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Valentine's Day Hints

8:00 AM

It's almost Valentine's Day and yes I'm that girl that always expects presents for Valentine's day (I'm all about buying gifts for yourself too!) :) If you need some "hints" for your significant other, here are my picks!

I love that these are made out of bone china.

Hair pretties are always a great presents! Thanks to Lisa Kathryn for sending me this one to wear! If you haven't yet, check out her new designs, I particularly love this one and this one too!
Still a Rockstar from Lisa Kathryn Designs

Have had my eye on this ring for the longest time...

Wendy Brandes Diana Ring

And Wendy is even holding a Valentine's Day sale! For those of us not in NY and can't make the sale she is taking pre-orders on 2/9. Go to her blog for the details.

So cute. (and cheap!)

Finest Imaginary Heart Ring

I love cutout letters on rings.
Love Rocks NY - LOVE Cutout Ring

obsessed with this.
FENTON-FALLON for J.Crew Carrington crystal bow necklace

I wouldn't wear these but had to post them because they are too cute!

a mini camera on a ring? I need it.
Fred Flare Hot Shot! Camera Ring

Etsy picks

Bows and diamonds and pearls all in one!

Whatever Lola Wants by Untamed Menagerie

Felt cupcakes! Such a cute gift for someone who loves cupcakes (me!). I'm also in love with the dumplings. too cute!

Felt Cupcakes by Little Fluff Stuff

The perfect pink hairbow!

the dainty bow by Mandizzle

Such a cute and funny card right? They have other ones like "I love you more than my iPhone" which I think a lot of men should give to their wives. LOL. They need to make an "I love you more than shoes" card for me. :)

I love you more than cake by Storey shop

I'm not a chocolate girl but caramels? Hell yes! My mouth is watering...

Caramel of the Month Club by Have it Confections

And even though it's a bit out of the budget...

I will take any of these Valentino bow bags.
Valentino 'Premier' Shopper

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  1. Great list Tiffany! I was just about to post my picks today or tomorrow also. Gotta give the hubs some hints! ;)
    I think you'll be getting some pretty new baubles and jewels? :)


  2. great choices! I may have togive GG a hint on where to look for gifts I would like lol

  3. gah, i LOVE the tiffany bow ring, the finest imagery heart rings, the LOVE ring, and the j. crew necklace<333.

    the tiffany ring is definitely a significant significant other present though. soo expensive!

    the pink hairbow looks like it's the perfect size too :).


  4. I love that heart ring! It is gorgeous! Also I love the J.Crew necklace.

  5. Good ideas! I love the cupcakes. ;)


  6. I should never, NEVER have looked at this post... ! I am in *dire* need of several items... of course I'm joking but what a great collection of gift ideas you have here. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow!

    That crystal bow necklace is great, love it ;)

  8. Tiffany, you are quite the the temptress. I love the Wendy Brandes ring, the Tiffany ring, any Valentino loveliness.

    We're low key this year. What are you getting for J?

  9. If you like any of that stuff (eg tiffany bow necklace, key nekclace, ring, or anything else your heart desires) send your significant other over to Jeremy at Roxbury Jewelry (jauslander@roxburyjewelry.com). He carries soooo much amazing stuff ,that's identical to what you'd find in store, at least 50% off retail (and it's the same exact quality if not better!!! eg - I got the big tiffany all diamond key for the same price as their sterling silver one)). He's based in Los Angeles, but does business all over the US (meaning he'll ship you the items). It's a family business - they've been doing it for 30+ years - so they're legit and "not-shady".

  10. Oh, those caramels.... I'm not even hungry and my mouth is watering!!

    Sadly, the hubs and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. (Too commercialized for our tastes. I don't like the idea of, "I have to buy a gift or so-and-so will think I don't love him.")

  11. Oh gorgeous gift ideas now I just have to find me a boyfriend to buy me that Tiffany necklace I have one week :) xoxo
    Cool blog btw I will be back

  12. WendyB ring is my fav! *sigh*

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Gemmerson giveaway!♥

    Good luck!

  13. I like the love cutout ring. It's different. Great eye candy!!!!

  14. I wouldn't wear the PB&J earrings either but I would keep them around and smile at them! They're so cute. Thanks for including me in your list!

  15. Hi Tiffany!! Thank you SO MUCH for including my lil felt cupcakes! I'm so honored!!! :) :) :)

  16. Hey Tiffany! You look amazing in the headband!

    <3 Lisa


  17. OMG I need that ring...like yesterday!



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