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Lookbook: Purple Print

5:00 AM

I love flowy tops but the problem with them is that they can make you appear bigger than you really are and that is not so flattering. But along with that, it means you can go out and eat a big meal and not worry about showing off your food baby. :)

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Patterson J. Kincaid
Jeans: Karmel and Alden
Shoes: Gucci
Bracelets: Ayofemi Jewelry and Marika King Designs
I like to balance out my flowy tops with skinny jeans and heels so that it's still a flattering look and you can still see a bit of my shape. I'm completely in love with this print and material of this top. It was one of those things that I bought online (from shopbop) and I wasn't really sure that I was going to love it but when I got it and put it on, I liked it even better than I expected.
My pretty bracelets are both handmade, the top one is the modern friendship bracelet that I mentioned in my gift ideas post and the pretty leaf design comes from Marika King Designs whosw line of jewelry I just adore.

Shop the Lookbook:

Patterson J. Kincaid Sunset Marie Antoinette Print Tunic Top
My print is sold out but this is the same style (on sale too!)

Women's Karmel & Alden Megan Low Rise Legging
I'm kind of obsessed with these jeans. They are my new favorite skinnies. The material is super soft and lightweight. Perfect summer jeans.

Gucci Hollywood High-Heel Sandal

The one I'm wearing is similar but has big bow on it. I have this "hollywood" version in several colors. Love them!

Modern Friendship Bracelet - Ayofemi Jewelry
She's got so many other colors. I'm thinking about ordering some more. I've already stocked up to give away to my friends!

Golden Fern Bracelet - Marking King Designs
Adore how this bracelet looks on. The leaf design is so pretty!

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  1. the top is really nice. the bracelet is great too. I like its shape. it is original!!


  2. I think purple looks good on everyone. It's like the miracle color.

  3. I agree! HIDE THE FOOD BABY!! ;)

    But in all seriousness, the look is just so pretty (and forgiving!): flowy top, tight pants, perfect!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - not sure if I commented on the gift post (I most certainly read it - you know, that thing about not being able to comment on blogs at work anymore, and most aren't even viewable - grr) but I love it. You had some excellent (and affordable) unique ideas - thank u!

  4. Love the flowing top and the bracelet looks great with the outfit!

    Just in case your readers are interested, Marika King Designer Jewellery ships worldwide for free!

    Love your lookbooks, they are always so inspring :)

  5. OMG, I bought black jeans back in Feb. and totally forgot about them. Thanks lady!

  6. Well you look amazing as USUAL! I love love love your sense of style!!! I have never heard of those brand of jeans before but I def will be checking them out! And the Gucci pumps....OMG- must have!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really like that blouse! And those bracelets are too cute!! Love!

  8. question about the bracelet, since I love it and may have to buy...

    how is the quality? it looks like it could be bendable or easily breakable?

    your info would be great!

  9. Hi Rebecca - are you talking about the golden fern bracelet? It's really sturdy as it's made out of brass. It doesn't bend at all and fits perfectly to the wrist. I highly recommend Marika's jewelry, I have several pieces and all are of great quality!

    1. Hey Tiffany where would I be able to get the golden fern bracelet or one similar like it.


  10. The Fern Bracelet is gorgeous! I love the nature theme!
    And the top is very chic! Great purchase!



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