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sales - 5:00 AM

Shop, shop and shop

Hey guys, I've had a long week. My sabbatical is over (which I thoroughly enjoyed, everyone deserves a sabbatical!) I'm actually ou...

steals - 5:00 AM

Style-ish Steals: Bow Flats

I had a few of you comment on my last lookbook how funny it was to see me in flats and I think a lot of my friends in real life would say t...

miu miu - 5:00 AM

Miu Miu Miu!

It's been awhile since I've done a shoe post and I got these about a month ago but just never got around to taking pictures. You...

lookbook - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Running Errands

It was a full errand - go to Costco-Target-Grocery store - day so just threw on a simple outfit and my new favorite flats. It was also one ...

beauty - 5:00 AM

Makeup Tutorial: Lots of Liner

I get lots of requests for makeup tutorials and I would love to do them more, but the posts take up a lot more time. I also often forget to...



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