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It is full on wedding season! And I know this because my google calendar says "wedding" almost every week from now until October. We are actually not attending any this year but we will be photographing a whole lot of them. It's a bit crazy for us but good crazy. There is nothing more that I love than photographing weddings and it's great to get back into the swing of things. But anyway, enough about me, let's talk about you guys. I've been getting questions about bridesmaids dresses, either from readers who are brides themselves choosing for their own wedding or from readers who are the bridesmaids and the bride has kindly let them choose their own dress. Now, for those of you who have read about my wedding, I didn't actually have bridesmaids. I went for the super intimate wedding route so we had no bridal parties (which I still don't regret) but if I did, here's what I would've picked out for my bridesmaids.

I love short bridesmaid dresses and every wedding I've been in we've worn short dresses which I think looks really cute. I'm also a huge fan of adding a punch of color with your bridesmaids dresses so I say dress up your girls in some bright fun colors!

(Click on any of the photos below to take you to the direct link to the store)

Love this magenta color and the ruffle embellishments on the first two. On the last one, I'd add a simple silver belt to add some style to it. You don't need much jewelry to these dresses either, I would just add a few bangles to all of these dresses for just a bit of bling.

I don't wear that much yellow but for some reason, I love yellow in weddings. I've seen so many weddings where the bridesmaids wear yellow and it just makes the ceremony look so pretty with all that yellow up there with the bride and groom. As you can see, I think anything with a little bit of embellishment, ruffles, pleating, a flower here or there is the best for a bridesmaids because then you won't have to worry about adding too many accessories. The dresses just look great on it's own.

See, isn't this bridal party gorgeous in the yellow? Love the two different kinds of pink shoes too!

(Amanda Wilcher)

Hot pink is also a great color choice and I think most skin tones can pull off this shade of pink.

And the best part about all these dresses? They are totally wearable for any other occasion!

I also love bridal parties where the girls aren't all wearing the exact same dresses. I think that if the bride picks out a color scheme that everyone sticks to, then your girls can buy dresses that flatter their own body types and ensure that they are spending money on a dress that they truly like.

Carmel's bridesmaids all wore some version of a gray ruffled or sequined dress and it looked wonderful all put together.
Oahu Wedding
(click here to see the rest of Carmel and Andrew's wedding)

Darcy let her bridesmaids choose their own black dresses and she accessorized them all with her DIY belts! And the best part? From head to toe, all the bridesmaids looks were $50 or less! Click here to see the feature on Ruffled!
Columbia Winery Wedding
(click here to see the rest of Darcy and Gary's wedding)

Hope this helps and gives you brides/bridesmaids some ideas!

Disclosure: "bridesmaid dresses" link was a paid link. The rest of the post was not.

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  1. I didn't have bridesmaids either so I can't speak from experience but I think you gave the girls some great options.......

    I opened an online designer and vintage clothing store - all items $30 and under. Let me know what you think.....


  2. Oooh, nice!
    I love purple, yellow, and grey bridesmaid dresses and am considering all of them for my bridesmaids next August!
    I actually made a yellow one for myself for fun.. tee hee! http://adventuresindressmaking.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-love-yellow-bridesmaid-style-dress.html

  3. Wow great ideas and inspiration! I am sendding this link to my friend!!

  4. You're a woman after my own heart with the bright, fun colors! My wedding colors were turquoise and lime green, and I let my girls pick whatever style J. Crew dress they wanted in the shade of green I'd selected.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you can see my bridal party! :-)


  5. LOVE the yellow + pink pics!

    Check out today's post Tiffany! You've been Tagged!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  6. I love yellow as a BM color as well! I will probably go your route and do a small-ish intimate wedding though :)

  7. The wedding we went to last weekend had yellow bridesmaid dresses. Very beautiful!

  8. Love this post! I had a YELLOW wedding and it was amazing. Exactly what I wanted! Love the photo you posted of yellow dresses + pink pretty heels!


  9. hi tiffany.

    i love darcy's idea! every bridesmaid would be given the opportunity to wear something that reflects their style and on top of that, they can wear the dress again and not worry that someone else has the exact same dress. :)

  10. Great dress selections -- colors, too -- and your photos are amazing. I love the high fashion look of your photography. I don't feel like I'm looking at a wedding photo, more like a magazine spread. Very dramatic and editorial feel to them.

  11. If I had another wedding I think I would have to go with yellow bridesmaid dresses. LOVE!

  12. I love those magenta dresses! That is my favorite color.

    I ALSO did not do a wedding party, just a maid of honor and best man because I have a sister and my husband has a brother. We also had a very small wedding and we didn't want to deal with excluding/including certain friends.

  13. wow! love the color combo. Pink and yellow- it's gorgeous! you all are!

  14. At first when I read yellow, I thought "hmm" but you've convinced me! It's such a fun, cheerful color for a happy occasion. I think the black is still too sombre for me, bring on the color!

  15. Such great dresses!!! Love them!



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