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The same but different: Miu Miu!

5:00 AM

For those of you that are in love with my Miu Miu pumps (I love them too!)

I've found the perfect look for less for you!  Almost identical right? But WAY cheaper than mine!  (I will however say that those pumps are one of the most comfortable pair that I own, I walk around in those for hours and my feet don't hurt)

And if you use the code VC200, take 20% off your order of $200+!

They even have open toe versions.

Vince Camuto Michelle
I'm also really liking these for the fall.  I'm going to try to hunt them down at a store, I've never tried this brand before and you know me and my picky feet, but I'm hoping that they work because I can see me wearing these all through fall!
Vince Camuto Canasta Shoes

Have you tried Vince Camuto shoes?  Feedback on their quality/comfort?

For those of you that asked about the Lady's Choice Cardigan that I linked to on Monday, sizing runs true to size, I'd even say it runs a bit bigger and the quality is nice but it's definitely itchy so you'll need to wear long sleeves underneath it.  Online they call the colors "Black Motif" and "Purple" but since those are the colors I bought, I'd definitely call them gray and pink :)

One last thing, I wanted to thank Chickadvisor.com for featuring me in their "Popular Blogger"series!  So excited to see the feature and thank you for the fun interview.  Click on over to see the feature and the questions they asked!
Chickadvisor.com Featured Blogger

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  1. I have a pair of Vince Camuto "Edon" wedge sandals - about 5 inches of platform wedge, and they're darn comfy. I bought them from Gilt, without even trying them on! I can wear these all day at work and walk a mile in them without my feet hurting. (Granted my feet are very thankful that I'm back on solid ground after I've taken them off.)

  2. I have not but I am getting ready too. You can also purchase them on Piperlime with 20% off today and free shipping with free returns is always just in case you are little hesitant.

  3. http://www.charlotterusse.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4184388&cp=4238904

    even MORE cheaper

  4. wow great find! i can't even tell a difference from looking at the pictures.


  5. great find for less!!! ill def be checking these out xo

  6. Those are actually pretty alike! ... But nothing compares to the Miu Mius, the pink ones are adorable! the bad part is that they get dirty very easy!

  7. VInce Camuto shoes are great. Very comfortable!

  8. WOW amazing! I always love those shoes when you wear them!

  9. Okay, the open toed version just took my breath away, literally. I am a dork.

  10. love the miu miu shoes especially the color


  11. Congrats on the feature! Those Miu Mius are gorgeous, and surprisingly the VC ones are very similar! I love that soft mauvy pink color.

  12. I'm pretty excited to see you back here!! When I opened your blog I was shocked to see I had missed not one but TWO posts! Yahoo! :D

    Congrats on the feature - so awesome!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  13. Congrats on the feature! You deserve it!! Your blog is awesome!

    Your shoe collection is amazing...how many pairs do you own?

  14. Miu Miu heels better be comfortable for how much they cost! lol. I've been wanting Miu Miu's bags and heels foreverrrr but obviously, the price is out of my limit... for now c[= omg.... Vince Camoto look exactly like it! *jaw drops* I wonder if it's comfortable as Miu Miu's pumps though.

  15. Gorgeous! I've heard a lot about Vince Camuto lately. But of course, the Miu Miu's are perfection =)

  16. they are so identical!!! great for a those on a budget like myself!

  17. Hi there, first time reader and loving what I'm reading/seeing! Those shoes are to die for lady!
    The budget version is fantastic too! Great pics.

    Ciao Bella.


  18. I bought a pair of Vince Camuto's this year from Nordies and have really liked them so far. They're very comfortable and sexy looking!

  19. Thanks for the great interview! And we LOVE that you found a replica of your Miu Miu's - gorg!


  20. Those are some sexy heels! I wish I had the extra $$ now to buy them but alas we have daycare costs starting next month! Ahhh. My priorities have changed and it makes me sad.

  21. They're gorgeous! I think I need them :)

  22. i'll have the pink heels at the top thank you x

  23. ooh those mui mui pumps are darling! so you :)

  24. you are very stylish indeed:)! I am so jealous.. those shoes.. darn! they're so great.





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