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Style-ish Fall Buys!

5:00 AM

I love fall fashion so much and have been happily buying some great fall pieces.  Here are some of my recent purchases and since some of them are on sale, I wanted to share before they sold out as sometimes it takes awhile for my newly purchased stuff to make it into a lookbook.

First, my two recent boot purchases that I'm SO excited about.
Roberto del Carlo Over the Knee Boot
I got these in brown and I am in love.  They are the perfect height and the over the knee length is perfect even for my shorty legs!
These are my "holy grail" boots.  I have looked for a great platform knee-high boot with a perfect heel (not too thin, not too thick) for ages but have never found anything as perfect as these.  I got them in black (sold out online) and they are to. die. for.  They are much prettier in person, that picture doesn't do them justice at all! 
Here's a sneak preview of them on.  I am wearing thigh high socks with them so they don't really go that high!  (Please excuse the mess, eek!  That's why I don't usually take pictures in this area)

Just a handful of the Madewell purchases that I made this past weekend...
Such a pretty girly blouse and will be perfect for work but also way cute paired with jeans too!

Madewell Triple Tiered Tank -on sale!
Paired with a blazer and a long necklace, this tank is adorable and a great fall layering piece.

Madewell Corded Stretch Tank -now $29.99!
The embellishments make this top really fun and a perfect way to add sparkle to your outfit.

And my latest beauty tool that I HAVE to share.
Tanda Clear Acne Light Therapy Treatment

Thank you so much to Gabby from Tractentenberg and Co. for sending me this acne treatment tool after I mentioned my problem skin.  My skin has been breaking out so much lately, mainly I think due to stress and travel.  I was desperate for something to not only take care of my current blemishes but also prevent more breakouts.  The Tanda is a light treatment tool that all you do is just hold the tool up to your problem areas for 3 minutes and a blue light will come on and basically treat it!  I'm sure there are more technical terms to it but that's just how I think of it working!  For a better explanation, here's what the description says:
"The device's Blue Light LED produces a targeted 414 nm beam that kills acne-causing P.acnes bacteria, helping to eliminate current imperfections, keep future breakouts at bay, and improve skin texture, color, and tone."

I've used it for a week now and I am super impressed.  I had one giant blemish come in and I used the Tanda that night and by day two it was smaller and by day 3 it was basically gone.  I've never gotten results like that with anything before and I've tried a lot of products and tools.  The Tanda also has a separate anti-aging interchangeable head that I have ordered with the Sephora Friends and Family.  I can't wait to get it and see how it works on my fine lines and wrinkles!

Have you bought anything lately that you are excited about?  I would love to know!  If you write a post about it, let me know and I'll link to it here!

p.s.  I had a few of you ask about the nail colors in my purple ombre manicure.  Sorry for the delay, I finally looked up the colors.
China Glaze Flying Dragon | China Glaze Grape Pop | OPI Do You Lilac It | China Glaze Matte Magic

**The Tanda was sent to me as a gift, please see my disclosure on gifts from companies**

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  1. Oh sigh, the perfect boots :o)
    I never can seem to find them, but luckily I have a pair that has lasted me a couple of seasons so far.
    I adore the ones you are wearing, very cute, also with high socks!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  2. ohhh wow I'm drooling over those boots, especially the Pradas! Those a really pretty purple polishes too. I've found that I'm picking a lot of purple stuff up lately too.

  3. those Prada boots look amazing!! I'm still on the hunt for my perfect OTK boots too this year... :)


  4. OMG! Prada boots are love! ... Love how you paired them with shorts =)


  5. those boots look great, especially the Prada ones- i've been looking for great tall boots lately as well. the clothing is gorgeous too and that skin thing sounds amazing, will def. have to try it out!

    Beneath the Glass

  6. Cool boots they both are! Madewell - ah.... so tempted all the time by them.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  7. Boots are nothing short of AMAZING!! and thank you for posting the nail colors. Just <3 how the purple nails look against your YSL ring!!!

  8. Both pairs of boots are amazing!

  9. Gotta see the first boots on you in an outfit post! They're way out of my price range but I love, love seeing OTK boots done right on petites!

  10. Both pairs of boots are fabulous.

  11. I love boots and I love the Autumn season!! =D But recently, I've been sick of all my boots being high so out a look out for flat ones =]

  12. oooh--my skin is breaking out so bad lately. I should look into that thing! :)

  13. I just got a pair of thigh high scrunchie-ish boots in grey suede...I'm in love with them but am curious what to pair them with other than a longer sweater/sweaterdress. Hmmm. Love the look!



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