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Zoya Nail Polish Review (vlog!)

5:00 AM

As I mentioned in my first video blog (watch it here!), I was going to do a video of my Zoya nail polish reviews and here it is!

I tried playing around with the settings on my camera and UGH, I made the focusing issue even worse so I am basically out of focus the entire video but I think it's okay to watch (it's okay if you let me know that you think it's terrible because my husband told me to reshoot it but it took me forever and a half to get this taped, edited and uploaded so I'm not really eager to reshoot it.) If you think self timer pictures are tough, self video-ing on a dSLR is even more impossible!  Anyway, as promised, the pictures of the polishes I reviewed!  Thank goodness I know how to use the settings on the camera correctly. ;) 

P.S. I just saw on Zoya's facebook that if they reach 20,000 "likes" then they will give everyone 3 FREE nail polishes!  So go like them!! :)

**none of this was sponsored by Zoya, all just honest reviews and opinions by me!**

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  1. I can't watch the video at work so will have to find time later to watch, but goodness those colours are gorgeous!

  2. While I can understand your frustrations with having to reshot I am so so sad that I can't really tell the nail colors apart on the video...
    Other than that, great great colors and I adore how you like to mix it up!!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  3. Wow, all those reds look stunning! Def inspired to wear red this weekend, thanks!


  4. I really like the Kelly one! Lovely colour. I have a little problem with those glitters in the Astra... well...

    Good luck with the next video! Don´t give up! :)

    Times Like Mine

  5. Curls and pearls - thanks and hope you come back to watch!

    Nicole Lisa - I know, sorry about that but hopefully the pictures will suffice.

    Ivonne - yes, reds are perfect for this time of year don't you think?

    Marcela - the Kelly is so pretty, wearing it right now! And thanks, I'm going to try to figure this darn focusing issue thing out!

  6. Love your vlogs so far! The blurriness made the colours a bit hard to see but the corresponding photos are perfectly clear and beautiful. I really appreciate how you explain why you like a product. I've seen so many that just say "i like this cuz it's sooo hot!" I hope you keep it up :)

  7. I've never heard of Zoya before but going to try them, I loved the glittery one! ... though it's very cliché but is Holiday perfect! ...

    BTW don¡t worry about the camara, video was great!


  8. Astra is holiday perfection. I love!

  9. I think your video is a great learning experience. You seem to figure things out:) I was wondering if you have a problem with handbag handles turning brown or dirty looking...particularly LV. I was wondering how do you clean the leather? I'm so grossed out.

  10. Teresa - Thanks! Yes, I agree. I don't understand reviews when they aren't really reviews at all.

    Cess- I know right?! I love the glittery nail polish for the holiday season.

    Jenn - I highly recommend Astra for holiday parties! Would look so good with a LBD

    Whatsanitasdeal - Yes, SUCH a learning experience but I'm thinking it will get better with time (as with my blog) :) LV handles get SO dirty. In part because of the natural coloring of the leather but also just because it gets dirty pretty easily. Unfortunately I don't have a good solution because the leather they use is very sensitive and the one time I tried to clean my LV handles with a leather cleaner, it kind of ruined it. :(

  11. Love your vlogs, I think theyre turning out great!

  12. Your vlogs are awesome Tiffany, a great edition to the blog! You are a natural in front of the camera! xo

  13. The vlogs are a welcome addition to an awesome site! Thanks for the head's up on the Zoya contest!!!

  14. Katie - thanks for your support, I really appreciate it!

    Pauline - you are so sweet, thanks for saying that.

    AriesBella - <3 I really hope they get to 20,000 because I really want free nail polish! :)

  15. Great job on your video blog! I've been considering getting into video blogging.

  16. I love all the colors! So pretty!! You are such a natural at your Vlogs! Keep them coming!

  17. I thought your blogs were awesome before...and now with the addition of your vlogs - it's even better.

    Love the nail polish. I think I am going to have to go out and try those Zoya nail polish now!

  18. Hi! Just found you via Kinsey's Closet and clicked on you right away - is it me, or are there not very many Seattle style/fashion blogs? Anyhoo, love your style!
    Amber Lena

  19. I just started branching out from neutral shades - great inspiration. Thanks! Love your blog...

  20. Love the vlog! Thanks for the review!!!

  21. I like your vlog and your fireplace in the background.
    I rarely ever...ok never wear read but the red you chose seems ok for work. I went over to Zoya's facebook and liked them!
    I'm hosting a giveaway for a 320GB portable media drive, that way you can store all your photos and not lose your sanity when your computer decides to crash on you like it did to me last semester. http://www.whatsanitasdeal.com/?p=415
    PS I've been a follower of yours for almost a year LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  22. Gah, I LOVE the sparkly red! I have no idea where you can buy Zoya around here, but I want to track this down! Soo pretty & festive!



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