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Lookbook: Twilight

5:00 AM

I love a piece that can from day to night super easy like this top. You've seen this top in a more casual lookbook and I wore this outfit out to an event and I wanted to dress up. I knew I wanted to wear a skirt so I pulled out my faux leather skirt and spotted the bright color of this top and knew it would be cute together!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Yumi Kim
Skirt: Aritzia
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Miu Miu
Jewelry: Forever 21
The colors are kinda weird on this picture as we took them just before I was heading out and daylight was rapidly going away, I think that's technically called twilight but it's funny that I can't even say twilight without imagining the movie. And I haven't even seen it! That darn series is just too popular, I can't escape it. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to wear the shirt tucked in or left out. I started out at the event with my shirt tucked in and then half way through, I left it out. I don't know why, I just couldn't figure out which way I liked it better!
I love the sleeves of this top. It's such a small detail but I love the little bit of rouching and the look it creates. Whenever I wear these shoes, I feel really tall, which I like. In reality though, I'm not really that tall, I'm only probably about 5'6" in these shoes. However, that is pretty tall in my book!

Shop the Lookbook:
Yumi Kim Amber Top
only a size M left and it's on sale so hurry and grab it before it's gone!

I love the style of the Amber top, this pattern and this pattern are some of my faves too.

Sugar lips faux-leather miniskirt only $23!

This distressed faux leather skirt is pretty cool and I like the ruffles on this mini!

Hue Super Opaque Control Top Tights

I like that these are less sheer than my favorite DKNY ones. I am also really liking these J. Crew tights.

Joan & David "Flipp" Platform Pumps
I am in love with these pumps! I've never heard of this brand but I've found that it comes in a bunch of different colors. I love them and may have to get them in this color and maybe this color.

How cute are these? And on sale for $60! I do love my Miu Mius though and I want these with the bow on them.

Forever 21 Melodramatic Chain Necklace
This is one of the best finds from Forever 21. I love this necklace! You can't tell how cheap it really is. It's actually a pretty hefty necklace, it doesn't feel like it's going to break like some of their other jewelry.

Forever 21 Accompanied Jewel Bangle Set
These are great because they are super cheap and you can pile them on. But they are super loud! I was with a friend that night and she was like "I can hear you from across the room!"

Any of these necklaces would be fun too.

And these bangles can all be piled on top of each other or just worn a few at a time.
I wanted to thank everyone for the words of support from this weekend's post. I know that the person who asked the question did not have any ill-will and I appreciated that it gave me the chance to address a very important topic. I really felt the love from you guys, so thank you! I won't let any creepsters or anyone take me down and I hope that everyone else stays safe and makes smart decisions about their information on the internet as well.

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  1. Very chic and edgy - I love flowy tops tucked into fitted skirts.

  2. Ooh, you rock the leather skirt so well! I love it. And your shoes! I was the wobbling around in 5" platform heels this weekend and having fun being, you know, normal-sized-to-almost-taller-than-most-people at a very false 5'8". It's always like a whole new world when I wear high heels, hee hee.

    And well hey, you can't say "twilight", I can't say "the situation"- and I really feel like MTV needs to be blamed for all of this, ahem.

  3. I love how the billowy top balances out the skirt. Most of all, love the purple!

  4. That shade of purple is fantastic and looks so lovely on you.

    Hue tights are awesome! I got a really old pair new in package at a thrift store and I love them. Must invest in more pairs.

  5. That blouse is oh so very gorgeous! You look fantastic! The jewelry accents just take this outfit to the next level!

  6. this look is so pretty! i am in LOVE with that skirt!!!

  7. I love love love the look. adore the top and the skirt

  8. I love how you can look so different and effortless everyday! Love this look on you!

  9. love the shirt tucked in, but i'm sure it looked just as cute out! oh & i totally just read about your CREEPERS and my BF is totally worried about the same thing - so it's true...you do have to limit the type & amount of information because it opens the flood gates. don't feel bad, your blog is still very personable (not to mention fashionable!)

  10. You look AMAZING in that skirt! Love it with the shirt with it's pretty print.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  11. Great oufit! Love that the shirt can go from day to night and can also be worn tucked in or more tunic like. So versatile!

  12. Very nice your outfit today, you look nice in purple.Wish I had a shirt like that... :)

  13. love the look!! you look soo tall!

  14. I love the shoes in this outfit.
    And your hair seems to be getting so long and it's so pretty.
    Next month, I go in for a trim and new bangs.

  15. What a sophisticated yet sexy outfit! If only I had $70 bucks to spare right now, that shirt would be a great addition to my closet! Absolutely amazing.

  16. Love your outfit! You look like such a sassy siren hehe ;) Argh that faux leather skirt you featured is so great, I almost ended up buying until I remembered I already own 2 like that haha.



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