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Lookbook: Bigger is Better

5:00 AM

I told you about the big hair didn't I?  Haha!  Although the straight hair is nice, my bigger is better hair is much more fun.  Not my favorite outfit, that top is sooo flowy that I don't know what to do with it.  I ended up leaving it untucked after I took these pictures but still wasn't sure which way was better, if any.

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Patterson J. Kincaid
Jeggings: Vince
Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Bianca (as seen in this post)

Do you use the star function on your google reader?  I use it soooo much.  I was looking through my starred items recently and looked at some things that I starred over a year ago.  I found this sometimes I... post from my girl Kay at apartment #412 which I completely forgot about but I love it!  So, inspired from her, here is my sometimes I list.

...wonder what I would be like if my parents had never left Taiwan
...read magazines starting from the last page.
... cry during the weddings that I'm shooting, I'm such a sucker for sweet moments.
...watch Bethenny Getting Married? and want her to be my BFF.  I love her!
...write long ranty posts concerning all the things that irritate me on a certain day but never publish them.
...give the TSA people working in the airport security extra smiles and extra "thank you's".  Despite their grumpy faces (I'd be grumpy if I worked that job too!) they often smile back and are quite nice and helpful.
...let Savvy give me doggy kisses on my face for as long as she wants without pulling away.  I think it makes her happy :)

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Vince Jean Leggings

On super sale now - 70% off!

Christian Louboutin Bianca Platform Pump

My gray flannel ones are impossible to find now but I love the shape of the Biancas and they look great in any color.  If I didn't already get my nude simple pumps I would totally get these!

Lots of people liked the gray Biancas that I posted in this lookbook@bootstrapperboy let me know that he reposted them on his tumblr (thanks!) and I just noticed that it has 2,365 notes.  Now, I don't know much about tumblr but that's a lot of notes right?  I guess I'm not the only one that fell in love with these shoes! :)

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  1. I looove tthat big hair on you. Sexy and glamorous! Btw that top is a lot prettier on you than that model :)

  2. Girl, I still drool over your Bianca's every time I see them!! Your hair equals uber fabulous! Your outfit is perfect, chica, looks better on you than the model! Errr, I don't know tumblr all that well, but that sounds like a lot!

    I too read magazines from the back to front - let my doggy lick me as much as he wants - write ranting posts and never post them - want Bethenny to be my bff - I cry at all weddings - Wonder what I'd be like if we didn't leave Mexico when I was 3 months old. - and I use the star function all the time in my google reader :-)

  3. i love this top. How about not tucked in and with a belt at high waist?

  4. I love the huge hair Tiff! And even though they can be unflattering as my sis always tells me, I LURVE big flowy tops and Patterson J Kincaid makes some great ones! Keep the Sometimes I... posts up!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  5. Wow, I really love the hair and wish my hair could get that volume.

  6. love it! xo


  7. I love Bethenny also!! Great outfit.

  8. Love the big hair!! Looks good on you :D The top is also great! Better on you than the model!

  9. I need to get myself some jeggings for sure.

  10. sindylicious - thanks! I'm still a bit iffy about what to do with that top!

    Janine - love that we have so much in common. :)

    Daniela - thanks for the suggestion! I think belting it didn't work out for me because the shape of it just doesn't work well belted, but I'll keep trying to figure out how to style it.

    Vivian - i know, they can be unflattering but I'm so addicted to flowy tops! I'm glad we're on the same page about them. LOL

  11. Chibi - my trick for volume is a rattail comb and hairspray. Not too good for your hair to tease it so much but I only do it occasionally when I want the super big hair like this.

    Andee Layne - thanks girl!

    Miranda - She is so hilarious!

    Katie - thank you!

    Rainy days - aww thanks, I think even the people at revolve didn't know how to style this top. It's a conundrum! lol

    WendyB - yes you do. :)

  12. The tunic looks better on you than the model below.

  13. I quite like this look! It's a perfect weekend outfit for running errands and just being perfectly casual. The big, tousled hair goes well with it too.

  14. I love your hair. I wish I have that much hair. You look very pretty
    Last week to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at PetiteLittleGirl.com

  15. WHEW! Sexy mama. You're hair looks amazing lady!

  16. WOW! Those jeans leggings are HOT! I am definitely going to have to get myself a pair! Although, what accessories can you pair them with? Big necklaces maybe? I'm think of pairing them with this piece: http://www.gemvara.com/White-Cultured-Pearl-Platinum-Ring-by-Gemvara-Essentials/jewelry/v/503611/

  17. I am so jealous of you!!! LOL You are too pretty....:)

    How many Christian Louboutin's do you have?

  18. I love your outfit! You are stunning!


    The Louboutin Pump is awesome. I love it. And guess what else, jean leggings are my life! So, I love that too!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  19. your hair looks fabulous xxxx

  20. That top looks great on you - I think it's very flattering. If I was to wear something like that it would look ridiculous... I can do slightly flowy but not THAT flowy.

    I love your "sometimes I" list. I have a few similar - I wonder what my life would be like if my parents had never left the former Yugoslavia. I even cry during sweet television/movie moments, I am always extra sweet to TSAs, and also have been known to read magazines starting in the back.

    Heck, I have cheated and read the last page of a book first so I could learn the ending first.

  21. awww i missed this post! thanks for the shout out....sometimes i read magazines from the back too!



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