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Hair Tutorial: Glam Curls

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I think I've gotten requests from readers to do a hair curling video every week over the past year and I keep on making excuses as to why I couldn't do one.  Well!  I finally decided to suck it up and do one.  Not gonna lie, I'm a bit afraid to do tutorials because I'm no expert at make up or hair, I just know how to do my own.  I'm not pretending to be a hair stylist or nothing, it's just what I've learned is the best way to style my hair.  But I made the video because I love you guys.  :)  Anyway, hope you like it and helps out in some way for your own hair!  I do apologize it's kind of a long video, I actually edited so much out of it but there's just no way to curl my hair in 5 minutes!

In the video I used these products:
You can now buy my beloved curling lotion at Amazon!  Also love this styling spray and there's even a straightening spray!

The best lightweight hair cream that I've used.  I run it all through my hair and it helps keep the frizzies away and keep the curls looking pretty.
Thank you to Hazuki from Yuko for sending me this!  It really has helped my split ends and I really like that it helps protect my hair from the heat of the blow dryer and curling iron.

It's not cheap but I've justified the cost by using it almost every day for a year and a half!  It slides through my hair really smoothly, especially with the way I curl my hair.  The ones I've used previously kind of would stick to my hair and tug at it when I slid it through my hair.

Also check out my All About Hair post for some of the other products that I use.

In the video I'm wearing the Yumi Kim Kalie Top in Ebony Rose. (It's on sale for $50 now!  Go get it!)  Loves this print, I bought it in the Cissy dress as well and wore it to our company holiday dinner party.  Oh and since I get a lot of questions about Yumi Kim sizing, I wear an XS and it fits TTS except for some of their flowy tops which are a bit on the big side (but I guess since it's flowy, it's fine.)  The necklace is the Tiffany & Co. Lock Charm (it comes in every letter of the alphabet).  Bracelet is from Madewell and ring is the double finger ring by Erica Anenberg.

testking - http://www.testking.com/642-524.htm pass4sure - http://www.pass4sure.com/CCIE-Voice.html actualtests - http://www.actualtests.com/exam-642-902.htm realtests - http://www.realtests.com/exam/HP0-Y30.htm testkingworld - http://www.testkingworld.com/642-902.asp

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  1. Wish I had long hair... Looks so pretty! XO


  2. This tutorial is awesome!!! Hopefully when I try it out at home I will achieve the same super sexy look. :)


    PS- You should sign up for my $10 Groupon Gift Certificate Giveaway if you have not yet!

  3. This is so awesome! I am always afraid to try it, but I guess now I will since I at least have some idea of how to do it.
    Thank you!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  4. I love the way my hair looks curled but I have fine hair and it falls out quickly (I also don't use product other than hairspray so that could be my problem). How long does this curling routine usually take? I hate to put in the effort knowing that it's not going to last so maybe I need to experiment with methods/product a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You make it look so easy, but unfortunately for me I still can get them that right, guess it's matter of practice ;) ... Love the video tutorial, you're doing them great! =)


  6. YAY for the curls! You look beautiful either way:) Thanks for the great video!!!!

  7. Great tutorial! Your hair is always so gorgeous :)

  8. Can you post up pictures of you in the Cissy dress? Also, I don't want to sound stupid.. but what does TTS mean?

  9. Thanks for the tutorial! I've always been envious of your gorgeous hair. Ordering the product ASAP!

    Janice (Couture and Crayons)

  10. I just need to share with everyone that the Lucido Hair Curling Lotion is so amazing has done wonders for me.

    My straight, flat (asian) hair would never stay curled and would only wave some towards the ends. I hated it for so long. But this leaves my hair looking awesome. I swear by this.

    I was just in Cali (Sacramento) and found it at some asian supermarket called Ranch 99. Bought two for back up!

  11. Brittany - thanks! It does help to have longer hair to do this tutorial.

    Casey - yay! hope you do try it out, let me know how it works for you!

    Nicole Lisa - hope you try it out too!

    everydayessentials - it takes me about 15-20 minutes but that's because I have A LOT of hair. It sounds like you don't have much hair as me so it probably won't take you that long. Also a recommendation to you, maybe try some dry shampoo (the spray kind not the powder kind) through your hair to give it some texture something for the curls to hold onto. That might help!

  12. CessOviedo - oh yes, practice definitely helps! I've been curling my hair like this for awhile now so I can do it in my sleep!

    Really Petite - thanks girl!

    Katie - you are so sweet, thanks!

    Kia - oh I didn't have time to snap a pic before I left for the party. I'll put it on again and do another lookbook! OH and sorry about the abbreviation :) TTS stands for True To Size.

  13. Couture and Crayons - thanks! and yes, hope you like those products as much as I do!

    Jackie - thanks for leaving your feedback here! Everyone that I know that uses the Lucido L loves it. I can't believe that nobody in the US has come up with something as fantastic!

  14. Thank you for the awesome video and tutorial! I have thick straight hair and always lust after those with texture and big curls! I'm going to try those hair products of yours too! I'm in Seattle this weekend visiting my family and Uwajimaya is always on my places-to-go list :). I also love T3 products too, I have the flat iron and two hairdryers (travel and regular size). And yes, they are totally worth the investment!

  15. What a great blog! Thanks for the tutorial. What color is your red nail polish? love it!

  16. Hi Tiffany! I am thinking about trying out the Lucido-L product you listed above and RAVE about. My hair has always refused to hold a curl.

    I posted a blog seeking help with my 'issue' and linked to this post! :)




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