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Bought it!

5:00 AM

As usual, I've been doing some shopping so, here's a peek at what you may be seeing in future lookbooks!

I get a lot of emails asking if I can share some tips about shopping at Forever 21.  I don't have any specific tips as it's more of just what catches my eye and the fit.  I've even been asked if I could start buying two of everything of what I buy and sell the item on my blog since when I wear it on my lookbooks it's usually sold out online or impossible to find at the store.  Interesting concept but not sure I'm ready for that!  However, I'll try to do these kinds of updates, while the stuff is still available so you hopefully you can snatch it up before it disappears!

I've found that Forever 21's "Love 21" line is a bit better quality and much more my style so I often go to that section first when shopping online.  This striped cardigan seems perfect for the fall and the blouse will be perfect for a casual day paired with skinny jeans, lots of bracelets and my YSL Arty ring.

Love21 Silk Layered Striped Cardigan

I didn't have too much success at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year but it's mainly because I bought too many pretty shoes at the designer shoe sale so I tried to hold back from buying too much at this sale.

Elizabeth and James has climbed up my list of brands that I love as it just fits me so well.  This top will be great for both work and for dressing up for dinner.  I bought the Phillip Lim top thinking that it would be cute with shorts, I have yet to wear it but am bringing it to NY with me this weekend since it's a super lightweight cotton and I hear it's sweltering over there right now

I've been wanting another pair of over the knee boots so bought these online and am waiting for them to arrive.  I hope they fit!

Etsy is such a great place to shop for jewelry.  I bought this adorable bunny necklace and just got it yesterday.  Mine is the regular size bunny which she still has available in silver or you can get the baby lone hopper necklace.  So cute!
Etsy Seller Anitrak

Also ordered some fun colored earrings and can't wait to get them!

Etsy Seller SSSJ

I'm kind of glad that I can do all my fall shopping now as my summer style is much more boring.  Fall clothes are just so much more fun to shop for!

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  1. Oooh, please do a review of the Sam Edelman boots as you get them- I've been waffling on ordering them myself, but fear they'll be super tall on my super short legs. *cries*

  2. Fall clothes are much more fun to shop for! I love that Elizabeth and James top. Gorgeous colour!


  3. Love your purchases! Those boots are so nice and that necklace..oh so cute! Can't wait to see them in lookbooks :)

  4. You boots are adorable. I love them. I am looking forward to seeing them on you
    Last week to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at PetiteLittleGirl.com

  5. I too gravitate towards the things in the Love 21 section. It just seems to work better for the age that I am now and for a working girl. I tried on that second blouse in the blue color and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to see it in a future lookbook.

  6. I love all of your new stuff.. have fun in NY!

  7. Great stuff! E&J is one of my favorite brands too :)

  8. I also love finding treasures from forever21~

    Check out this one-shoulder dress from my new blog!


  9. i agree - love21 is better quality and their dresses/skirts aren't all super short.

  10. I love the Love21 line. And that Elizabeth and James top is just perfect for fall!

  11. Love the bunny necklace! The silver sold out but she's got some other really cute stuff!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  12. I am in love with those boots. Can't wait to read that review! Also love that 3.1 Philip Lim tee.

    I have started to get a lot of my jewelry from etsy as well - I really enjoy supporting all the talented people on that site.

    As for Forever 21 - I feel like I may be the only person alive who has never purchased anything from there! I always feel overwhelmed if I walk into a store (and the local one is just messy. It gives me a headache trying to sort through things).

  13. thank you so much for posting about my lone hopper necklace!! i hope you like it! :)

    i am also a huge sucker for cardigans and button ups from f21. love the color of the button up that you chose!




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