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Currently Loving: Ruffle Trench

5:00 AM

Living in Seattle requires a lot of coats of varying warmths. I wear coats and jackets year round and our coat closet is jam packed with both me and my husband's coats. I always wear trench coats in the springs and summers here because even though it can get warm, the wind always makes me cold. I just bought this cute ruffle trench so will make sure to post it when I get it (hopefully it fits!). I'm thinking it will be the perfect spring coat.

Loft Ruffle Trench

Cute right? But then it made me go on a search for other ruffle jackets. As you know, I love ruffles and even my leather jacket has ruffles on it. It's just such a great detail that adds just the right touch to everything!

Love this short version of my coat, it looks so cute with shorts!

This pink trench is so pretty. The ruffle details is super subtle, you'll have to click on the picture to see the detail.
Burberry Ruffled Trench

The ruffles on the bottom makes this seem like a cute dress!
Burberry Ruffle Trim Trench

I'm liking the balloony sleeves and the double ruffles!
White House Black Market Ruffle Front Jacket

Isn't this one adorable? And such a great price!
Forever 21 Crinkled Double Breasted Coat
see it here on the adorable Chloe of The Chloe Conspiracy!

And check out Beyonce in this gorgeous ruffle trench. Don't you love it? It reminds me of a bustle on a wedding dress. I looked everywhere but it looks like it's sold out. :(

Photo: Devaney via Blogging Project Runway

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  1. I love love LOVE all your choices- I need to get a fitted ruffled trench now:)

  2. totally in love with the Burberry ruffle trim trench! it's so perfect!

  3. I love Beyonces!! I have the one chloe wore as well, although she rocks in ways I don't think I could!

  4. LOVE Beyonce's, yours, and the Anthro coats! Okay - I might be pulling a trench from my closet now!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  5. The short ruffle trench is kind of incredible. Now I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed with ruffles in general, but now I'm going to be on the loookout :)

  6. Love the pink one! I love colored coats and w/ ruffles it's even better!

  7. I didn't know you lived in Seattle. I'm not far away...near Tacoma. hehe. Love the trenches!

  8. I'm a coat girl as well! I have an entire closet, albeit small, devoted to coats. I must have a ruffle one this season, they are precious!

  9. Love the burberry ruffle. So feminine and playful!

    D e g a i n e


  10. The short ruffle trench is TO DIE FOR. It's perfect for Cali. Yay thanks for sharing Tiff, great picks as usual xoxo

  11. Love your new trench! Can't wait to see it!

  12. Le love! I've been debating saving up and getting a Burberry trench - unfortunately for my wallet it's my favorite one from those above!

  13. I love that second trench coat and the last one from Forever 21. Obsessed!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  14. I LOVE coats, so having the excuse to wear one in the spring, I'm so down. ;) Loving the short version of yours.


  15. OMG I *NEED* that Burberry ruffle trench that resembles a dress. I'm not a big fan of ruffles around the collar but this trench is ruffly in my fav place! It looks BEAUTIFUL...I need... :)

  16. The first vintage cream trench coat you already purchased is sold out. How depressing. That was my favorite out of all them. : (

  17. I'm in love with this fresh take on the classic trench! those ruffles are so feminine and chic and on trend. love!



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