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The same but different

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I often get comments and questions from girls who love my taste in shoes but don't quite have the budget for the Louboutins or Jimmy Choos just yet. I've actually been seeing a lot of shoes that are quite similar in styles to certain designer shoes so thought I'd share my finds.

All pictures are clickable and will link you directly to the product.
The first is this Jimmy Choo sandal (in the middle). I actually got this question on formspring if I could find a cheaper version of it and I ended up finding two! The white ones by Ruthie Davis are still on the expensive side but they are on sale for 60% off! But click on the brown ones for the best price and a lot of color choices too.

Jimmy Choo "Private" Cuff Sandal

Next is the Tory Burch wrap sandal. I saw these recently and really liked them. I think they will make a perfect summer shoe. Can you guess which one is the Tory Burch one and which one is the non-designer one? Both look great don't they?

Tory Burch Wrap-Up Sandals

And this doesn't just apply to shoes. You know how much I'm loving the Valentino bow bags and this hobo bag is such a great size. The alternative version however is only $14.99!

Valentino 'Nuage Medium' Hobo Bag

I got these L.A.M.B. shoes last year and they are one of my favorite pairs to wear in the spring.
And look what I found! A perfect copy of it in a much better price point. Plus mine have been sold out for months now.

One of my readers alerted me to this and she wrote about it on her blog too. She found a great duplicate of my Alexander Wang Duffle bag that you saw on this lookbook.

Alexander Wang Black Rocco Mini Duffle

So you definitely can get the look for less, you just gotta look around a bit!

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  1. Glad you did this post ... I love your shoe collection but can't bear to spend upwards of a few hundred to 1k on nice shoes!

    I really like the TB wrap up sandals in the brown leather. The Michael Antonio one is a good dupe, but doesn't have that oh so supple leather look...I'd still go for the Torys : )

  2. i really appreciate you taking the time to show us alternatives. though i've always had expensive taste, i've never been label-particular. this was really helpful.

  3. Great post! I know a lot of readers appreciate the lookalikes!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. omg those black L.A.M.B shoes! i found some almost exactly like those for my cousin at Ross! I'll have to get a pic of them.

  6. I LOVE the looks for less:)


  7. This was a fun post! It was like a little game guessing which was the less expensive pair. Thanks! :)

  8. Fabulous finds darling!! The rocco mini is getting me so excited to receive mine!!! Love the tony burch wrap up sandals! xx

  9. I adore the L.A.M.B shoes, and your nail varnish is so pretty too!;-)

  10. Gah!!! Those LAMB shoes of yours have always been some of my favorites! Looking at the cheaper version NOW! :)

  11. I always feel weird buying "knock-off" stuff. I'm not so sure why, but I'd rather save up to have the REAL thing rather than feel cheap.

    This past week, though, I did end up scoring a cropped leather jacket for $75, originally $198. Yes, it's real leather, I checked before buying. :) (Max Azria design) It doesn't have to break the bank if you bargain hunt!

    But anyone have any bits to ease my mind about being a price snob? Lol!

  12. LUVn the L.A.M.B. look-a-likes....must get! Is it crazy i like the Valentino look-a-like better than the real thing??

  13. The mini duffle is adorable.

  14. Great post! I love those shoes, I'm just sure how I can walk on cobblestones without tripping!

  15. I love all these looks, Tiffany. You DO have great taste in shoes, of course :)

  16. these are fabulous! love all of them and with baby coming my budget for shopping has certainly changed! thanks for sharing. x

  17. I love those LAMB shoes! Sex.y.shoe.

  18. You are SO right. It really depends on if a gal is looking for, style or quality. Although, I must say most expensive isn't usually the best. : )

  19. Awesome finds Tiffany!! I'm lovin' the LAMB shoes. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  20. Wow...great shoes! Love that you're showing less expensive options. :) My friend has the A. Wang bag, and I couldn't believe how heavy it is. It's a workout! LOL!

    This is my first time checking out your blog, and so glad I did! Great info and inspiration!


  21. Tory Burch has been killing me with her shoes this season. Beautiful!

  22. hi tiffany!

    i still love your lamb shoes. i've loved them since i first saw them way back then when i started reading your blog. the knock offs are just as nice too. thanks for the leg work, appreciate it.

  23. I love L.A.M.B. shoes and the dupe is so hot! Sadly the dupe of the A Wang handbag is now sold out :(

    Truly I love all the shoes you posted!



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