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You can never have too many...

5:00 AM

Remember a few weeks ago when hubs promised to take me shopping and buy me whatever I wanted?  Well, of course I chose shoes!  And not just any shoes, these Louboutin Bianca platform pumps that just came out that day and fit me so well and I want to wear them everywhere!  LOL, longest run on sentence ever but that's how I feel about them.


I get a lot of questions about the comfort of designer shoes and I've written about it before, you can read about it here.  But overall, I do think that Louboutin makes the least comfortable shoes out of all my designer shoes.  These Biancas are more comfortable because of the platform on the front but for shoes like my Insectika or my Feticha pumps that don't have the platform in front, it's a lot less comfortable.  Louboutin makes the arch look really good but it's that arch that makes it uncomfortable.  Nothing that I can't handle since I've been a daily heel wearer for the past 10+ years but if you are less experienced with stilettos I don't recommend Louboutin pumps to be your first.  I do have to say though, my nude Simple pumps have been one of my most comfortable pair of shoes that I owned so I can't generalize and say ALL Louboutins are uncomfortable but for the majority that I own, that is the case.


I am really really tall in these which I love. It's nice feeling like I'm a normal height :)  These are probably the highest heel that I will go though.  I do have to say driving in these shoes was quite an experience.  I'm used to driving in heels but these ones are so high that I couldn't get my foot positioning right with the pedals so I kept on adjusting.


These are from the Fall 2010 collection which I see that he's done quite a few other pairs with this flannel like these cute booties and these insane boots.  I can't seem to find mine online but you can get them in black leather, which I almost bought.  But I decided to go with these ones as I knew that if I didn't buy them at that moment, they would be gone the next time I went to look.  My size does not last long at all so if I want a pair of shoes, I can't hesitate.  That's why I always shop at Nordstrom as their return policy is so good that I feel confident that if I buy them right there and decide later, I can always return with no troubles.  Otherwise I'd either A) regret not buying them when they had my size or B) regret buying them and changing my mind later on.  Most of the time, I don't return it, when I get them home how could I take them back?  But it's nice to have the option.


As the post title says, you can never have too many and it's true, no matter how many pretty shoes I have in my closet, there are more that I always want!  Dang those shoe designers for always coming out with pretty shoes!


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  1. they are beautiful. the curb is really perfect. you have a nice husband!!


  2. Such pretty shoes! Perfect for the Fall!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  3. Been eying those at my local Nordies for the past few weeks as well! They are HAWT! They will be great for fall, the wool looks GREAT!

  4. gorgeous shoes!

    D E G A I N E


  5. They are absolutely GORGEOUS! If I see them, I'm going to have to get them - love the flannel. Our Nordys does not carry CL so it's all Neiman or Saks for this gal *sigh*

  6. I'm in love with those! Fabulous pick!

  7. i really love your shoes they are so fab! the heels look so tall! youre totally right about the arch and the comfort level with louboutins. im not a practiced heel wearer so i feel like im going to fall over sometimes when i try to walk too fast. hahaha. and driving in them is really a totally crazy experience.

  8. Sooo gorgeous!! Love the height! Xoxo

  9. Love them. I wish Louboutin fit me! I hardly ever find shoes of his that feel comfortable for me. It's not the height of the heel, it's definitely the shape of the last.

  10. those shoes are freaking HOT!

  11. Love them! Glad you got them!

  12. Wowww, they are truly amazing shoes. You can't go wrong with Louboutin!
    P.S. enter my shoe giveaway on my blog for fun flats :)

  13. Ha ha, I think if anyone has earned the right to generalise on how comfortable Louboutins are, it's you! These are absolutely lovely ...congratulations and please post a lookbook soon showing you wearing them!

  14. OMG.....I am sooooooooo jealous!!!!! These are soo stunning! I am waiting for my first pair- hope I get one soon:)

    I can't believe you can walk in these- they are so tall!!! Please do an outfit post with these- I can't wait to see it!!!!

  15. Lucky lucky you hun!! They're gorgeous! Can't wait to see outfit posts of you wearing them :)

    Anyways - just stopping by to say thanks for showing love to my DIY Miu Miu tights on Diamonds & Tulle's post featuring Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit. You can check out how to do it at Fvncy.com ;)



  16. That's my motto when shopping too... when in doubt, just buy (things in my size are rare!) and think about it at home :P

    The shoes are gorgeous but lol about the driving... Looking at them I can see how that could be! I don't think I'm experienced enough in heels to be able to walk in them!

  17. You are a very very lucky girl! Love these. And any Louboutins for that matter.

  18. Those shoes are beautiful! Enjoy them!

    Check out my blog at allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

  19. Ahhhhhhhhh SO EXCITING! What the heck has taken you SO LONG to blog about these?!?!?! :P

    Seriously though, beautiful.

    I went back and re-read the post about the comfort of designer heels, very interesting.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - I love how you're like, 'I'm reeeally tall in these - like normal height' and how you're loving it. Sometimes I too wish I could be 'normal height' ... but I'd have to shrink several inches :S

  20. Those shoes are gorgeous. And look dangerous. A perfect combo. :)

  21. omg...these are fabulous. they are BEYOND fabulous! I LOVE them. I'm longing to wear heels again. I'm so OVER my flats even if they ARE Jimmy Choo and Delman. lol I need some height!

  22. Those shoes are fierce and fabulous!

  23. You give me such Loub envy lady!

  24. Love the collection you are building Tiffany ;-)

  25. you lucky thang!!! and they are BEAUTIFUL!

  26. I love reading about your shoe obsession. You have great taste!

  27. Amazing!!! I love them. I just recently got my first pair and i can tell it's the first of many.. ;)

  28. All I can say is they are heavenly and I must own a pair, they're perfect during all 4 seasons!

  29. These Biancas are so so so beautiful! WOW! I suppose they are worth it, a little blister and discomfort.. it's nothing compared to wearing these gorgeousness!


    p.s. are they super expensive?



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