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Lookbook: Cupcake

5:00 AM

What I wore to pick up my birthday cupcakes!  Mmm.. Cupcake Royale is my favorite cupcake place in Seattle.  I always get the Dance Party - pink frosting with vanilla cake.  I felt like a cupcake in this pretty ruffle tank!

What I'm Wearing
Blazer: Elizabeth and James
Tank: Forever 21
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Miu Miu
Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull
What a great background right?  Love the colorful walls in the Capitol Hill neighborhood!
And of course, I couldn't go without showing you the delish cupcakes that we devoured!  These are the Blue Mountain Huckleberry babycakes.  I love these little cupcakes, they make for the perfect amount of cupcake if you want to try different flavors.

Shop the Lookbook:
Elizabeth and James Structured Knit Extra Blazer
This one is very similar to mine and it's on sale! (Sizing wise, mine is a size 2 which fits more like a 0)

I love love all of my Elizabeth and James stuff.  It seems to fit perfectly to my shape and their blazers are perfection.  I'm eyeing this Bow Tie Blazer and I die for this one with the fur collar.

Forever21 Garden Sublimation Ruffle Tank
Or another cute option is this ruffle top and I'm loving the colors in this abstract top.

Madewell Legging Jeans In Classic Black
Favorite jeans EVAR :)
Don't you adore these?  I love the muted pink.  And under $100!

If you want a bright pink like mine, these Kate Spade pumps are so pretty! (click on the pink suede color)

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  1. I saw you mention cupcakes on your twitter and rushed here to see! Yup, I'm a cake-a-holic! These look gorg! And I absolutely love your top!!!

  2. Sorry if it seems I'm more interested in the cupcakes than you, I'm afraid it's true! It's not you though! I just really really really really love cake :D

  3. I love the way you mix highs with los. I almost couldn't believe that this was a F21 top. I'm always searching for cute tops to go under blazers and cardis. Also love the bright pop of color that your shoes bring to the outfit. You are too cute for words!

  4. I love your shoes! adorable!! :)


  5. Why are you picking up your own Bday cupcakes???? :) You look so adorable in these pics!

  6. elizabethashleyphoto - thanks! I know! sometimes you can find such cute stuff there.

    Vickii - hahaha! you make me laugh! no worries, I love cupcakes a lot too!

    Jessica - thank you! F21 is my favorite place for cheap tops to wear under blazers.

    Juliana - thanks!

    Fashion Therapist - I couldn't let someone else pick out my flavors!! :) They always have different flavors there and I wanted to go in and pick out every single one that I wanted. Cuz I'm a piggy and a control freak. haha!

  7. Omg! Those cupcakes are so cute! You looked adorable as a cupcake and I can tell you were really happy! ... Love the pink shoes, haven't had hot pink shoes in a while, I think I might be picking some soon =)


  8. Yummie- cupcakes! Your outfit is so cute! Love the F21 tank!

  9. This whole post just makes me happy! :) You look adorable, as usual. Love the shoes!

  10. happy belated birthday! i love your hot pink shoes -- they match perfectly with the flowers in your F21 tank!


  11. The cupcakes looks delicious! Love those shoes :)

  12. Love the outfit.. omg those cupcakes are TOO DIE FOR <3

  13. I think I need to go visit Cupcake Royale today! I've been craving cupcakes all weekend mmmm

  14. Cute outfit! The outfit looks as cheery as cupcakes! Yum!

  15. I'm very into pink shoes lately.

  16. I just bought the black pair of those shoes using two coupon codes on DSW - got them for $73 including shipping. Think I need to buy them in gray too! Thanks for posting them :)

  17. I absolutely love your blazer to pieces!! reading your blog makes me miss Seattle so much (I lived there until August 2010) and Cupcake Royale was also one of my favorite places to frequent.

  18. I love this outfit! I can't wait to try Cupcake Royale the next time I'm in Seattle! Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  19. you are so cute! just like the cupcake ;) the miu mius are pink and YOU! hope you had a lovely birthday! so do you prefer cupcake royale over trophy's?

  20. you look gorgeous as usual! love the rosy cheeks!! xox

  21. How neat to find a very stylish blogger in my own home city! I like your playful style, but your smile kind of steals the show here.
    I'll have to keep Cupcake Royale in mind - I've never been there.



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