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Keeping Balance

5:00 AM

from etsy seller VOL25, check out her shop, such adorable prints!

This is what I'm doing lately... continually moving and TRYING to balance the craziness that I call my life.  I've been on an airplane 4 times in 5 days - 3 cities, 2 countries.  I'm ready to stop flying and just sit at home for a little bit.  Unfortunately, that won't be happening anytime soon as my calendar for July is already booked full with business trips.  And well, those are the ones that are planned.  I get a lot of "We need you here tomorrow" from my clients and by "here" they mean a plane ride away so I take lots of unexpected trips too.  I'm constantly moving and if you've written me an email and I still haven't responded, please forgive me, as soon as I get my head in one place, I will be able to write a proper response.

Seriously appreciate all of you for keeping up with my blog since it's been a bit boring around here lately.  Lots of lookbooks and new shoes and giveaways to come!

I live by the whole "work hard, play harder" rule, so I extended two destination photo sessions (one in Mexico, one in NYC) into vacations for July.  Can't wait to be back on the beach in a few weeks!  And can't wait to go back to NYC to do lots of eating and lots of shopping!

And to make this post slightly more interesting, a beach lookbook.   My outfit is not too great, but hopefully the scenery will distract you from that! 


Dress by Forever 21 | Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bikini that you can't see by KanDi Swim | a gazillion bug bites courtesy of stupid bugs

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  1. i think the outfit looks nice :)

  2. Still styling. :) Have fun in my home city!

  3. you are adorable... take care of yourself and enjoy the vacays!

  4. your dress is so cute! how do you find such great items in crazy F21? I feel like i have to spend hours in there to one this great.

  5. Keep up that hard work girl! It'll pay off (if it hasn't already!). Great vacation look you got. Keep it stylish!
    P.S. don't miss the giveaway in my site right now! Fun, fashionable & free!

  6. I have the same dress!! But it looks way more fabulous on you <3

  7. I love your outfit :) The quote is very true. Hope you're getting to enjoy life even with all the craziness lately!

  8. Ah, busy but you will probably be having a ton of fun! Enjoy your vacations! I would love to be able to go to Mexico or NYC!

  9. Oooh, i REALLY like that bike print. What a great quote. That's just the sort of thing I hope to have hanging in my house one day. Your dress is also very adorable and looks quite comfy! That's a great color on you.

  10. lovely photos and love the color of your dress!

  11. Definitely loved your red dress. The beach scenery is GORGEOUS! :)

  12. i LOVE this dress on you! and the photos are just gorgeous!



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