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Lookbook: True Blue

5:00 AM

I just realized that it's been awhile since a lookbook post! My schedule has been crazy and will be crazy for the next few months. In between vacations, work trips and destination weddings, I'm going to be traveling more days than I will be at home so will try to squeeze in posts and lookbooks when I can but it will definitely be a slow month on the blog. I'm super excited for everything though and feel so lucky to have so much going on in my life right now. It just feels like things are falling into place lately and that is just a good feeling you know?

What I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: C&C California
Top: Yumi Kim
Skirt: BCBG
Tights: ASOS
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
I was looking in my closet recently, and since I organize things by color, I just noticed how much blue I have which is funny because I never really thought of myself as a blue person but apparently I like to buy a lot of it!
I love this high waisted paperbag skirt so much that I bought it in purple too (which I wore in this lookbook). Isn't the top with the print and ruffles so cute? My tights are super cute too, they have heart dots on them!

Shop the Lookbook:
Yumi Kim Dixie Top
Same style but different pattern. It's on sale for $48 now!

I am loving the print of this top and how darling is this pink top, I need it!

Kookai Paperbag Waist Mini Skirt

I love paperbag waist skirts. They are so cute with a pretty blouse or tank tucked in. Don't you love this white one? This zebra print is adorable too.

C&C California Button Front Cardigan
I love this cardi. It's sooo comfy! I've been wearing it with everything.

I would wear this outfit with a striped cardigan too. Or this gray one would be fab too.

ASOS Heart Sheer Tights
These are the ones that I'm wearing. They are pretty comfy and have held up well!

I adore these black tights with pink hearts! Or these with small white polka dots!

Jimmy Choo Point-Toe Patent Leather Pumps
These are a lot shorter than mine but the style is similar.

Totally not the same but I DIE for these, so hot! These cut-out pumps are so cute and on sale for #35!

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  1. you look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit!

  2. your outfit is so cute! love the tights, been eyeing them myself!

  3. I love the blue. It feel so electric!

  4. Whoa! Before I even started READING the words I was thinking to myself how GREAT you look in blue and how rare it is to see you in it! So ironic!

    Anyways, you look great and I'm loooving you in blue and that top is so pretty.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - I can't believe THE Tiffany from iamstyle-ish wrote on MY blog! ;) Made my day. Thanks :)

  5. The vivid blue is a great color for you.

  6. What a cute outfit and I LOVE Yumi Kim clothing!!


  7. You look awesome in blue, Tiffany! I, unfortunately, don't. I'm jealousss.

  8. I love that shade of blue! It's so rich!

    I color coded my closet to let me know which colors I need more of before I go shopping! It's weird, but it works!

  9. I love the blue! You look terrific in that color.

  10. blue is a fabulous color on you!!!

  11. Love this whole look! I thought the top and skirt were one piece dress! And how cute are those tights! I must have a pair!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  12. you always look so put together & so cute! love this outfit!

  13. oh my goodness you look so adorable. can i borrow that dress please??

    didn't know you lived in seattle, my home away from home..love it!


  14. love that color of blue and those heart tights ..adorable

  15. I just happened upon your blog and I love it...have been reading through all your posts and I think they are truly gorgeous...will be back!

    Love love love,



  16. This look is adorable! Love the blue so refreshing:).

  17. I love the pairing of bright blue and black! You look lovely :)

  18. Gorgeous shade of blue! Love.

  19. ok this outfit is really cute, and I'm totally in love with the little hearts on those stockings. Adorable.

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  20. I love that skirt, its soo cute, I need one! The blue is adorable! How are you love! I hope all is good.

  21. i love the color blue and i love this outfit! the heart tights are a cute touch.

  22. I love your outfit as a whole! Super cute!

  23. That top is sooooo lovely. Gorgeous gorgeous look!

  24. ohhh sad i missed your giveaway, but glad i found your blog! i love your outfit, especially your choos!

  25. I can see why you have a lot of blue - it's such a great color on you! Hmm I have not thought of paperbag waist skirts since I tried one at Aritzia a year ago and had an utter fail, but maybe I should attempt again!

    Hehe you should drive up to Vancouver this weekend - Aritzia is having their epic warehouse sale ;)

  26. Ah, the blue looks absolutley daling on you - my favorite of your outfits yet!

  27. You look absolutely adorable.Love your smile:)Have a happy Easter!

  28. I love it! You look fantastic in blue!

  29. Your hair looks more gorgeous than usual in this one.

  30. Love this outfit Tiffany. I'm the same with with blue... I normally gravitate to that color when shopping... and pink is my favorite color, yet I own only a couple pieces that are pink.

    Happy Friday!

    xx Love & Aloha

  31. wow! i've read (and loved!) your blog for over a year, but this lookbook is my hands down fave. you look so cool! i'm off to my closet to see if i can re-create this look for myself. thanks as always for the inspiration!!

  32. What a great idea! The top and skirt look so well together it looks like a cute dress! Love the whole outfit.

  33. urban outfitters has some great boyfriend cardigans as well :)


  34. you look fab!!! and that shade of blue is just perfect on you. and those tights? ADORABLE!!!!

  35. You look great. That bright blue looks great on you! :)


  36. wow your beautiful! i love the outfit you're wearing=)

  37. Oh my goodness! You look positively darling and lovely! Love it. :)

  38. New to your blog and I adore this tights! you look lovely in this outfit ;)



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