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Lookbook: Dotty

5:00 AM

I haven't been home enough in the past few weeks to take a lookbook picture so you'll be seeing a couple of lookbooks from the past few months that I never got around to posting. I always love seeing the cherry blossoms in the background. They don't last very long so it's nice to see them in these pictures.

Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Aritzia
Tights: Nordstrom
Shoes: Christian Dior - Miss Dior Pumps
(as seen in this post)
Necklace: LOFT
Miss Dior
The top is actually a tunic that I like to wear with skinny jeans and leggings but works well tucked into this skirt as well. I can't get enough of my polka dot tights, I wear them so much! But it's almost nice enough to not wear tights and hopefully when I get back from Jamaica I'll have a bit of color on my legs so I can finally go bare legged when I'm wearing skirts and dresses now. I'm actually excited to put on some shorts too!
Miss Dior
I don't wear these shoes enough but they are one of my favorites. I just love the shade of blue and they are one of my most comfortable heels. You can't really see it but I had my nails painted gray here which I'm still loving. I have stocked up on the gray nail polish. My favorite so far is China Glaze Recycle. It's just the perfect gray and not shiny or sparkly.

Shop the Lookbook:
Dotted Semi-Sheer Blouse

I love printed blouses tucked into pencil skirts. This crochet trim blouse is super cute too!

Nation LTD Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt is essential in every wardrobe. A great price on this one and love this high waisted one.

Sheer Dot Full Tights

I need to add more patterned tights to my wardrobe. Loving the pattern on these and these.

Miss Dior Pumps

These Guess pumps are quite similar, down to the logo on the back. And these Diors are the same pretty blue and love the texture of the shoe.

Blue Tinted Crystal Necklace

I've been really liking the jewelry from LOFT. Love the chunky necklaces!

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  1. I love the polka dot tights too! I bought a few pairs in October, intending to wear them throughout the winter, and never wound up doing so...

  2. Great color for you. Love that vibrant blue.

  3. You would never know that's a tunic! It looks great tucked in!

    The shoes are sweet, and match the top perfectly.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  4. I went into LOFT on Saturday and about fainted when I saw how awesome everything was in the store. Walked out spending wayyyy too much money because the jewelry is fab right now!


  5. I'm so jealous Tiff - you're hair looks like it's getting so long and it's curled! I love it and that amazing blue tunic top! Happy Monday!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  6. so super cute! that blue blouse looks great on you! and i LOVE those cute tights too!

  7. you look gorgeous, that blue really stands out :)

  8. Your Dior shoes are such an amazing color! Love.

  9. I have to agree, blue looks fab on you! Love the tights too, I need to give patterned tights a try.

  10. Gorgeous... and I really love your smile! xoxo

  11. Love the blousy top/pencil skirt combo! And your hair looks really long! So beautiful :)

  12. That blouse is soooooo beautiful! And the shoes...don't get me started on those gorg shoes!

  13. Wow, i love your style and your blog is awesome, tottaly following you! :)

  14. Ooohh! I just bought a pair of navy blue polka dot tights from H&M - will have to pair those with a pencil skirt :)

    I've also shared some link-love to your blog in my recent post - hope you have time to check out why :) Take care!

  15. I love your outfit - the blouse is gorgeous!

  16. Your top is from Urban? What a great find! Whenever I got there, I always feel like I really have to dig through their wares to find anything.

  17. Love this look- I think the blue looks really good on you- it just makes you pop:)

  18. I sure love this look and I think I will use it as an inspiration for tomorrow's look here at the office!

  19. dot tights are the best! especially paired with a vibrant top like yours!



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