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Currently Loving: Lace Details

5:00 AM

We recently shot a wedding in Jamaica and the bride wore a gorgeous lace gown. (Click here for a preview picture!) I fell in love with lace gowns long before I planned my wedding and always wanted one. I ended up with a totally different gown (if you haven't seen my wedding pictures yet, click here) but still have a place in my heart for lace wedding gowns. It kind of got me into a kick of looking for lace stuff to wear in the next couple of months and I'm loving the little bit of lace touches in all of these. It makes it less dressy and wearable for day or night in the coming summer months.

Adore, adore this top. Click on the picture to see the back of it, it's gorgeous!
Parker Lace Back Blouse

This would be cute with a skirt or shorts.
Forever 21 Lace Ruffle Trim Top

A perfect cover up for a little summer dress.
Pins and Needles Lace Cardigan

Pair this with dark skinny jeans for a perfect date night outfit.
Parker Lace-Insert Top

Sexy but not too scandalous!
David Lerner Lace Skirt

Love this cream color and the mix of the zipper and lace.
Topshop Zip Lace Slip Skirt

ASOS TFNC Contrast Lace Rara Skirt

Who knew Lauren Conrad designed such cute stuff?
LC Lauren Conrad lace skirt

How cute is this jacket? I would wear this with everything!
ASOS Lace And Shantoon Soft Jacket

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  1. Loving Lace too---I love the Lauren Conrad skirt and the cardi is so cute! That lace wedding dress is beautiful---so elegant. Great picture!


  2. Totally loving lace right now. It's really in!

  3. I have the Topshop lace skirt! And also got married in a full lace gown. Love it!


  4. Yes! Lace! I agree, I'm loving it too. I recently made a black lace tube dress! I haven't worn it yet, but soon.

    I'm feeling the lace ASOS skirt.

    Okay can we just talk about your wedding photos?! WOW!!! I'm SO GLAD you linked back to those as I've never seen them (only known about your blog since I started blogging at the end of January :) Wow, Tiffany, simply stunning. Insane that there was a hurricaine and incredible that with all the damage the pictures are soo beautiful and you'd never know. I looooove that shot of you guys out on on path-bridge (?) and there is water everywhere else (you are off in the distance). And soooo brave of you to go on that rickity bridge solo that the waves were crashing over during the storm. I also love how you cut the cake alone and the saying at the end, '...and said goodbye to our wonderful, magical day' Awwww! :( / :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. The back of that Parker top is divine! I love lace too, always thought I'd wear some rendition of ML's lace wedding gown, but went with something else instead. Don't you wish we could have a dozen dresses for our weddings! And LOVE your wedding preview! Gorgeous set-up!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  6. I love lace, esp on wedding gowns. I had a lace overlay on mine :)

  7. I am in love with the first top and the black one with lace cut-out sleeves. Both are very chic!



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