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Lookbook: a list

5:00 AM

I like lists, I like bullets.  Let's make a bulleted list for today's lookbook!

  • Seattle weather can suck it.  This is the only time I've worn shorts this entire time and it wasn't even that hot that day.  I had to change later in the day to jeans.
  • J. Crew makes my favorite shorts.  I love these ones that zip on the side.  I own so many of this style in all different colors and patterns.  If you live by a J. Crew outlet, they have a ton of shorts at great prices, that's where I got these ones!
What I'm Wearing: 
Shorts: J. Crew
Shoes: Bally
  • I love shopping Etsy for jewelry but dude, browsing Etsy is like pulling teeth.  It's painful going through millions of listings of things I don't want to see.  Thank goodness for PicClick, a much easier way to search Etsy.  I think I found it through Nina, thanks for the find girl!
  • Got this pretty coral necklace from Etsy seller Ayofemi Jewelry, the same seller of the modern friendship bracelets that I love!
  • Double finger rings rock.  I first started my collection with a few from Erica Anenberg (See my twitpic here from last June!) That one in my twitpic is still my favorite but dang, I paid a pretty penny for it.  Now, I can find double finger rings everywhere for super cheap and Gilt just had an Erica Anenberg sale with a bunch of double finger rings.  Love that I can add to my collection and not go bankrupt!
  • On that note: I agree with Hannah from The New Black that someone needs to make a dachshund double finger ring.  I want one!  Maybe I'll settle for a custom name ring that says "I am Style-ish" hahaha.  I'm only half joking, I might actually do it.
  • The one I'm wearing above is Forever 21.
  • I heart these gray pumps but the problem with a light color + patent leather = bad black scuff marks.  Anyone have a good solution for me to get rid of those scuff marks?
  • I'm still in love with my eyelash extensions.  For those of you that recommended that I try "eyelash enhancers", thanks for your recommendations.  I have already tried Revitalash as well as Tarte MultiplEYE and have had good results in that my lashes grew longer but my lashes just did not grow fuller.  I want that volume which is why I'm going with the extensions for now.  I *might* give Latisse a try after I take my extensions off, I'll let you know if I do!
 What do you think?  Do you like my bullets?  I like it, I might do it again! :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous, fun and safe Fourth of July!!

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  1. J.Crew Outlet shorts are my fav! I stock up every year :) (and I totally have a Crewlet Cardi in that same print!)...

    I love the bullets, but I'm ocd so I normally think it that format... I also love the necklace and totally agree about the effort and etsy... it's kinda like a F21, Marshalls or TJ Maxx, lots of junk and a few gems... thanks for the picclick link, I'll have to try it :)

  2. Love love this outfit. And thank you for sharing a better way to look through etsy. Because even though they are cute, I don't need to see 50 knitted pot holders.

  3. this is a nice summer outfit. the shorts are indeed very nice. you are lucky to live next to a J crew outlet!!!


  4. I love your bullet points, it makes it so easy to read! I love this outfit it is so summery and the hint of orange in your necklace makes the outfit complete. Always love your outfits!

  5. I like the bullets and the shorts! The bullets are easy to read...not that I have difficulty reading in general:)

  6. I need to check out J Crew outlet ASAP. Thank you, thank you, thank you for an easier way to surf etsy!!!!

  7. very cute, love those shorts on you, adorable :)


  8. The bullets work well - I haven't tried this yet but I've heard rumblings about that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that works wonders.


  9. Love the outfit today! Your pictures always look so sunny and summery...and I thought we lived in the same city. =)

  10. those shorts are so cute. i love j. crew shorts too. also, i'm loving that double ring!


  11. hey girlie...i use nail polish remover for scuffs on my patent shoes.. just a little bit on a towel should get it right off! :)

  12. I love the J Crew shorts! I stocked up on shorts back in the beginning of "summer" but haven't even had a chance to wear them yet. UGH. I'm like wearing long sleeves AND a jacket today. I hate Seattle weather!

  13. E Hayes - yeah, i find that the shorts are one of the few things that are the same quality as regular J. Crew

    Christina - too funny about the pot holders but yeah, it's so true!

    dreamylacey - haha, I don't quite live next to a J. Crew outlet, it's about an hour and a half drive up north. I've only gone there twice. It's too much of a hassle to drive to the outlets but I make sure to get the cute stuff when I'm there!

    Pauline - thanks! I thought that the outfit needed a little bit of pop so that coral necklace was just what it needed.

    God's Favorite Shoes! - LOL! I know, I like bullets for that reason. I bullet list everything I do at work.

    Couture and Crayons - you're welcome! It really is one of those things that made me stop shopping etsy for awhile because I could never find what I wanted!

  14. Viv - thank you!

    Lys - I'm willing to give it a try! thanks, putting it on my target list right now.

    Cindi - I actually wore this look back in March when we had a *few* nice days. I can't believe this weather we're having!

    janettaylor - thank you!

    Hilary - thanks! the polka dots are fun aren't they?

    My Beauty Musings - oh! thanks for the tip. will try that out today.

    kimmie - i know, so sad! I took the dogs out last night and it was pouring raining and I'm like this is July?!

  15. Definitely prefer bullets. When I see a big paragraph on ANY blog, I rarely read it. I have a short attention span for reading.

  16. I have that top too! You look so adorable in this outfit!

  17. cute outfit post!really like your shoes. yes me too I also prefer bullets.


  18. I'm feeling the bullets!!

    The shorts are uber cute.

    Your first double-finger ring (in the twit pic).

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  19. Wow, this post is so super cute (and I'm a organized-minded bullet lover, so keep it up!). Adore your light gray pumps, although I have no solution for the scuffs. Urgh. Thanks for the jewelry recs too.

  20. pickclick is awesome, right? i love it when my friends walk away w/something they enjoy from my friday links posts.

  21. Forget the double-finger rings...wear my four-ring swear ring set!

  22. Nail polish remover will remove scuff marks. Once I accidentally put my nude patent pumps next to a pair of black shoes and the black dye transferred to the nude pumps and I could NOT get it removed. I was so sad :(

  23. wonderful look!!!



  24. Hi pretty blogger! Nice look!

    Please, check my blog too, there is a giveaway!
    And maybe we can follow our blogs!

    Love, Cindy

  25. The Mr Clean Magic Eraser will remove scuff marks from shoes (and pretty much everything else. It should be a little gentler than nail polish remover, which I would think would damage the finish. . .

  26. I do like the bullets! And this outfit is adorable. The shorts especially, but your jewelry is also awesome.

    My mom would buy a daschaund double ring in a heartbeat, so if you find one, let us know!

    Happy 4th!

  27. You always have the coolest shoes Tiffany and thanks for the J. Crew rec for shorts!

    I don't have any tips for preventing scuffs on patents (metallic scuffs are annoying too!) but I wonder if silicone repellent may work?

  28. I'm a lister too, the make things so much easier!

    And a I've used regular old hairspray to remove scuffs, but test a hidden area first!

  29. I'm totally going to try PicClick because I never can find what I want in etsy!

  30. Super cute outfit! Love the shorts and the mix of the light blue and coral!




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