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This weekend...

5:00 AM

What I'm looking forward to this weekend:
  • Taking the dogs on a long walk. We've been going on hour long walks lately and enjoying this wonderful weather!
  • Spring Cleaning - We need to get rid of so much stuff. Last weekend I reached into a bag that I hadn't looked at for awhile and while my hand was in there I peeked in and there was a SPIDER crawling around at the bottom of the bag. Much to say I screamed and freaked the F out. Ewww spiders. I am still traumatized by that.
  • Skype-ing with my parents while they are in China. I'm a newbie to Skype and since my parents are in China for the next month my dad asked me to sign up for it. Can I just say that it puts AT&T to shame? I love the iPhone but I can't make a call in our place for the life of me and when it finally goes through, it drops the call at least once or cuts in and out. AT&T is the WORST ever but Skype is clear as day and I love it!
  • Running with my husband. I LOVE running outside and we've mapped out a route for a scenic run. It's about the distance of a 5k which I think is a perfect run. (Just ordered the Nike+ SportBand to start tracking my time/calories burned)
  • And if you are curious, these Nike LunarGlides are my favorite running shoes ever. As seen on me here:
108/365: 5K
  • Trying out some recipes from The Skinnygirl Dish by Bethenny from The Real Housewives of NY. I love that her recipes aren't "diet" food, more about making smart choices about what ingredients you use.
  • I helped my husband land a pretty awesome graphic design job (see, my networking is beneficial to everyone in my life!) so he told me that he's taking me shopping and buying me whatever I want. Whatever? Ooh dangerous but that's why I love him. ;)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

photo by me, taken April 2010

P.S. My new sale blog, Shop I am Style-ish is open, however those that were on my first mailing list bought almost everything. (Thanks all!) But click on over to see what else is left. I may be adding things this weekend! (Maybe even some clothes.)

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  1. I was looking to buy the Nike LunarGlide trainers just this last weekend - glad they're recommended!

    Oh - and buy some more lovely Louboutins with your husband's present money!

    Love your blog. X

  2. SkinnyGirl Dish has quickly become one of my favorite cookbooks! Our favorites are the pot pie, the pasta carbonara, and the lemon basil hummus!

  3. I will be running with the boy this weekend too! Only problem is it's SO hot here in FL already. You will love the Sport Band, I think it's similar to the iPod adapted, in the tracking. Can't run without in now! Happy Weekend! xxSAS

  4. YIPEE! Fun weekend ahead!

    OMg a spider!? EEP!!!! HATE THOSE! I would have freaked 'the f out' too!!

    This weekend is uber busy which excites me:
    Tonight - buying some jewellery supplies and going home and making as much jewellery as I can make (I've been going steady for two weeks as I have a show this wknd)
    Saturday - road/day trip to another city for shopping (F21 here I come! :)
    Sunday - breakfast w my HS friends and then the jewellery show


    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. ATT is why I don't have an iPhone. Verizon is too brilliant.

  6. I have been running lately too...it is such an amazing feeling!! Miss you Tiff! xo

  7. I am looking forward to reading, spending quality time with my friends, checking out a coffee shop we've never been to before,standing in the sun...which probably won't happen because of the possible rain...happy weekend!

  8. Have a fun weekend, esp with the shopping :)

  9. I've been wanting to get that book! I'm all for anything that isn't diet food. Congrats to your hubs!

  10. I love Nike +. I have been doing it since December and I love the online site and the challenges that you can enter---it helps to motivate me for sure.

  11. Beautiful tulip! They are my favorite.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. Such a beautiful picture! I love relaxing weekends!



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