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Inspired: Elie Saab

5:00 AM

I love Oscar fashion. I love seeing the celebs all dressed up in the fancy dresses and glittering jewels. It always makes me want to go put on a ballgown with a long train on it. Sadly, I would have no where to go, I'd just end up sitting at home eating chips in it or something. :)

One of my favorites this year was Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab. Isn't she just beautiful? Funny thing is, it reminds me of one of my favorite dresses that I would dress up my Barbies in. The soft colors and the flowy bottom, it was so similar. I always wanted to have a real life dress like this.

Source: Zimbio

I checked out the rest of the Elie Saab runway show and sighed over all the pretties. The colors, the ruffles, the lace!


Of course we all can't afford these creations (and like I said, where would we go anyway?) So I found some that we could actually afford and work into our wardrobe. I really liked his palette of mixing the neutrals with the soft pastels so went looking for that.

This is such a pretty dress. I would pair this white blazer over it, these white sandals and this adorable headband for a pop of color.

This is just a simply pretty dress and doesn't need much else to add to it. I love the little lace "sleeves"
Sue Wong Beaded Lace & Chiffon Dress

I would love to see these kickass shoes with this dress.
Lipsy Frill Lace Shift Dress

I wasn't sure how sold I am into the whole denim shirt trend but I like the thought of putting a denim vest over a dress like this.
Urban Renewal JOHANN I Love London Dress

These cutie flats would be cute and unexpected with this dress. I think it's a perfect summertime outfit!
MINKPINK "Rising Sun" Dress

A perfect summer bridesmaid dress. Adding a slim belt and silver sandals to it makes it even nicer!
J. Crew Cotton Cady Madeleine dress

I've had some requests on prom dresses and although it's been a long time since I've been in that realm of things, I think I would go the exact opposite of what I actually wore to prom (a floor length purple ballgown) and I'd totally rock something cute like this.
Add sparkles to your hair with this gorgeous headband and this hot pink clutch to carry your lipstick in. Bring on the super high gold platforms and you'll be the cutest girl at the dance!
Wet Seal Mini Ruffle Dress

I love this just as is, down to the gold sandals.

Milly Ruffle Sleeve Shirt Dress

I know, not everyone can afford to spend $200 on the dress above so I found a cute alternative for $44!

Velvet Torch Ruffled Lace Dress

I don't know if I could pull of this mint green but I love love the draping and the embellishments. These gold sandals would go great with it.

Milly Manila Coin Dress

The perfect kind of dress for a beach coverup. Cute and sassy at the same time. Have you seen the cute jelly shoes out lately? I can't say I've been a fan previously but I might try them out this year. I think these jelly sandals would be adorbs with this dress.

Aerie Pin Dot Slip Dress

I didn't think I would like pastels and nudes this much but adding the ruffles and the lace makes me want to add all of these to my closet!

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  1. I love lace and pastels! Elie Saab's collection is divine - feminine and delicate!

    p.s. Bought my first Milly dress. Not cheap but so worth it!

  2. Love this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I looove Elie Saab, and that Milly lace dress? I want it want it want it want it WANT IT. *falls over*

    Great picks!

  4. I too loved that dress on Rachel. Everything was right about it! I'm also a sucker for watercolor print.

  5. love the colors

    D e g a i n e


  6. rachel's look was by far my favorite this year at the oscars. she looked amazing!

  7. I am also totally in love with McAdams' dress!

    And, I was REALLY surprised that my favourite of your picks, the pink ruffle dress, came from Wet Seal. Is it too short for work? Paired with a blazer?
    Hmmm, probably.

  8. Soft pastels and I don't mix very well, which is probably why I prefer the deeper blues and grays in the dress Rachel McAdams is wearing to the others. If I try any pastels this spring, I'm definitely going to have to anchor them with a heavier neutral or mixed in with darker shades so as not to wash myself out.

  9. Love these picks. And I agree that Rachel McAdams looked positively dreamy in that dress. Perfection!

  10. All the runway looks are so dreamy...you've picked some great options too :)

  11. rachel mcadams was my fave oscar look! i also loved carey mulligan's look.

  12. Loved Rachel McAdam's at the Oscars and loved the whole Elie Saab collection. Bautiful pieces!

  13. I loooove this! So soft and spring-y. I loved Rachel McAdams dress but inside the theatre, the colors didn't as much which made me a little sad.

  14. love the topshop and milly dresses. they're so perfect for spring.

  15. Elie Saab is amazing! In my dream wedding, I would wear Elie Saab or Marchesa for sure. That Lipsy dress is beautiful! Sadly I find that as I get older, I have less occasions to wear pretty dresses :(

  16. I love Rachael McAdams dress! I also love the dresses you picked out. It's Autumn where I live, but I think I'll try and sneak in some pastel colours before Winter hits us.

  17. Fabulous post, Tiff! I say the same thing, where will I wear this glittery dress?!

  18. I, too, need to add dresses to my wardrobe, and these are lovely choices, but where in my life right now could I wear them?

  19. I am in-love with the 5th dress! It is exactly what I have envisioned my wedding gown to be - if only I can afford it =(

  20. new to your blog and in love! love the way you mix up the high and the low - and LOVE the 2nd turquoise dress from the runway show. xxSAS


  21. wow. i usually don't get much into runway fashion, thinking it awfully over-the-top and not necessarily beautiful, but these dresses are INCREDIBLE. love your picks also- the wedding dress i picked out from etsy has very similar little lace sleeves to the sue wong one. LOVE!

  22. ohmy...there are so many beautiful pieces for spring and summer and I'm not buying any of them. I'm not usually into these colors either but I'm kind of in love with them right now as I see them here. will you do a maternity chic post? I'm sure I'm not the only one of your readers who is prego and needs your fashion expertise and fabulous style to help us:) xo



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