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Swimming Away

5:00 AM

With all this traveling, I'm excited every chance that I'm at home but I have a very fun trip coming up to shoot a wedding in Aruba!  I'm even more excited as Erin, the bride, has been a long time reader of mine and after so many emails back and forth I can not wait to finally meet her and her fiance in person!

I'm also anxious to have some time in the sun and thought that I'd treat myself to a new bathing suit.  Around the same time that I was looking, I got an email from Swimspot.com about buying designer swimwear and they offered to have me test out their Bikini Builder to find a swimsuit and send me the one I chose.

I had fun putting some swimsuits together, I settled on the 3 above to choose from.  I ended up getting the 3rd one, which is this top + this bottom.  I got it in the mail and was very happy with the suit and it even came in a cute little drawstring bag that you can pack it with. 

I admit, I am a bit wary of buying swimsuits online as it's so much easier to try things on in store but swimspot has great selection and I like that you can mix and match any top and bottom.  I am different sizes on both top and bottom so I have to be able to buy them in separates.  Often times it's hard for me to find bottoms that fit me because I do not have a booty to fill out any bottoms and usually I get extra fabric in that area (which is so unattractive) but the XS in the bottom I got fit perfectly so I was very happy.  Check out their website and join their VIP club (the form is in the top right corner of The Spot), find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Of course with a new swimsuit I had to look for other swim accessories... The good thing about buying swim stuff now is that all of it is on sale!

I love pretty swimsuit coverups and have my eye on this one.

Milly Crochet Lace Tunic

or this one is pretty dang cute too.
Milly Sequined Silk Coverup

Ruffles!  And on sale for $29.99!

But I do find that rompers make for really cute swim cover ups.  I think the prints on these ones are perfect for a tropical locale!

And of course, everyone's favorite accessory, sunglasses!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Round Square-Logo Sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs make the best sunglasses for under $100.  I love the big ones that cover my face :)

This may be a trend that might be out next summer but I'm into the colored aviators.  They are too cute!

I know most of us are in fall mode, which I'm definitely looking forward to but I'm also really looking forward to a little sun and relaxation time (after the wedding of course!) :)

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  1. i totally would've picked number 3 as well! can't wait!!!! the count down is driving me crazy!!! good thing i have some fun things planned coming up to keep me a little sane.

  2. I really want that lace tunic...so beautiful!

  3. I wish I were on an island right now! Far away from fashion week.

  4. While the third bikini is amazing I am totally in love with the first. The pattern is just too darn cute.
    Sigh, if only the weather was warmer here.

  5. Cute bikini! Loove the ruffled shirt dress! So cute.


  6. Very chic bikini! Love the crochet tunic too!

    Check out some Hong Kong streetstyle from my blog for inspiration!


    Jin :)

  7. Hope you get to enjoy yourself!

  8. I just adore Milly! That lace tunic is SO sweet. A wedding in Aruba...that's my kinda job!

  9. Ooooo Aruba! How exciting! I want a vacay so bad.. but since I live on an island, I want to visit a city.. like NYC! I'm just waiting (patiently) for that day!! Hope you're doing well Tiffany.. safe travels.

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. bikini builder!! Uh oh...this is trouble for me!!! Too bad the fall is coming on, and bikinis are a limited time only in my neck of the woods...but let's be honest here, that never stopped me!!!

  11. I'm definitely craving sun & sandy beaches...

    But this Friday I'm in your town, Seattle, and that's exciting enough for me. :) Can't wait!

  12. I tried the bikini builder and I think its great too! Especially since its hard to tell how the surf/skate bikinis fit.


  13. I love the pattern of the suit you picked - I'd love that in a halter top like the first one! So cute. I'm going to have to check out this site. Also - that lace tunic. Gorgeous.

    Can I come with you to Aruba? I can hide in a suitcase?



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