Digital Perms

Digital perms are one of the top searches to my blog which means I get LOTS and LOTS of questions about digital perms. I just need to post this for all of those that found my blog and have questions.

Found my blog through a digital perm search? Great! Hi! Nice to meet you. I love my digital perm and highly recommend getting them. You can read about my digital perm tips here. I got mine done in Seattle at Ten Pachi, I do not have recommendations for other cities as I’ve only gotten it done here.

I get a lot of questions regarding digital perms so please keep in mind that I’m NOT an expert. I’ve never given a digital perm, I’m only someone who has gotten one. I can only answer questions that are specific to MY digital perm such as what products I use, how I maintain my perm, how long it lasted, etc… Everything else need to be directed to a professional stylist who has given digital perms. I can not tell you if your hair texture can take a perm. Again, I’m not an expert. I have not given a digital perm, please do not send me questions that should be answered by a professional.

Also, looking for the definition of a digital perm? Wikipedia is quite helpful. Click here.

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