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Same but Different - Holiday edition!

5:00 AM

Another edition of the Same but Different with some great shoes for the upcoming holiday parties!  If you haven't seen my other same but different posts, I pick out a few designer pieces and then pick similar items that look like them but WAY more affordable

$90 vs $1,300!  I think I know which ones I'd buy!

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron and Michael Antonio Keme Pumps
Don't get me wrong, I love the Louboutin Ron Ron pumps (and I own a few) but these gold glitter pumps are so similar and would look perfect with a LBD. (Plus, they are only $59!)

I tried on the Pour La Victoire pumps the last time I was at Nordstrom and they were MORE comfortable with the YSL Tributes!  I would have bought them if they had my size but they were sold out.

These are the kind of trendy shoes that I don't like to spend too much money on so I think the $58 vs the $1,395 price tag is well worth it!

I have had my eye on the Casadei Trip Platform Pumps since forever but I can't pull the trigger, is it just too MUCH of a platform?  Well, if you don't want to commit to the price the Leno pumps make a great alternative!  (on sale for under $50!)

The ones below aren't holiday related but are perfect for the winter!
What a great winter bag.  Since I've had to do some walking in the snow lately I've been pulling out my satchels that I can sling across my body so I don't lose anything in case I fall and slip in the snow/ice!  I'm liking the extra stud detail on the cheaper version and the $1,900 price difference is pretty convincing of which one to get!
OK, so not as similar as my other picks but I love both these clutches.  You could get all 6 colors of the Urban Expressions clutch and it would STILL not be as much as the Alexander Wang one!

Ash Egoist Bootie and Rag & Bone EVEREST BOOTS 
I have been eyeing the Rag & Bone Boots and although the Ash ones aren't SUPER cheap, they are a great price for a similar looking boot!

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  1. me gusta tu blog!!!enorabuena por el!

    un saludo desde:

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is odd, but I would have to agree with Brittany.
    I prefer the Chinese Laundry to the Louboutins as well.
    Hope you ended up having a great thanksgiving despite your initial troubles.
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  4. I love that Steve Madden satchel- thanks for posting this stuff, it's all fabulous! :)


  5. I've been eyeing the CL Canon 140 shoes for awhile now! Thanks so much for the cheaper alternative!


  6. Great finds! ... You definitely have a good eye for this! I actually own the Pour La Victoire pumps in black and they are so comfy and cute! ... Btw there's a little mention of you on my new post, hope you can check it out ;)


  7. Tiffany, I'm in love with the first pair of Loubies. And the look-a-like is just as sweet. :)

    Hope you are well my dear.

    xx Love & Aloha

  8. The Steve Madden BBryn has been added to my wishlist! I am such a sucker for satchels and this one is gorgeous!! thanks so much for sharing, Tiffany!

  9. You have such great taste!! and I want alllllll of you shoes. :)

  10. I can't think of a reason you wouldn't get these (unless you have them already, of course) I hope you get some because you def. have the weather for it!



  11. Those Chinese Laundry shoes look great!

  12. Thanks for posting the Pour La Victoire pumps and Steve madden satchel! I may have to add those to my wish list ;)

  13. love this post! I'm always looking for steals like this!


  14. Love these finds Tiffany! The CL Haylie is sooo adorable! May have to bookmark that if I have any special occasion to wear them.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  15. Love the pour la victoire! They look like Brian Atwood Maniac. I posted about them too and need to buy them. I agree, they are quite comfy!

  16. i do love when you do these! hope you had a great thanksgiving :)

  17. I've been looking for something that's similar to the CL Tinazata but agree, for $1395, it's quite pricey for something trendy but not necessarily classic...
    Another thing that frustrates me besides the price point is that all similar shoes that I've ever found are strikingly high (I'm a mid heel girl), I'm too scared to walk in them =(. Any recommendations =D?


  18. I am loving those glittery shoes!!

  19. Love the shoes! What a price difference between each selection!

  20. I really like the Chinese Laundry Haylies!! I hope you're gonna get those!

  21. All of these pumps are gorgeous, unfortunately I can't wear any of em right now while living in Amsterdam! Or I could risk it and just fall straight on my bum I suppose. Aahhh the price of beauty.


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