gem necklace. Sooo pretty!



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